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Shots fired on Brown Street – Male in the middle of the street with a rifle…

10:42pm. Shots were heard on Brown Street at around 10:40 Wednesday evening.  Up to six persons were on the street at the time.  Man with a rifle was in the middle of the street.  Subjects were leaving the street. 

10:45pm. Authorities are on scene trying to get a handle on things.

12:13 am  Thursday morning.  Deputies are wrapping up the initial phases of getting to the bottom of what happened.  More details in the morning.

UNR Medical School: Nevada’s need for more doctors and other medical professionals is getting worse

UNR School of Medicine
Diagnostics Laboratory

From UNR School of Medicine:

University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine report reveals statewide physician shortage. Challenges amidst potential for growth if we could just hang on to them…

Nevada has third fastest growth in medical residencies but Nevada still bracing for worsening shortages in the future…

Written by Tessa Bowen

A physician shortage continues to be a problem in Nevada and is hindering patient care the hardest in rural regions, according to a recent report focusing on health care workforce trends in the Silver State.

According to the latest data published in the report, “Physician Workforce in Nevada: A Chartbook – January 2020,” demand for physicians in Nevada continues to exceed the current supply. While the number of licensed physicians in the state has increased over a decade, Nevada ranks 45th for active physicians per 100,000 population, 48th for primary care physicians per 100,000 population and 50th for general surgeons per 100,000 population.  

“Health care workforce is a critical component for a healthy Nevada. Updated data, such as this report, will help inform initiatives and policies to address those challenges,” said UNR Med Dean, Thomas L. Schwenk, M.D.

From 2010 to 2017, the number of actively practicing physicians in Nevada increased by 1,142 or 22%. However, in 16 of 42 specialty areas, including anesthesiology, dermatology, gastroenterology and obstetrics/gynecology, the growth in the number of physicians did not keep pace with population growth.

In addition to gaps in care for certain specialties, the report data points to several obstacles to developing a stronger physician workforce in Nevada.

To continue, click here:

Chimney Fire at Lompa and Carmine

6:08pm – Report of a chimney fire, with smoke coming out of a garage near No. Lompa and Carmine.  Fire Department on scene…looking for any sign of a fire.

6:10pm – Can’t seem to locate any fire.  Cancelling further inbound fire units.

6:11pm – 2100 Dori…looks like smoke coming out their chimney.  Wood burning stove inside the garage.

6:13pm – No fire danger.  Fire units clearing, headed back to quarters.

Linked cases involving abduction and gunfire jointly solved by CCSO and Washoe Tribal Police

Logan Odaye
Shooting suspect on Washoe Colony

The Carson City Sheriff’s Office has taken into custody a suspect in an abduction and later a shooting, that originated on the Carson Colony in South Carson Tuesday evening.  Logan Odaye, 22, was taken into custody at the Max Casino at approximately 2:20 p.m. the next day after allegedly battering and robbing an ex-girlfriend and then later shooting a neighbor on the Carson Colony.

On Tuesday evening at approximately 7 p.m., Deputies responded to a south Carson shopping center and into Douglas County on the report that a female had been robbed and battered at gunpoint by Logan Odaye.  The victim alleged Odaye had lured her to the Colony address, battered her and forced her to travel to a shopping center to draw cash from a teller machine, where he battered her again.  Later, while investigating the incident, the Sheriff’s Office received information at approximately 10:30 p.m. that a resident of the Carson Colony had been shot twice.  Washoe Tribal Police, assisted by the Sheriff’s Office, and Fire/Paramedics responded. 

The shooting victim was removed from the area and afterward transported by Careflight to Renown Medical Center in Reno with non-life threatening injuries.  Odaye was immediately identified as the suspect in the shooting.  The weapon used was said to be a 12 gauge shotgun.  The female injured in the original call was treated and released at Carson Tahoe Medical Center.

