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Domestic Violence Incident Erupts in Gunfire on Morgan Mill Road

Chris Conti
Assault with a Deadly Weapon among other charges

Carson City Deputy Sheriff’s were called Tuesday to a residence at 4429 Morgan Mill Road where a drunk male had a gun and was firing off shots.  His grandmother ran into her bedroom, closed and locked the door and laid flat on the floor in order to avoid flying bullets. One bullet lodged in a neighbor’s outbuilding.

The grandmother called 9-1-1. Sheriff’s deputies raced to the scene along with the CCSO SWAT Team. Sheriff’s deputies ordered the man outside. The man came out with a pistol barrel pointed at his head. Deputies say the man was very uncooperative so deputies took him down with a bean bag gun. He was quickly subdued.

After an ambulance ride to the hospital suspect Chris Conti was determined to have a blood alcohol level over three times the minimum level for presumed intoxication. Once determined to be OK deputies transported Conti to the Carson City Jail where he was charged with Assault with a Deadly Weapon, and Domestic Battery. His bail was set at $27,000.

How to stay safe and secure over the holidays…

With the holiday season here the Carson City Sheriff’s Office would like to remind the community of some precautions that will reduce the chances of becoming a victim of crime.

Each year during the holiday season we see an increase in vehicle burglaries, home burglaries and theft of packages that are dropped off at residences by delivery companies.

Criminals will prowl a neighborhood pretending to be looking for a friend or relative, act as if they work for a utility company or knock on your door with some other random excuse. These individuals typically do not have any form of proper identification. They ask questions about who lives at your home and if it’s for sale they may ask to come inside the residence or be shown around the property. The majority of the time they are simply trying to determine if anyone is home by knocking on the door. When they discover no one is home they will attempt to find an unlocked door or window and in some cases force their way into your home.

Do not allow anyone into your home that you do not know or that has not been verified as an employee of a trusted company that you have requested services from. Do not open the door to strangers and do not be afraid to ask for identification from anyone soliciting your business. All solicitors are required to provide you a copy of their permit in order to go door to door in Carson City.

Surveillance cameras help to solve the majority of burglary and theft crimes. If possible, install surveillance cameras or doorbell cameras on or around your home. If you currently have a surveillance camera, be sure you know how to operate it and that is it functioning properly.

Beginning this week, the Carson City Sheriff’s Office will be increasing patrol in and around major shopping areas and in neighborhoods throughout the community. Increased patrol will be performed by patrol deputies, reserve deputies and our VIPS (volunteers in partnership with the Sheriff) program. In addition, Detectives and the Special Enforcement Team will be patrolling neighborhoods in unmarked vehicles looking for criminals taking advantage of the public. Detectives will be working closely with delivery companies tracking stolen packages.

Home Safety:
* Make sure all doors and windows are locked including those on your vehicles. Nearly half of all burglaries are done with no force, meaning they were able to get in through unlocked doors and windows.
* Have a trusted neighbor or family pick up newspapers or packages if you are going to be gone for any length of time.
* Tell a trusted neighbor or family of your travel plans so they can keep an extra eye on your home and call the Sheriff’s Office if there is any suspicious activity.
* Make your home look occupied; leave lights/radios/televisions on or think about putting them on timers that go on and off at different times of the day or night. Close and lock your garage.
* Have the Post Office hold your mail if going away on vacation. Never leave notes on the door saying you are away.
* Keep valuables and packages out of sight as much as possible. Do not store gifts, packages, or other items in your vehicle or outside allowing thieves to steal them.
* After the holidays break down any boxes before placing them out for the trash, such as TV’s, cell phones, computers, and electronic games rather than advertising what new items you have purchased and are available to steal.
* Document serial numbers and etch or mark items in such a way in order to later identify them in case theft occurs. Marked items are a deterrence as they are harder to fence and evidence of guilt if the criminal is caught with it.
* Exterior doors should have “dead bolt” locks. Sliding doors and windows should have auxiliary locks to bolster security. Consider alarms systems.

