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Patricia Ackerman formally files to challenge Rep. Mark Amodei this fall

Patricia Ackerman chats with supporters just minutes before she formally files for U.S. House Rep. #2 Nevada, now held by Rep. Mark Amodei.

Long time Nevada citizen and democrat Patricia Ackerman made it official Friday afternoon as she gathered some of her political supporters on the steps of the Nevada Capitol building.   She rallied her friends as she prepared to lead them inside to witness her official filing for Nevada U.S. House of Representatives District #2, currently held by Republican Mark Amodei.

Ackerman is hoping to run against Amodei – but there are a number of other candidates vying for the same job.  Ackerman has been on the campaign trail telling voters where she stands on long running issues – “I pledge to support actions and policies that safeguard freedom, healthcare, education, women’s rights that protects our fellow citizens and the environment. Immigrants built America, and yet today, so many feel threatened. I cannot sit in silence while I witness racism, inequality and hatred on our streets. It must stop. It is why I am running for Congress.

Ackerman makes it official – she’s filed as a candidate for Nevada District 2 Representative in the U.S. Congress.

Ackerman continues, “Many Americans lost faith in their government years before Trump was elected.  Income inequality is the #1 cause of stress and depression. Today we see a dividing line between Republicans and Democrats.Another dividing linearcloser to home here in Nevada is between politicians like Mark Amodei and other candidates who are comfortable with big, dark money influencing politics at home and in Washington DC.  I am absolutely opposed to it. We Americans are suffering the worst inequality since the Great Depression. I will not passively stand on the sidelines and allow corruption to viciously bully us.” Another dividing line closer to home here in Nevada is between politicians like Mark Amodei and other candidates who are comfortable with big, dark money influencing politics at home and in Washington DC.  I am absolutely opposed to it. We Americans are suffering the worst inequality since the Great Depression. 

Patricia Ackerman fills out candidacy forms while husband Ted looks on.

“I will fight to end “Citizens United,” Ackerman says  “a policy that has completely allowed corruption and corporations to ‘buy and dominate’ our government. Campaign finance reform is critical to taking our government back.”

Patricia Ackerman swears she’s a legal candidate to run for the Congress from Nevada.

Ackerman calls for a living wage

“We’re now living in a system that has produced poverty, violence, and disease,” says Ackerman. ” By shifting the system toward economic fairness via a living wage we can finally lift Americans, single and married, to a decent standard of living.  Income inequality is the worst it’s been in eighty years. I fully support transitioning the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour. The benefits of phasing in a $15 minimum wage would be far-reaching, giving a long overdue pay raise for tens of millions of workers thereby reversing decades of growing pay inequality.

Now candidate Patricia Ackerman shares her excitement with her followers!

Ackerman calls for Medicare For All Option and Rural Access to Healthcare

America’s current version of “health care” is actually just ‘disease management’ which is massively profitable for the medical industry but which produces deaths and bankruptcies at an alarming rate for everyone else.  Insurance companies are literally making a “killing.”

When Ackerman ran for State Assembly in 2018, she and her supporters knocked on over 10,000 doors in the district. At least 75% of the people they talked to said that access to health care as well as healthcare costs was and still is their number one complaint.  Ackerman says she met a woman in Lockwood who is preparing to die because she lost her healthcare coverage from her employer a month before being diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer.  She refuses to leave her family darkly and deeply debt.

We are what we eat

Unhealthy food production and the typical American diet, including pharmaceuticals and the high cost of medical treatment, reveals our healthcare system is quite successful – but generally not for patients. Ackerman says profit created from our suffering is staggering.  Only by taking a step-by-step untangling of our toxic medical web can we begin to once again flourish as a people – as a nation.   A Medicare Buy-In Option is the best way to get there.  We need to do it.

For those who get health care from their employer or union, and are satisfied with it, Ackerman says “We should respect their freedom to choose. But when we develop a better way through Medicare for All, it will become THE choice. I believe a universal healthcare system is ultimately the way to go.”  Ackerman says she believes when Americans choose such an alternative, the movement will grow, become better funded and at lower costs. Our current Congressman Mark Amodei, voted over a dozen times against our medical wellbeing and then lied about it.