Throughout the evening and into Wednesday, Deputies and Tribal Police tried to locate Odaye.  At approximately 1:30 p.m. Wednesday security personnel at the Max Casino in downtown Carson reported they had spotted Odaye on the casino floor.  Officers from multiple agencies converged on the casino and determined that Odaye had moved to a rented room on the second floor.  The floor was evacuated and secured until officers could talk Odaye out of the room.  He was eventually taken into custody without incident or damage to any property.

Odaye is being held at the Carson City Jail on the charges of Robbery with a Deadly Weapon (Felony), Assault with a Deadly Weapon (Felony), 1st Degree Kidnapping (Felony), Domestic Battery (Gross Misdemeanor), Contempt of Court (Carson Warrant), and a Douglas County Warrant.  Bail is set at $100,000.

Anyone with information regarding these two separate incidents is encouraged to contact the Sheriff’s Office at 887-COPS(2677).


Shooting victim recovering while shooter is apprehended and is in jail

Sheriff Ken Furlong says following a shooting on the Washoe Colony in Carson yesterday, the victim was Careflighted to Reno after suffering two gunshot wounds.  He’s recovering at Renown.  Meanwhile, after an investigation, law enforcement arrested who they believe was the trigger man in the dispute.   The suspect has been lodged in the Carson City jail.  A news release on further details is expected very shortly.

Chamber of Commerce Chief Ronni Hannaman is running for CC Supervisor

Ronni Hannaman
Declared candidate for City Supervisor Ward 2

Long time businesswoman and political “Woman About Town” Ronni Hannaman has thrown her silk purse into the ring for City Supervisor Ward 2. Incumbent Ward 2 Supervisor Brad Bunkowski says he’s not running again after eight years on the Board. Hannaman’s reaction was to express her intent to run for Ward 2 as well as to maintain her steady hand on the wheel as Executive Director of the CC Chamber of Commerce. She obviously plans to be very busy over the next four years.

Hannaman agrees, as Mayor Crowell recently said, something’s got to be done to repair city streets, actually produce affordable housing commensurate with the need, and wage our own focused war on drugs – especially among our youth and young adults.

Hannaman also wants to keep the pedal-to-metal on tourism because, next to state government, Carson City’s piggy bank relies very heavily on tourism. Hannaman says a healthy tourism economy lifts all boats for local residents who work in entertainment, restaurants and enhancing fine dining and the ever-popular shopping that is quite abundant for a town the size of Carson City.

Hannaman says her leadership at the Chamber of Commerce helped to produce the Silver and Snowflake Festival of Lights, supported a very attractive, if not magnetic McFadden Plaza and recently raised some tall dollars to help renovate the Bob Boldrick Theater within the Carson City Community Center.

Obviously Ronnie Hannaman has been a very busy community booster over the last 20+ years and appears to be in no mood to slow down her mission of service to her community.

Supervisor openings are for Wards 2 and 4 – Supervisors Bunkowski and Barrette both saying they’re moving on while Supervisor Lori Bagwell and outside challenger Aaron Sims are going after the Mayor’s job. Mayor Crowell is leaving the Board after serving a statutory maximum of three, four-year terms.

Proposed Attendance Zone Modification for Eagle Valley Middle School

Eagle Valley Middle School…boundary changes pending….

Proposed Attendance Zone Modification for Eagle Valley Middle School

With anticipation of the modification to middle school attendance zones within the Carson City School District, district officials and administrators are inviting parents and families to attend one of three meetings to discuss the intricacies of the rezoning as well as variance options for families with older siblings already attending a specific middle school. Forums will be offered at the below dates, times and locations.

  • Eagle Valley Middle School: Wednesday, February 12, 6:00 p.m. in the gym
  • Carson Middle School: Thursday, February 13, 6:00 p.m., in the library
  • Fremont Elementary School: Thursday, February 27, 5:30 p.m., in the library.

In Tuesday’s School Board Meeting, the trustees motioned to table the increase of Eagle Valley Middle School’s attendance zone to include students and families zoned for Fremont Elementary until their March 10 meeting. Trustees and district officials agreed it would be best to first host community forums at each of the schools impacted.