Packages that are delivered to the home:

* Track packages and try to be home when they arrive, or ask a trusted neighbor or friend to pick up the package.
* If possible, have packages delivered to your workplace.
* Ask the delivery company to require a signature before leaving the package.
* Have the package held at the delivery company for pickup.
* Install security cameras at your home.

When Shopping:

* Be observant and avoid dark areas and suspicious persons and stay near other people. Be prepared to flee potential problems and keep your finger on the key fob’s “alarm” button when walking to and from your vehicle.
* When using ATM’s avoid someone who is loitering around the location or someone who simply just does not look right, trust your instincts. Conceal your PIN entry while using debit and credit cards.
* Avoid carrying large amounts of cash.
* Appear alert and be aware of your surroundings, hold on to your purchased items and do not leave them unattended.
* When parking your vehicle lock the doors and roll up the windows and do not leave keys inside the vehicle.
* Do not leave valuables visible inside your vehicle; store them in the trunk when possible or locked in the glove compartment.
* Keep your wallet or purse with you at all times. Do not leave out items with personal information on them.
* Do not leave children or pets unattended in the car.
* Do not leave a running vehicle unattended; it only takes a thief a few seconds to take the vehicle, including breaking the window if the vehicle is locked.
* Do not overload yourself with too many items. Take large purchases such as televisions, computers, and jewelry directly home instead of leaving them in a vehicle.

* If you see suspicious activity, notify the Carson City Sheriff’s Office Dispatch Center. With the public’s assistance in reporting suspicious actively, the ability to solve and prevent crime increases greatly.

230 new homes on the west side of Carson to be presented at the Carson Nugget

High density single family homes in a highly scenic area of Carson City.  Mountain Street on the right (east) end.

A corporation seeking to build over 200 homes on what’s left of the old Andersen Ranch on Carson City’s west side will be holding a public outreach meeting on the project at the Carson Nugget Thursday, December 5th at 5pm. Christy Corporation officials will outline their ambitious subdivision which has caught the attention of many Carson City residents, especially those on Carson’s west side. The project would be built west of Mountain Street and east of Ormsby Boulevard on the west side of the city.

An initial glimpse of what’s going to be presented to the Carson City Planning Commission and eventually the Carson City Board of Supervisors will be conducted by Christy Corporation officials, based in Sparks. The 230 home subdivision has drawn opposition from many residents either near or adjacent to the proposed development. Some residents complain that putting single family homes on such small lots doesn’t blend in well with the character of surrounding, already established neighborhoods.

Residents are also uncomfortable with the unavoidable high number of autos and other vehicles that will create much higher traffic counts throughout the area not to mention increased wear-and-tear on local neighborhood streets and arterials. Residents and community activists also fear the homes will bring with them higher numbers of students attending local elementary and middle schools especially – possibly causing property taxes for the entire town to rise in order to pay for school expansions as well as the increase in cost for local street maintenance.

But there are others who contend that Carson City is a growing and vibrant town and new home construction could ease the horrific shortage of housing in general that plagues Carson City and surrounding areas.

Again, the public meeting, sponsored by Christy Corporation, will begin at 5pm Thursday, December 5th at the Carson Nugget, 507 North Carson Street, in downtown Carson City.

Help Toys-for-Tots make it a very Merry Christmas for disadvantaged families

Toys for Tots will be opening a telephone hotline for Carson City area residents to make this Christmas a memorable one for disadvantaged kids.  The hotlines, 775-799-0918 (English) and 775-799-0877 (Spanish) will be activated December 3rd to receive calls from low and very low income families.  The hotlines will be open through December 20th from 9am to 4pm, Monday through Friday. Callers can request toys or to offer donations for toys.  Toy contributions can be made in a wide number of locations in Carson City, Douglas, Storey and Lyon Counties. To see a list of drop-off locations or how to donate toward gifts, go to:

Again the numbers to call are 775-799-0918 (English) or 775-799-0877 (for Spanish). The first day for calling is December 3rd.

