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Who wants to be a new City Supervisor??

CC Board of Supervisors
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The Carson City Charter, the Carson City Board of Supervisors is accepting applications from qualified candidates who are interested in appointment to the office of Ward 3 Supervisor by the Board of Supervisors.  The term of this public office will expire on the first Monday in January 2023 after the next general election in accordance with the Carson City Charter. To be considered for appointment, the candidate must: be an actual and bona fide resident of Carson City for at least six months immediately preceding the date of appointment;  be a qualified elector in Carson City;  be a resident of Ward 3; and  not be in office as a Carson City official in any other capacity at the time of appointment.  (Board of Supervisors Ward map available online at or contact Elections at (775) 887-2087.) 

Application Deadline:  For full consideration, please complete and return an Application Packet byFriday, October 9, 2020 at 5:00 p.m.  Incomplete Application Packets and Application Packets received after this deadline will NOT be considered.

How to Apply:   Application Packets may be obtained from the Carson City website: the Carson City Executive Offices: 201 N. Carson St., Suite 2, Carson City, NV  89701, (775) 887-2100.  Applications must be submitted online at or delivered to:
Carson City Executive Offices
201 N. Carson St., Suite 2
Carson City, NV  89701

Application Packet:  Interested persons are invited to complete and submit an Application Packet.  An Application Packet is incomplete unless it is submitted with each of the following:
1. Signed Carson City Supervisor, Ward 3 – Applicant Declaration for Appointive Position.
2. Resume with three (3) references. 
3. Answers to supplemental questions.
4. Signed Waiver and Notice of Public Meeting. 
Carson City is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Application and Selection Process:  The selection process is subject to the following:
1. Completion and return of the Application Packet no later than 5:00 p.m. on Friday, October 9, 2020, which must include a valid e-mail address for all communications to and from the candidate.
2. All materials provided in the Application Packet are public records and open to public inspection.
3. Applications may be withdrawn from consideration by a candidate at any time.  Once submitted, however, the Application Packet will be made available to the public.
4. Once an Application Packet is received, it will be posted on the City’s website
5. On Wednesday, November 4, 2020, the Board of Supervisors, at a special meeting, will conduct interviews and make an appointment to the prospective vacancy of the office of Ward 3 Supervisor. 
6. If an appointment is not made by the Board of Supervisors, the Board may, in its sole discretion, hold one or more additional meetings to consider a new selection period or process. 

Salary: $25,658.25/year the salary is set by Nevada Revised Statute (NRS) 245.043.  
Benefits:  Benefits are determined by the Board of Supervisors and are subject to change.  The benefits currently include:
• Employer paid Nevada PERS retirement 
• No Social Security participation, but Medicare deduction required (1.45%)
• City paid medical, dental, vision and life insurance 
• Deferred Compensation

Questions: Questions should be submitted in writing to Janet Busse at