The proposed action would adjust the attendance zones so all current fifth grade students attending Fremont Elementary will promote and attend Eagle Valley Middle School when they become sixth-graders at the start of the new school year this fall.

A reminder from your Carson City Sheriff’s Office

The Carson City Sheriffs Office will continue to enforce speeding laws and educate drivers stopped for speeding. Simply stated in Nevada Revised Statute 484B.600, Basic rule for speeding:

It is unlawful for any person to drive or operate a vehicle of any kind at a rate of speed greater than that posted by a public authority.

Several key points to remember about speeding vehicles:

* You are much more likely to lose control of a vehicle that is speeding.
* Speeding reduces the effectiveness of your vehicle’s safety equipment.
* When speeding, it take’s you longer to stop should you encounter a danger on the roadway.
* Speeding can cause an increase in the crash severity.
* Unexpected implications of a speed-related crash can be both economic and psychological.
* Speeding in school zones carries a greater fine and is not worth the risk.

The few extra seconds you think you are saving are not worth it! Please remember to drive the speed limit and watch out for pedestrians and other drivers. Please drive safely.

Your Carson City Sheriff’s Office

Happy 150th Birthday Carson City Mint!!

Carson City Mint/Nevada State Museum celebrates 150th Anniversary February 4th

Throngs of celebrants stuffed the Carson City Mint/Nevada State Museum building in downtown Carson City on Tuesday – February 4th 2020…exactly 150 years since the creation to minted gold and silver coins from the gold and silver that was being mined from the Comstock Load in and around Virginia City starting in 1870. The Nevada State Museum is now minting 150 year Commemorative Silver Medallions for the foreseeable future so there should be plenty in the Nevada State Museum store for quite a while.

CC Mayor Bob Crowell welcomes everyone.

…and the crowds kept coming….

Gov. Sisolak outlines the mint’s history….

Silver slugs to become commemorative medallions

The first silver slugs being transformed into silver medallions…

First Carson Mint 150 years Commemorative Medallions

Curator Bob Nylan (Left) packaging the first minted commemorative medallion celebrating the mint’s 150 years of service to our history as well as to our economy!

Sheriff’s Office sees help in locating runaway teen…

Runaway Juvenile
Detective Josh Chaney
Carson City Sheriff’s Office
Investigation Division
CCSO Case Number 2020-0093

The Carson City Sheriff’s Office is requesting the public’s assistance in attempting to locate a runaway juvenile. 16 year old Kristina Guerrero was last seen on the night of 1/3/2020 at her residence in Carson City. Kristina was reported missing on 1/4/2020 when her family woke up to her and her belongings missing. Kristina is described as 5’02 and 190 lbs, Brown hair and eyes and wears glasses. She was last seen wearing black sweat pants and a black and white sweatshirt. Kristina may be in the Reno or Pyramid Lake area. The public is urged to call the Carson City Sheriff’s office at 775-887-COPS (2677) if she is seen. The following picture is the most current available.

Kristina Guerrero, 16
Missing since Jan. 4

Anyone with other information on the whereabouts of Kristina Guerrero is asked to call Detective Chaney at
775-283-7853, Captain Brian Humphrey at 775-283-7850, or the Carson City Dispatch at 775-887-COPS (2677). You can remain anonymous.

Anyone with other information on the whereabouts of Engel Mulhauser is asked to call Detective Chaney at 775-283-7853, Captain Brian Humphrey at 775-283-7850, or the Carson City Dispatch at 775-887-COPS (2677). You can remain anonymous.

Josh Chaney
Carson City Sheriff’s Office
911 E Musser St.

Democratic Presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar to speak with CC area voters Monday

Amy Klobuchar, Minnesota U.S. Senator and U.S. Presidential candidate.

Democratic Presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar from Minnesota will be meeting with citizens gathered at Carson City Round Table Pizza Monday morning starting at 11:30am. Former State Senator Ernie Adler will introduce Senator Klobuchar and her run for President. Luncheon campaign stops across Nevada are giving undecided Democrats a chance to weigh the candidates’ positions on a range of issues and ask probing questions on important topics of acute interest to Nevadans like how can Nevada stop being a dumping ground for other states’ nuclear waste.

