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Long running motel in downtown Carson City being closed down by the city

Frontier Motel being shut down by CC City Hall.
Bad living conditions…

The old Frontier Motel has again failed to meet public health and other legal standards in serving the public and tourists and for that a planned health and safety inspection was conducted at the motel at 1718 N. Carson Street.

As a result of the day-long inspection, the City issued an emergency order Wednesday to close the motel based on concerns for the health and safety of the motel occupants and the general public. Occupants will have until 7 pm on Thursday, April 15 to leave.

Throughout the property, City inspectors found rooms infested with mice, rodent fecal matter, bedbugs, structural failures, unpermitted construction, exposed electrical wires, lack of hot water, unsecured doors, broken windows, and general debris and trash within the rooms.

Seven of the 56 rooms on the property were closed to occupancy immediately upon inspection due to unsafe living conditions. Health officials said there is the potential threat of hantavirus infection due to the infestations.

“Every effort will be made to ensure the health, safety, and comfort of the occupants affected.  numerous agencies have been called into action providing food, clothing, and a shelter will be provided during their displacement,” according to City Manager Nancy Paulson.

Officials of the Carson City Health and Human Services have visited the occupants to determine what resources they need. During the inspections Human Services went door-to-door to determine the living arrangements made by the occupants and to discuss options for temporary accommodations if needed if they can’t find suitable/affordable quarters.

It was reported that some families were living without furniture or basic essential items. Human Services will be on site to continue to assist with relocation and resource needs.

An item is on the April 15 Board of Supervisors agenda on whether to serve a notice of an order to appear and show cause why the motel’s business license should not be suspended, cancelled or revoked. This item was scheduled prior to the inspection due to a high volume of emergency calls and criminal activity at the location over the last few months.

The public can participate or watch the meeting on the City’s website at

Tally shows the NW corner of Nevada is still getting hammered…

Quad-County COVID-19 Update: 29 New Cases and 18 Recoveries 

(Carson City, NV)- Carson City Health and Human Services (CCHHS) is reporting 29 new cases and 18 additional recoveries of COVID-19 in the Quad-County Region. This brings the total number of cases to 12,152, with 11,525 recoveries and 222 deaths; 405 cases remain active.

Total Cases  Active Cases Recoveries Deaths *Population
Carson City 6,304 184 5,998 122 56,546
Douglas County 2,743 101 2,607 35 49,695
Lyon County 3,013 114 2,837 62 57,987
Storey County 92 6 83 3 4,465
Quad-County 12,152 405 11,525 222 168,693

*Population information taken from the Nevada Health Response Dashboard found at 

Drive-Thru COVID-19 Testing for Quad-County Residents

Testing is for Quad-County (Carson City, Douglas, Lyon, and Storey County) residents ONLY, all others will be turned away. Testing is free of charge, no appointments or reservations. To view all upcoming events visit

Date Time Location
4/14/2021 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Central Lyon Fire Station 38

199 Six Mile Canyon Rd, Dayton

For COVID-19 questions, vaccine appointment confirmations, or to arrange for testing, call the Quad-County COVID-19 Hotline Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. The phone number is (775) 434-1988.

In the hills, fugitives can’t outrun these rockets

In 2013, the Carson City Sheriff’s Office Patrol/ Traffic Unit added two off-road motorcycles in an effort to increase educational activities targeted for off-road users with emphasis on the safe and legal use of the surrounding recreational areas. Recently, the Carson City Sheriff’s Office was awarded a $61,453 grant through the State of Nevada Off-Highway Vehicle Program, this grant enabled the purchase of an off-road vehicle and accessories, further expanding the capabilities of the OHV program in Carson City’s open space territories.

The awarded funds have gone toward the purchase and outfitting of a side-by-side off-road vehicle, a trailer, helmets, and gear. In addition, funds will support patrol activities and educational opportunities specifically targeted for off-road enthusiasts.

The Carson City Sheriff’s Office will deploy the new side-by-side and updated off-road dirt bikes at future upcoming public events and on a regular basis in the surrounding off-road areas of Carson City, including the Prison Hill OHV Park. The goal is to continue to expand on current outreach efforts with educational weekend events, including safety training, and working with groups to promote safe and responsible use of Carson City’s off-road areas as well as enforcement as necessary.

The Carson City Sheriff’s Office OHV Unit will be on display at the Carson City Sheriff’s Office through the end of the week.