Silver and Snowflake Festival of Lights

Downtown businesses to offer
drink and food specials during
Silver & Snowflake Festival of Lights

Baby, it might be cold outside on St. Nicholas Day (12/6), but the specials being offered by the downtown food establishments will keep you warm.

Prior to – or after – the traditional Silver & Snowflakes program to be held on the capitol steps at 5:30 p.m. to kick off the holiday season, be sure to patronize the businesses listed (link)   McFadden Plaza will be the center of some of the activities.   The Carson Nugget will hand out free stuffed toys.  Carson St will be closed between Robinson and Fifth beginning at 4 pm.  The event is a production of your Chamber.

CCSO seeks public’s help in finding this runaway…

The Carson City Sheriff’s Office is requesting help from the public in tracking down a runaway – 15 year old Christian Zarate, who was last seen on November 18th at his residence in Carson City.

Christian is described as 5-9, 180 pounds, brown hair and brown eyes. The family told deputies Christian could be anywhere in the Carson, Reno or Lake Tahoe areas. If anyone spots Christian, they are urged to call the Carson City Sheriff’s office at 775-887-2677.

Small Business Saturday coming up right after Thanksgiving

Small Business Saturday November 30th

Carson City Downtown Business Association


Start your Small Business Saturday with a FREE coffee and donut in Laxalt Plaza. The first 100 shoppers will also receive $10 in Downtown Dollars to spend at any of the participating businesses, including shops, restaurants, entertainment & more (1 per family).

Spend the day Downtown enjoying Food, Fun & Holiday Shopping while you support your local businesses.

(businesses will be added up to the day of the event)

Agency 36
Artsy Fartsy Art Gallery LLC
Aunt B’s Vintage
Aunt B’s 2
Battle Born Social
Carson City Symphony Assoc.
Carson Jewelry & Loan
The Emporium inside Carson Nugget
Champagne Beauty Bar, LLC
Charlie B Gallery
Comma Coffee
Deja Vu Again & Distracted
Due Sorella (fondly known as Two Sisters)
Expresso Yourself Cafe
Gather Carson City
Just Brew It
Mangia Tutto
Morley’s Books
Neon Salt
Nevada Artists Association
Rocking and Rolling
Rustically Divine Vintage Market and DIY Studio
The Purple Avocado
The Union Carson
Touched by Angels Home and Garden Gift Shop

More information can be found on the Carson City Downtown Business Association’s Facebook page.

New pricey housing subdivision planned for Anderson Ranch, west of Mountain`

High density single family residents in a highly scenic area of Carson City.

A huge new addition of suburban housing is being proposed for what’s left of the west side of the Anderson Ranch – west of Mountain Street.  On December 17th the Carson City Planning Commission will consider a review of a 203 home subdivision that would dramatically change the character and ambiance of a major area of west side Carson City.   The proposed lots are small – very small – by west Carson City historical standards.

During a community member meeting with the contractor at the Carson City Library, it was clear that surrounding neighbors around the project were upset about the sheer number of homes that would turn that part of Carson City’s westside in to an inner-urban landscape – with many homes with little recreation opportunities for families.  On top of that, the developer hinted that his company might sell off pieces of the area to other developers who might not create the neighborhood amenities desired by new families.

The developer will be approaching the Carson City Planning Commission on December 17 for what is called a “Tentative Development Map” layout.  The meeting on the 17th starts at 1pm at the Community Center.  During the meeting lots of local neighbors are expected to challenge the planning commission’s likely approval of a 203 unit development in such a small area.  Traffic impacts on narrow urban streets was also called in to question.

The Carson City Planning Commission will convene their public meeting on the issue on December 17th, at 1pm at the Board of Supervisors meeting room.  There will be additional meetings that neighbors can attend as details are agreed to and made part of the overall project.

Parent Volunteers Needed for Family Life Committee

The Carson City School District is seeking one more parent to serve as a member on the district’s Family Life Committee. An initial request for four (4) applications was made a month ago in October, and the district was able to appoint three (3) new members of the committee.  however, the school district is still needing to fill one more seat.

