6:10pm Evacuations have been issued for the areas of Arcadia, Pawnee, Cherokee and Green Acres south of Jacks Valley Road.

The Douglas County Community and Senior Center is available as an evacuation site.

The Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) says Jacks Valley Road near US-395 is closed in both directions. US-395 is still open  but very crowded.

The fire is estimated to be 30 acres large now and 0% contained.

Structure protection is in place but with 60 to  70 mile an hour winds no telling where the fire may spread to.

The cause is unknown

Truckee Meadows Fire & Rescue is on scene, along with crews from East Fork Fire Protection District.

6:46pm  Emergency evacuations have been ordered toresidents in the area west of Highway 395.  The evacuation center is the Douglas County Community Center.

As the sun began dipping behind the Sierra, the fire hit over-drive west of Jacks Valley School and turned southeast from the school.  It came up against the backside of Indian Hills…but firefighters managed to hold the line along a firebreak installed for these specific kinds of circumstances.  They stopped the fire cold in several spots.  But again, the fire was still  raging elsewhere.  Firefighters in the air and on the ground finally stopped the blaze west of Vista Grande and Micah Drive at the top of a hill where the water tank is located.  Many neighbors breathed a deep sigh of relief when the fire came right up against the water tank and a helicopter dumped a lot of water on the fire, stopping it.