Sgt. Mike Cullen, Patrol/ Traffic Division

Carson City Sheriffs Office

Vaccine Card Scams –


News Release from FBI –

Downloadable file: C-19 Vaccine Card – GRAPHIC – April 6, 2021
Downloadable file: TT – C-19 Vaccine Card – AUDIO – April 13, 2021

“Building a digital defense against COVID-19 vaccine ID card scams.”

The FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center – or has issued a warning about scams involving that oh-so-important piece of paper that millions of Americans are now carrying around in their wallets. 

The FBI – along with our partners at the Department of Health and Human Services – are seeing reports of individuals selling fake COVID-19 vaccination record cards and encouraging others to print fake cards at home. Fake vaccination record cards have been advertised on social media websites as well as e-commerce platforms and blogs.

Vaccination record cards are intended to provide recipients of the COVID-19 vaccine with information about the type of vaccine they received and when they may be able to receive a second dose of the vaccine. If you did not receive the vaccine, do not buy fake vaccine cards, do not make your own vaccine cards, and do not fill-in blank vaccination record cards with false information.

By misrepresenting yourself as vaccinated when entering schools, mass transit, workplaces, gyms, or places of worship, you put yourself and others around you at risk of contracting COVID-19. Additionally, the unauthorized use of an official government agency’s seal (such as HHS or the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)) is a crime and may be punishable under federal law.

Because individuals may use fake vaccine cards to misrepresent themselves as vaccinated, we strongly encourage businesses, schools, places of worship, and government agencies to follow CDC guidance and continue to maintain physical distancing and to use personal protective equipment.

If you did receive the vaccine, we also recommend you do not post photos of your vaccine card to social media. Your personal information could be stolen to commit fraud. More on that next week.

If you believe are a victim of an online scam, you should report the incident to the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center at or call your FBI local office.

Quad-County COVID-19 Update: Weekend Update and Daily Update

Covid-19 Virus

Carson City Health and Human Services is reporting 33 new cases and 16 additional recoveries of COVID-19 in the Quad-County Region. This brought the total number of cases to 12,086, with 11,470 recoveries and 222 deaths; 394 cases remained active. 

Quad-County COVID-19 Weekend Update: Sunday (4/11/2021)- 14 New Cases and 21 Recoveries 

For Sunday, April 11, 2021 CCHHIS is reporting 14 new cases and 21 additional recoveries of COVID-19 in the Quad-County Region. This brought the total number of cases to 12,100, with 11,491 recoveries and 222 deaths; 387 cases remained active.

Quad-County COVID-19: Monday (4/12/2021)- 23 New Cases and 16 Recoveries

CCHHS is reporting 23 new cases and 16 additional recoveries of COVID-19 in the Quad-County Region. The weekend numbers and today’s numbers bring the total number of cases to 12,123, with 11,507 recoveries and 222 deaths; 394 cases remain active.

Total Cases  Active Cases Recoveries Deaths *Population
Carson City 6,295 181 5,992 122 56,546
Douglas County 2,733 96 2,602 35 49,695
Lyon County 3,003 111 2,830 62 57,987
Storey County 92 6 83 3 4,465
Quad-County 12,123 394 11,507 222 168,693

*Population information taken from the Nevada Health Response Dashboard found at https://nvhealthresponse.nv.

Drive-Thru COVID-19 Testing for Quad-County Residents

Testing is for Quad-County (Carson City, Douglas, Lyon, and Storey County) residents ONLY, all others will be turned away. Testing is free of charge, no appointments or reservations. To view all upcoming events visit

Date Time Location
04/13/2021 9 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. Douglas Community Center

1329 Waterloo Ln, Gardnerville

4/14/2021 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Central Lyon Fire Station 38

199 Six Mile Canyon Rd, Dayton

For COVID-19 questions, vaccine appointment confirmations, or to arrange for testing, call the Quad-County COVID-19 Hotline Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. The phone number is (775) 434-1988.

A Heartfelt Message from Carson Tahoe RMC

Carson Tahoe RMC
Carson City

The COVID-19 pandemic truly shook up our worlds, especially that of the healthcare industry.  As a result, and to fully embrace its mission of enhancing the health and well-being of those it serves, Carson Tahoe Health is creating a Patient/Caregiver Partnership Council to garner thoughtful and constructive input from its community.
“At Carson Tahoe Health, we believe listening to understand is vital to healing,” says Kitty McKay, Carson Tahoe Health patient experience director. “Bringing in the voices of those we serve will help our teams be more proactive in addressing the community’s needs.”