The primary purpose of the Family Life Program is to provide a well-defined course of instruction, which is endorsed by the Board of Trustees as the district’s sex education program. The program includes factual instruction concerning acquired immune deficiency syndrome and instruction on the human reproductive system, related communicable diseases and sexual responsibility. Appointment as a member of the committee shall be for an initial term of three years.

The committee is comprised of five (5) parent volunteers of children who attend schools in the district and five (5) representatives, one from each of the following.

  • Medicine or nursing
  • Counseling
  • Religion
  • Teaching
  • Students who attend schools in the district


Meetings are held monthly throughout the school year with potential special meetings. Individuals interested in applying for the positions should submit the following information no later than Tuesday, Dec. 3, 2019, by 5 p.m. Only those who submit a letter of interest and resume will be reviewed.

Interested parties may submit the required documents to the Educational Services Department at 1402 West King Street, Carson City, Nev. 89703 or through email, For more information, please contact Paige Camara at 775-283-2009.


Crash-prone Thursday night – Injured taken to CT Regional Medical Center

Vehicle crash on South Carson Street at Clearview Thursday evening. Injuries.

Neither driver nor a passenger were injured.

CCSO Deputies say the above vehicle was involved in a three vehicle accident at South Carson and I-580. At least one person was transported to CTH. However, one of the vehicles – the one pictured above – left the crash scene northbound on Carson Street. The vehicle, with two persons inside, turned east on Clearview but quickly went out of control and smashed in to a retaining wall at Clearview and Oak Street. Neither the driver nor the passenger were injured.

Deputies say the driver, Phelon Brown, 41 of Carson City, was arrested for an outstanding arrest warrant from Sparks, along with additional charges of hit and run at the accident on South Carson Street near Highway 50, driving on a suspended license and no auto insurance. Brown was booked into the Carson City Jail on $2,500 bail.

Board of Supervisors Report: Lots going on…

CC Board of Supervisors
File photo

The Carson City Board of Supervisor had a mixed bag of issues facing them Thursday morning. Right off the bat the Supervisors got a report from their District Attorney Jason Woodbury that two incidents were dealt with requiring a monetary settlement to a minor who was lightly bitten by a police dog during a “Citizen’s Training Academy,” as well as another case where a city parks and recreation volunteer was accused of inappropriately touching a number of young participants in a summer recreation program. Between city funds and insurance coverage for both incidents the grand total of agreed-to damages is around $1.3 million.

The dog bite incident occured during a police dog training exercise when the animals were put through their paces and then paraded passed high school student trainees. One of the dogs was reportedly still emotionally “excited” from the training and nipped a student. The Sheriff’s Department has changed protocols so that during future training exercises with school kids looking on, it will be arranged in a way that dogs exhibiting their “take-down” talents in the field do not co-mingle with the students afterwards. The settlement for the family was $58,137.

After reported instances of “inappropriate touching” minor participants in a city recreation program, a volunteer instructor in the program was fired. Damages awarded to the victims amounting to $1.25 million – payments coming from both the city and the city’s insurance carrier.

In other Supervisors’ action they preliminarily approved 18 condominium airplane hanger units at the Carson City Airport. But it doesn’t mean airport officials can instantly move ahead with the project. The first in a series of final design maps must be approved by the city Supervisors within the next four years with construction to follow sometime after that. The project follows many years of complaints from the private aviation community that there hasn’t been enough airplane hangers being built to keep up with the growth in private aviation.

A much talked-about planned-unit-development just south of the airport at 1400 Old Hot Springs Road, involving large travel trailers, has been approved by the Supervisors. Although one citizen in the audience said the 227 RV lot development is too close to the airport, the Supervisors approved the project anyway indicating that the R/V Park should be okay – that there’s considerable real estate between the project and the airport itself. Amenities to the project include a sales office, gatehouse, pickleball courts, a cafe, a 9-hole golf course and open space.