Once elected to Congress Patricia Ackerman vows she will vote for funding for rural clinics and for broadband/highspeed internet which is vitally necessary to extend telemedicine out into Nevada’s rural areas.  In 2019, Congressman Amodei voted against a bill that would have funded the Department of Agriculture’s Rural Development Programs. This is just one of several critical votes that blocked a better way to help rural Nevadans lead healthier lives for themselves and their children.


Prescription Drug Prices

Ackerman says “In May of 2019, Congressman Amodei voted against a bill called the “Strengthening Health Care and Lowering Prescription Drug Costs Act” which was designed to lower prescription drug prices. This turned out to be very bad for patients but highly profitable for pharmaceutical companies.”

Ackerman says “I would fight for a bill that would increase the number of drugs whose prices can be made to be negotiable –  up from 35, and fully repeal the ban on Medicare discounting while adding a provision that would extend protections against drug price increases to people in private employer-sponsored insurance plans, not just those on Medicare.

Ackerman says “No one should spend more than $200 a year on prescription drugs. I will fight for that. We can and will win that battle.”

Climate Change and Clean Energy and Jobs

Ackerman says, “The data is in – the best climate scientists around the world agree that climate change is the #1 threat to humanity – everywhere on the planet. The reports and eyewitness accounts of how our Earth is rapidly heating up cannot be ignored. Anyone who denies this threat doesn’t “get it.”  We have very little time to make dramatic changes – switching from fossil fuels to sustainably clean and renewable energy sources. This must be accomplished and soon if we are to preserve our Earth – our tiny blue dot in an endless space.”.

Solar power is not the future – IT IS THE NOW!!. An ocean’s worth of stable jobs will be created once we commit to renewables. These are jobs that cannot be outsourced overseas – it will release us from the chains that bind us to fossil fuels that give foreign countries leverage over us.  And by the way, It will reduce air, water and land pollution. Our current Congressman Mark Amodei voted at least 9 times to block renewable energy funding. His record is stunning. His views are archaic and dangerous.

Geo-thermal energy is abundant in Nevada and has huge potential.  Just like solar energy.  However, solar jobs are heading in the wrong direction as a result of Amodei’s votes in the House.  In 2018 solar installation jobs declined 1% while solar manufacturing jobs dropped by 9%. A full transition to clean energy would dramatically increase the jobs in Nevada. Patricia Ackerman pledges to develop clean energy on our public lands, and unlike Mark Amodei, she will support policies like the Public Land Renewable Energy Development Act of 2019, which is sensible legislation with multiple benefits and bipartisan support. Congressman Amodei is not on board with the mission.  Amodei is a danger to our future economic stability for all Nevadans, not just the giant fossil fuel corporations who employ a fraction of the workforce of what clean energy would.

On a personal level, our family home has been powered by solar since 2009. Our monthly bill is about $17, up from about $9.50 because of changes in policy. We witnessed the ebb and flow of the solar industry and it was disheartening to see the direction it was going in.

I propose a change to our current net metering policy to incentivize homeowners to switch to solar and be able to sell their solar power back to the utility company. These are just a few of the positive steps we can take with clean, renewable energy.


To compete in this world and be the leaders, we must re-evaluate the priorities of our education system. Nevada was ranked next to last in the nation in 2019.

“As your next congresswoman I will fight for:

  • Debt-free community colleges & trade schools.  Our kids and young adults are drowning in unprecedented college loan debt. The American dream just isn’t possible with this yoke around their necks.

  • Universal pre-k.  Research shows the long-term benefits for children.

  • Social services that ensure our kids have the support they need to focus on learning. Healthy food, stable housing, and mental health support is vital for rapid learning. A violence-free environment is also critical.

  • More federal funding for public k-12 schools.

I have personally fought against school vouchers before ever running for office and will fight any federal laws that would take money away from public schools.”



My parents were immigrants. Immigrants made this country great.  I will fight for comprehensive immigration reform that includes a path to citizenship for all 11 million undocumented immigrants in America. Without them, America would suffer. The research on the contributions made by immigrants speaks for itself.


Women’s Rights and Gender Equality


Everyone, especially conservatives, understand the ancient law of property rights. Our bodies are the ultimate in sacred ownership.

NO ONE bears the right to tell you what you can or cannot do with your body. It’s the ultimate in sacred violation. I will always stand for a woman’s right to make healthcare choices for her own body.