Senator Klobuchar will begin her remarks at 11:30am on Monday, February 3, at the Carson City Round Table Pizza. It’s located at 3325 Retail Drive just off College Parkway, east of the freeway.

The event offers all-you-can-eat pizza and salad bar lunch buffet and is available for a paltry $7.99. All are welcome.

Senator Klobuchar, 59 is a Minnesota native, graduated college as well as law school and became Minnesota’s first elected woman U.S. Senator. Sen. Klobuchar has called for investigating Russian meddling with the 2016 presidential election. Sen Klobuchar also supports the creation of a U.S. Independent Commission investigation into President Trump’s relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Update on drug deal gone bad…

Jacob Murray
Drug deal gone bad
CCJ photo

Update on last Saturday’s alleged drug deal gone bad

On Sarurday, January 25th, shortly before 8 pm , Deputies were dispatched to the Carson Tahoe Regional Medical Center regarding two males who had arrived with reported gunshot wounds. One victim was treated for minor head injuries, while the second victim was transported to Renown Medical Center by Careflight for treatment. Both have since been released from the hospital.

Investigators working the details of the shooting arrested four juveniles by Sunday evening for their roles in the event. Three of the juveniles were taken into custody in Carson City, while the fourth was taken into custody at a North Reno address. The juveniles ranged in age from 13 to 16 years old, three males and one female. Two were residents of Carson, one from Douglas County, and one from Washoe County who had recently relocated to Carson City. Early Sunday morning, investigators recovered a 9mm semi-automatic pistol in the possession of one of the juveniles, and by late Monday evening, a second 9mm semi-automatic pistol used in the attempted robbery was recovered. All four juveniles remain in custody in area detention centers.

Simeon Lopez III
Drug deal gone bad
CCJ photo

Investigators continued working this case throughout this week and have announced the warrant arrest of Jacob Dean Murray, 21 years old, at his residence at the 1600 block of Airport Road, and the warrant arrest of Simeon Stevens Lopez III, 22 years old, at his residence at the 3700 block of Woodside Drive, for their involvement. Both were booked into the Carson City Detention Facility on the charges of Conspiracy to Violate the Uniformed Controlled Substance Act (Felony), and Sales of a Controlled Substance (Felony). Jacob Dean Murray was also booked on the charge of Furnishing Marijuana to a Minor (Gross Misdemeanor). Bail has been set at $25,000 for each.

Investigators believe that the incident was prompted by the juveniles attempting to purchase marijuana infused vaping devices from Murray and Lopez out of Lopez’s car. However, it is also believed that the juveniles had every intention to rob Murray and Lopez of the devices at gunpoint. Then at a point during the incident, Murray was shot by one of the juveniles. Investigators are continuing to investigate if Lopez’s grazing wound was a result of gunfire or being struck in the head by an object.

Anyone with information regarding these widespread incidents is encouraged to contact the Sheriff’s Office at 887-COPS(2677).

Final Downtown Carson Street Upgrade Underway!

Carson City citizens got another “Eagle Eye” view Thursday night of the final stretch of downtown Carson City’s redevelopment efforts to make Carson Street from 5th Street-south more pedestrian, bicyclist and even driver welcoming.

The project also includes a Carson-at-Stewart roundabout that, for some, will take some getting used to since many Carson City residents have either never, or seldom experienced the 5th Street roundabout at Fairview which has been in place for many years.

Work will begin very soon, so there will be some traffic disruptions. But just follow the signs and you should be just fine. Hanging a right onto Fairview or a left onto William may be good ideas depending if you want to drive around the downtown as opposed to partaking of the city center amenities.

As work progresses into Spring and Summer there will be improvements on Carson Street for crosswalks, bicycle and turn lanes all formatted to make getting through the downtown a bit easier for those who drive, pedal or walk.  And it’s a sure bet that average traffic speeds will be trimmed noticeably which means that Stewart may become a favorite commuter work-a-round.













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