206 acres of the Hamm family sold to Carson City and to be named Eagle View Open Space (Google Maps)

The Supervisors then selected a name for the newly designated open space area between Ash and Vicee Canyons. In 2018 the city purchased the land with state funds from the Gerald and Luann Hamm family which opened up public access and general use within the 206 acre boundaries of the open space which was formally renamed by the Supervisors as Eagle View Open Space.

Carson City Shooting Range. Major upgrades are being made with full installation in place by Spring.  (City photo)

And finally, thanks to a generous grant by the Nevada Department of Wildlife with additional financial help from the city, the Carson City Rifle and Pistol Range will be undergoing some major upgrades to improve the use and safety of the Range. Improvements include earthwork and improved drainage for the shooting bays, removal of of concrete target frames from the long range bays, and compliance signage. City officials say all the improvements should be up and ready for the public by Spring.

NNDA movin’ into Downtown Carson City…

No. NV Dev’t Authority
New Headquarters at the top of the sidewalk steps

Northern Nevada Development Authority (NNDA) today announced that its offices have been relocated to 308 North Curry Street, Suite 101, Carson City, NV 89703. The organization’s main phone number remains 775.883.4413. They’re directly across from the Cigar Bar.

Moving to 308 N. Curry St. is related to the recently established NNDA partnership with the Adams Hub of Northern Nevada and the Carson City Library to support existing companies in the region with growth and expansion. Together, they are curating the resources companies require to achieve their business objectives and financial goals. The intent is to help keep existing businesses operational by leveraging NNDA’s economic development tools, the Hub’s programs, and the Library’s resources to assist resident companies and future projects.

Sean Hilterbrandt, who joined NNDA earlier this year, is the Business Support Specialist dedicated to Carson City, Douglas County, Storey County, and the northern half of Lyon County. He brings over 15 years of experience in customer service, logistics, and warehousing management. Sean has proven success in managing multiple projects and priorities.

According to Robert “Rob” Hooper, NNDA President and CEO, “The partnership with the Adams Hub aligns with our mission and the mission of its parent, The Hop and Mae Adams Foundation, to support economic development in Carson City, the business core of Nevada’s Sierra Region. While the Foundation is focused on Carson City, there is an understanding that also supporting the growth of our region’s economic ecosystem helps to further strengthen Carson City.” He continued, “Economic growth is not about more traffic or higher housing prices. It is about higher wages and median incomes. Raising families up is how we measure success.”

More detailed information about NNDA’s Business Support program and resources, including the partnership with the Adams Hub and Carson City Library, will be released early next year once the program development is complete.

Busy night for CC Planning Commission…new casino, new apartments, and clearing the skies over western Lyon County!

A little change in plans for those constructing a new casino at South Carson Street and Sonoma.  The developer originally planned to gut the inside of the old Grandma Hattie’s Restaurant and turn it in to a small casino.  The Carson City Planning Commission gave it their blessing for the project to move ahead but things went a little sideways.

The developers decided that the old Grandma Hattie’s was a bit too small.  So they re-applied to the city planning commission and asked to completely tear down Grandma Hattie’s and build something roughly 50% bigger.  And once again the planning commission accommodated the developers’ wishes.

The new Lucky Strike Casino will be over 9,000 square feet of restaurant, gaming floor, bar and lounge sports betting and customer service.  And of course lots of free parking.  No word yet on exactly when the Lucky Strike Casino will start coming up out of the ground.

Artist rendering of the new Lucky Strike Casino at So. Carson and Sonoma.

The Planning Commission next gave its blessing to a 126 unit apartment complex planned just east of Carson City’s main post office on Little Lane.  The apartment complex is expected to contain 42 one bedroom units and 84 two bedroom units spanning eleven buildings. Other amenities include a swimming pool, clubhouse and sport courts.  No word yet on what they’ll rent for.