I will support all efforts to close the national pay gap, with attention paid to black, Latina, indigenous, and disabled women as well as genderqueer and transgender people — all of whom deserve equal pay for equal work.


Labor Rights and Unions

As mentioned above in the top priorities, income inequality and the increasing corporate power is what’s driving a divided country. Our labor workers and their rights must be protected at all costs to be able to compete in this ever-growing world of corporate dominance. I advocate for fair trade policies and to strengthen labor unions. I was a longtime member of two unions – SAG and AFTRA. I know what they did for us. And I stand behind the unions.


Public Lands

Nevada has more land owned by the federal government than any other state. I am committed to keeping this land open and available to Nevadans for recreation, smart economic development and housing where appropriate. This is an issue where Amodei serves only the special interests, putting the needs of the wealthy ahead of tourism, outdoor recreation and other ways Nevada’s open spaces can benefit taxpayers and visitors of Nevada.


Wild Horses

Our current administration has our wild horses on a fast track of slaughter and extinction. I’ve lived with horses since age 11. The love and reverence for them is deep in my soul. There IS a solution for the horses that not only saves the taxpayers millions of dollars and is humane, ethical and will protect our horses, but special interests are standing in the way. I pledge to you and especially to the horses, that I will not rest until the program is implemented that serves our wild horses humanely and with their protection in place.



Mining has helped make Nevada prosperous. It has also unfortunately been responsible for poisoning our land and water because the regulations currently in place don’t go far enough toward protection or they are being ignored completely. To be fair, there are mining companies who are ready and willing to comply, but agencies like the BLM aren’t staffed well enough to implement the enforcement. The agencies that oversee the regulation compliances must be empowered and supported. Our current congressman does nothing to rein in the corruption that threatens and intimidates the very agencies we rely on to protect our lands from mining violations.

Mark Amodei has also left us very vulnerable when he chose to look the other way and do nothing in his H.R. 761 bill regarding rare earth elements such as gadolinium and yttrium.  These rare minerals have unique properties and uses that we are just learning about.   Amodei’s bill allows the Chinese companies that extract these minerals here in the U.S. to not sell them back to us.  If they don’t want to sell them to us, they do not have to. These high-tech minerals are used in sophisticated metal manufacturing for our military including fighter jet engines and healthcare services that target tumors in neutron therapy.  These are just two of the many known uses.  Who knows what the future holds, but once again Amodei has left us very vulnerable-this time to the whims of the Chinese government.

I pledge, in the interest of bipartisan national security interests, that our own domestic resources aren’t used to promote or increase Chinese or Iranian business interests at the expense of the American taxpayer. I want to ensure that American minerals stay here and help make our supply chain be more stable.

Veterans Priorities

At 11%, NV – 2 contains the second-highest number of veterans and active-duty military of the state’s four congressional districts.

Rep. Amodei has cast some very damaging votes against our veterans. He voted against an amendment to make it easier for qualified veterans to access state-legal medical marijuana. The amendment had bipartisan support and was co-sponsored by Republican Heck and Democrat Titus along with six other House members and passed.

A sobering statistic – Every 13 minutes a veteran takes their life. We MUST DO BETTER FOR THEM.

I support:

  • H.R. 2191, the Veterans Cannabis Use for Safe Healing Act, which would prohibit the Secretary of Veterans Affairs from denying a veteran benefit administered by the secretary by reason of the veteran participating in a State-approved marijuana program. 33 states have legalized marijuana for either medical or recreational use.

  • Authorizing the Veterans Administration to receive reimbursements from TRICARE and Medicare.

  • Modernizing the Veterans Administration health IT systems so they function in our 21st-century digital environment.

  • Expanding tele-medicine and tele-health options of VA services so as to better serve veterans who have to drive long distances to VA clinics in Elko, Fallon, Gardnerville, and Reno.

  • Make nursing home eligibility part of the VA health benefits package.

  • Fully fund Post – 9/11 GI Bill benefits for veterans and their families.

Gun Safety and Reform

I’ve been a gun owner for decades. I support full background checks and closing the loopholes like those at gun shows. I believe assault style weapons should be banned. I intend to foster a culture that works toward peace, not violence. I will never take money from the NRA.


Yucca Mountain

I’m strongly opposed to using Yucca Mountain as a nuclear waste repository.



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