The council meetings will consist of patients, caregivers, and staff members who will meet on a bi-monthly basis. Each meeting will be small enough to be held in person and socially distanced.  Discussion will be guided by topics related to the patient experience and ongoing improvements at Carson Tahoe.  The patient experience begins the moment someone chooses Carson Tahoe, whether it be to schedule an appointment, their hospital stay, or their lab draw.  “We’re committed to providing a forum where community partners help to inform our work, so that we can continue to provide compassionate, quality, and patient-centered care, especially during these changing times,” McKay said. “If you are interested in enhancing the care experience for all patients and their loved ones, and are able to communicate collaboratively, we’d love to hear from you!”

To learn more about becoming a member and submit an application online, please visit: The deadline to apply is May 28. Should you have any questions about the process, contact (775) 445-5148 or partnershipcouncil@carsontahoe.orgThose who cannot commit to a bi-monthly in-person meeting may apply to be a part of Carson Tahoe’s virtual focus group, where feedback is welcomed via email survey several times a year.

It’s a Graduation Drive-Through!!

Carson High School Parents, Seniors to be Surveyed about Graduation 

Other Graduation Ceremonies and Promotions Planned as Drive-throughs  

The Carson City School District announced plans for Pioneer High School’s senior graduation ceremonies and Carson Middle and Eagle Valley Middle Schools’ eighth grade promotions Friday, April 9. Carson High School has not yet determined whether graduation ceremonies will be a traditional ceremony or a drive-through event. To help assist in the decision, CHS is sending out a ParentSquare message today requesting input from parents and guardians as to whether they would prefer a modified traditional in-person or drive-through ceremony. A similar document is currently available to all seniors. 

The schools are operating under capacity limits set forth under the large gathering provisions in Step 4 of the Nevada’s Roadmap to Recovery Transition Plan due for submission to the governor’s office by Tuesday, April 13. The decisions for graduations and promotions are based on the requirements that the city has put forth in its proposed plan. Under those proposed directives, schools would be unable to meet the gathering occupancy for these ceremonies. 

“Just because Carson High School has not announced it, does not necessarily mean in-person graduation ceremonies are not going to happen, nor does it mean they will happen,” said Dan Davis, public information officer for the Carson City School District. “We are watching closely what directives are being applied regarding limitations on group gatherings. If restrictions loosen, we would be severely disappointed if a decision was previously made to not host in-person graduation.”

Last year, amid the pandemic where many schools were canceling graduation ceremonies, Carson High School hosted a drive-through ceremony with varying times throughout the day where graduating seniors and their families stayed in their vehicles until it was time for the graduate to exit their car. Graduates then had their name announced on the loudspeaker as they walked across a stage, collected their diploma, had their picture taken, returned to their vehicle and then proceeded to the exit.  

“The good news is, Carson High School knows how to host in-person as well as drive-through or virtual graduation ceremonies, both of which can be prepared and implemented in only a matter of weeks,” Davis continued. “We are just taking a cautious approach to not put the cart before the horse in announcing something that later has the possibility of being changed for better or worse.” 

To ensure families and seniors receive the ParentSquare message with the survey about how they would like to have graduation this year, district officials said they must ensure their Infinite Campus information has been updated. 

Pioneer High School and the middle schools, which traditionally hold their ceremonies in the community center and their school gyms, selected the drive-though format to accommodate more families this year.  

Under current restrictions, Pioneer High School plans to hold events similar to last year with the current restrictions in place. This includes a drive-through in-person event, a live online session with staff, a video presentation and a senior dedication ceremony. 

Carson Middle School at 1140 W. King St. will host a drive-through promotion ceremony for eighth graders at 10 a.m. June 4, celebrating its year-end tradition in a new way for the first time. Eagle Valley Middle School at 4151 E. Fifth St. also will hold a drive-through ceremony from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. June 4, holding to its plan from last year. Students are required to pass all classes, have all necessary credits and make sure they do not owe any outstanding fees to the school to participate. Staff will conduct a final grade check on May 21.  

Details about fifth grade, kindergarten and Pre-K promotions have also not yet been determined. The school district is encouraging families to look for more information from their individual school sites and classes as the date of those events approaches.

The world is getting crookeder and crookeder…

From the Carson City School District

The Carson City School District would like to reassure employees there has not been a data breach or leak of information within the school district. There is, however, since the start of the pandemic last year, an ongoing issue of false unemployment claims being filed among numerous employers throughout the state of Nevada and across the nation. This is not a circumstance specifically isolated to the Carson City School District. It appears no employer, business, industry or public agency has been spared.  