Another apartment complex got the planning commission’s blessing – this one at a flat piece of ground at the corner of Silver Sage and Stafford Way.  The developer told the planning commission the two story complex will offer upstairs units with roughly 1,350 square feet and downstairs units averaging 950 square feet.  Parking will be limited.  A number of nearby residents complained to the planning commission that the surrounding homes are all single family homes and that they don’t want 2nd floor apartment residents looking down into their backyards or through their windows.  But the developer reminded the commission that there are a dwindling number of mid-rise apartment/condo complexes in the area and that lower cost housing is in short supply in the Carson City area as it is just about everywhere in the country.  Still the neighbors lamented the “intrusion” of another mid-rise apartment house in what is mainly a single family home neighborhood.  And for some, the new apartment building blocks their long-enjoyed view of the mountains to the west. There were indications from the neighbors they may appeal the planning commission’s recommended go-ahead on the project.

And finally a group of residents living just inside the Lyon County line complained loudly to the Carson City Planning Commission that an asphalt processing plant just inside the Carson City city limits has been polluting their air for a long time.  And they want it stopped.  They say they’re getting sick.  They complain that the smoke pollution has been going on for two to three years and that Carson City should put an end to it.

The planning commission took the neighbors complaints to heart and decided to inform the owner of the asphalt plant that he must stop his plant’s excessive pollution.  The planning commission gave the owner ten days to appeal the commission’s decision.  If the owner doesn’t rectify the situation the planning commission will recommend to the Carson City Board of Supervisors that they step in and revoke the plant’s license to operate.  The commission also ruled that the plant owner must buy special equipment that strips the plant’s exhaust of harmful chemicals and smoke.

Stay tuned,



Camera catches a thief just before stealing an electric bicycle

Bicycle Thief
Submitted photo

The Carson City Sheriff’s Office Investigation Division is asking for information in a Grand Larceny of an electric bicycle on November 3, 2019.

On November 3, 2019 at approximately 3:30 pm a Grand Larceny of an Electric Bicycle was committed at CVS at 220 Fairview Drive in Carson City. The victim had left his bike in the front of the store while shopping. The victim returned to the area of the bike after shopping and found the bike had been stolen.

Investigators obtained video surveillance from the CVS Store. One female suspect and one male suspect were located on camera. The female was wearing a black/grey and white sweat suit carrying a black purse. The male was wearing a black t shirt with blue jeans and a blue hat with a goatee.

The Carson City Sheriff’s Office reminds the public to not leave valuables/bikes unattended or not properly locked up.

Suspected burglar falls through roof of hair salon on So. Carson – dies on the floor.

Update from Caron City Sheriff’s Office:

On Sunday, November 17, 2019 at approximately 1000 am a burglary suspect was located inside the Cutting Edge Salon (So. Carson @ Koontz) on the ground.  He was unresponsive.  The Carson City Fire Department responded and pronounced the man deceased. Information gathered on the scene revealed that the suspect entered the Cutting Edge Salon by cutting through the roof.  The suspect fell from the roof, through the ceiling and struck the ground.  Burglary tools were located in a bag that was carried by the suspect.

The suspect was later identified as Ronald Edward Kidd of Tracy, California.  Mr. Kidd has an extensive record for theft and robbery.  Mr. Kidd appears to have conducted this burglary alone. Anyone with information is encouraged to contact the Carson City Sheriff’s Office, Dispatch (775) 887-2008, Investigation Division, Detective Christopher Rivera (775) 283-7855, Investigations Captain Brian Humphrey (775) 283-7850 or Secret Witness (775) 322-4900.


Firefighters and Sheriff’s Deputies were called to a hair salon on Koontz near South Carson Street Sunday morning on a report that there was a dead body on the floor inside the salon. 

At first it was thought that a contractor worker associated with fixing the salon’s roof accidentally fell through a hole, or a weakened area of the roof, and died on the floor below.  But deputies quickly concluded that the fall victim was probably not a roofer but rather possibly a burglar who saw an opportunity to enter a closed business. 

There was a large roofing contractor’s truck parked up against the salon’s east wall which would have enabled easy access to the roof.  No name yet released on the name of of the deceased male.













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