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Submitted Editorial – Lack of affordable medical insurance for low income people – perpetual nightmare…

Corona Virus

March 30 was National Doctors’ Day. Unfortunately, on that day and every day since, doctors have been writing their wills at work, fearing illness and death alongside nurses and healthcare professionals, all while helping patients afflicted with COVID-19. Day by day, the situation becomes more dire, and we are still in the early days. Thousands have died, hundreds of thousands are infected, and millions are losing their jobs. As more and more Nevadans lose their jobs, they will also lose their healthcare.

How bad can the situation get? 

Disasters like this prove that it’s time to end medical insurance being tied to employment, and we need to keep fighting for universal healthcare. Shame on this administration for trying to replace the ACA rather than improve upon it. Shame on Representative Mark Amodei for voting against the ACA dozens of times, just as he voted against protections for pre-existing conditions. This administration has also proposed huge cuts in the next budget for the ACA, Medicare, and Medicaid. Is this the America we want, where Trump and Amodei have their health insurance and we have none?

If there ever was a time to lead, it is now. As your future congressional representative for Northern Nevada, my priorities will be fixing healthcare, reviving our economy, and building an America for everyone. Will you join us?

Take care,

Cling Kobel, candidate, U.S. Congress