According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the criminals obtain the stolen identity using a variety of techniques, including the online purchase of stolen personal identifiable information, previous data breaches, computer intrusions, cold-calling victims while using impersonation scams, email phishing schemes, physical theft of data from individuals or third parties and from public websites and social media accounts, among other methods. Additionally, many victims of identity theft related to unemployment insurance claims do not know they have been targeted until they try to file a claim for unemployment insurance benefits, receive a notification from the state unemployment insurance agency, receive an IRS Form 1099-G showing the benefits collected from unemployment insurance or get notified by their employer that a claim has been filed while the victim is still employed. 

While we are concerned and continue to monitor things closely, the good news is, so far, since our Human Resources team continues to actively identify and refute these false claims, we are unaware of any negative impacts or financial hardships suffered due to these attempts. Out of all our full-time, part-time and retired staff, approximately 330 have had fraudulent unemployment claims filed against them going back to April of 2020. Of those false claims, we have not been notified of any additional fraudulent activity on those employees’ or former employees’ personal financial accounts.

Our Human Resources Department has made concerted efforts to help all impacted take the necessary steps and maintain their personal security. As false claims come in, we continue to file police reports with the Carson City Sheriff’s Office and encourage individuals to file reports with the Nevada Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation as well as the FBI, who has taken over this particular investigation for the state. Employees are also given a reference number for the police report and are provided with a link to the Federal Trade Commission that offers support and help for those involved in scams. 

Traffic Crash on South Carson River Road

6:17pm:  Motor Vehicle crash on Carson River Road at Sierra Vista Lane.  Carson City Fire-Rescue is enroute.  Single vehicle rollover, landing on its side.  Awaiting report if there are any injuries.

6:25pm:  Arriving fire-rescue indicates there are no injuries.

Second Case of Covid Variant found in the Carson City area

Carson City Health and Human Services is reporting this week the second case of the B.1.1.7 Covid-19 VARIANT within our four county region. 

The Nevada State Public Health Lab has confirmed the arrival of a viral variant in a Douglas County resident. The individual has no travel history and no known exposures or connections to the previously reported B.1.1.7 case in Carson City. The lab is conducting extensive contact tracing on the confirmed case to reduce or stop the spread of the variant.

This is the second case of the variant in the region. CCHHS is encouraging residents to get vaccinated as soon as possible. Getting vaccinated and staying diligent with COVID-19 prevention measures such as wearing a mask, practicing social distancing, avoiding large gatherings, staying home when sick and practicing proper hand hygiene are important to slowing the spread of COVID-19 – especially the B.1.1.7 variant.  Carson City and surrounding county residents can sign up to attend COVID-19 vaccination sessions for those age 16 and older.  But it’s by appointment only.

Those ages 16 and 17 are authorized to receive the Pfizer vaccine. When scheduling an appointment, the vaccine name is included in the title. To schedule an appointment and for more information on the COVID-19 vaccine visit

Carson Farmers Market Gearing Up for Another Season!!

Carson City Farmers Market to move to Carson St. for 2021 season while 3rd Street Parking Lot is rebuilt

The Carson City Farmers Market will set up shop this summer directly across Carson Street from the Carson Nugget – the spot that was formally a winter-time ice skating rink.  The reason for the move is for a total rebuild of the 3rd Street parking lot due west of the The Fox Brewpub.  When that’s done the Farmers Market will slide back into their normal location at 3rd and Curry for the 2022 Farmers Market season.

The Farmers Market kicks off the summer on Sunday, June 6th and will run every Sunday through September 26th. Hours of operation are 8:30am to 1pm. 

Next year, June of 2022, The Farmers Market will return to its original location in the parking lot at 3rd and Curry.

To keep close tabs on what’s going on, you can stay up to date with the Carson City Farmers Market at



While the 3rd Street Parking Lot, which has been the Carson City’s Farmers Market’s home for years, gets a facelift this season, the Farmers Market will be temporarily moving to a new home.

The new location for the Farmers Market will be in the parking lot on Carson St. across from the Nugget where the old ice rink used to be during the winter.

The Farmers Market will take place every Saturday from June through September from 8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.

To keep up with news from the Farmers Market, you can follow them on social media @carsonfarmersmarket, or visit

Sheriff Deputies chased down a very disturbed driver

Sheriff’s Deputies know how to box in a fleeing suspect.

Initial reports indicated that a stolen car out of Reno was headed for Carson City with a lady driver at the wheel. Carson City Sheriff’s Deputies picked up on the chase which wound around the west side of town. The lady driver reportedly hit a number of parked cars while trying to elude Carson City Deputies.

This is how a Deputy maneuvers the fleeing vehicle.

Fortunately nobody was reported to be hurt.

Sheriff Ken Furlong said a number of Sheriff’s Office patrol cars were damaged in the chase. But again, deputies corralled the woman without any reported injuries. She was described as very “disturbed” and was whisked away from the scene and taken to Carson Tahoe Regional Medical Center.

Submitted by Carson City Sheriff’s Department:

On April 9th, a state-owned vehicle was reported stolen from the Reno area.  Agencies throughout the region were alerted to be watchful for the vehicle.  At approximately 3 p.m., a Carson City Deputy on routine patrol witnessed a vehicle matching the reported stolen vehicle passing through the downtown city corridor at an estimated 70 miles per hour.  When the Deputy turned his vehicle to stop the car the driver attempted to escape by speeding into a congested neighborhood with several schools letting out at the time.

Deputies were nearly able to stop the suspect at the extreme west side of Carson, however, the suspect then ran the stolen vehicle into the Deputies car and another parked car to escape from the area and fled directly into a school zone with parents and children exiting the schools.  Although a school lockdown and spike strips were directed, the suspect ran the stolen vehicle head-on into another Sheriff’s vehicle at the 700 block of West Fifth Street before either precautionary measure could be executed.  The suspect rammed the stolen vehicle into a Deputies SUV on the opposite side of the roadway.  A total of 8 vehicles (including the stolen vehicle) were damaged by the suspect ramming the stolen vehicle into them.  Initial information received suggested one vehicle hit in the school zone was loading children into the car.

Amber Monson, DOB:12/24/1989, was taken into custody at the scene after offering substantial resistance.  While no significant injuries were reported, the suspect was transported to Carson Tahoe Hospital to be examined before she was transported to the jail.  One Deputy was reported to have minor injuries resulting from shattering glass.  No hospitalizations were necessary.

Monson was booked into the Carson City Jail on the charges of:   Battery with a Deadly Weapon (5 counts, Class B Felony), Eluding Police with Death or Bodily Harm, Possession of a Stolen Vehicle, Child Endangerment, Duty to Stop at an Accident (three counts), and Reckless Driving.  Bail was set at $30,000.

Oregon Health Authority expands addiction treatment outreach….

Oregon expands addiction treatment services for Oregon Health Plan members

The Oregon Health Authority (OHA) is pleased to announce expanded care for addiction services. On April 8, 2021, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) approved Oregon’s application for a five-year Medicaid 1115 Demonstration Waiver, which will increase access to treatment services for people with substance use disorders (SUD) who are covered by the Oregon Health Plan.

Prior to the approval of the SUD waiver, any Institutions for Mental Disease (IMD) could not bill services to Medicaid. IMDs are settings of more than 16 beds that are primarily engaged in providing diagnosis, treatment, or care of persons with mental diseases, including medical attention, nursing care, and related services.  The waiver now allows federal funds to match state funds for substance use treatment for Medicaid members in an IMD. 

The waiver, which is effective April 8, 2021, through March 31, 2026, will allow Oregon to:

  • Expand the continuum of care for people with substance use disorders.
  • Improve access to care for substance use disorders, including outreach, initiation, treatment and recovery.
  • Reduce use of emergency departments and inpatient hospital settings for treatment.
  • Reduce readmissions to the same or higher level of care when the readmission is preventable or medically inappropriate.
  • Increase rates of identification, initiation, and engagement in treatment for substance use disorders.
  • Include housing support services in the treatment care plan.

“The new federal funding, in addition to the investment provided in the Governor’s Budget for 2021-23, will allow Oregon to accomplish our vision to prevent and identify substance use disorder and support people in sustaining long-term recovery,” said Oregon Health Authority Behavioral Program Director Steve Allen.

While the additional covered services will help more Oregonians, the state’s application to support people with ongoing, post-treatment, and peer recovery services with Medicaid funding was not approved. Oregon will continue to find other ways to fund this crucial component of effective treatment.

Oregon Health Authority Medicaid Director Lori Coyner said, “We are excited and hopeful about the opportunities to improve access for Oregon Health Plan members to important substance use treatment services.”

OHA will begin working with Coordinated Care Organizations to implement activities immediately, with the goal of implementing all new activities by January 2023


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