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Labor market-place by the numbers – DETR

Statewide, seasonally adjusted employment decreased by 3,500 jobs in December compared to November. When compared to November, the Reno metro area saw a seasonal increase in employment of 100 jobs, Carson City increased by 100 jobs, and Las Vegas added 500 jobs.

When compared to December of last year, employment increased in in all three metro areas. Statewide, jobs increased by 1.9 percent a gain of 27,400 new jobs. Las Vegas increased by 24,800 since December 2018. Reno saw the highest growth rate at 9,500 jobs added from the previous year. Carson City added 1,000 jobs, a rate of 3.3 percent. Nevada added 13,200 goods producing industries jobs to payrolls while service-providing industries added 22,5001. In Carson City, 1,000 services providing and goods producing jobs were added relative to last year, the result of adding 900 service-providing jobs while goods producing jobs increased by 100. Reno saw a net increase of 9,500 goods producing and services producing jobs.  Las Vegas saw 10,500 goods producing jobs added, and 14,700 service providing jobs added since 2018 for a total of 25,200 goods producing and service providing jobs.

Unemployment rates decreased in all the State’s major population centers on a year-over-year basis. In the Las Vegas MSA, the unemployment rate is at 3.5 percent in December, decreasing from the November rate of 3.7 percent, and down from 4.5 percent in December last year. Reno’s unemployment rate is at 2.6 percent, decreasing from November’s rate of 2.7 percent, and down from 3.4 percent in 2018. Reno is also approaching a previous low of 2.5 percent that was last seen in October 1999. The unemployment rate in Carson City is 3.3 percent, unchanged since November, and decreasing from 4.4 percent December last year.

Busy evening for CC Planning Commission – Four big yeses

On Emerson next to freeway.

Construction is zipping right along in our Capital City, thanks in part to the city’s planning commission.  The commission reviewed several proposals Wednesday evening:  Number one was a 37 home subdivision off Emerson, immediately south of the I-580 freeway.  The homes will be on very small lots which should make borrowing sugar from next door neighbors a lot easier.  The developers agreed to a privacy fence between the development and its next door neighbor to the south – a place of worship.  Each home will be able to park their cars in their garages “tandem” style. Construction should begin in late summer/early fall.

The next housing project approved by the planning commission was offered by FISH, Friends in Service Helping.  New apartments will rise from the site on which sits the old Whistle Stop Motel.  FISH will tear down the old Whistle Stop Motel that’s been a fixture on Carson Street for decades.  Once torn down, FISH will build a new apartment complex in its place

New transitional housing for families courtesy of FISH, North Carson @ Park Street.

to be rented to homeless or very low income families who will get a helping hand going to college, undergoing job training and otherwise getting their lives back together. Then at the end of the training period they move out so other needy families can work toward their own future.

Millard 81 unit apartments approved on Brown Street.  (CCCDD graphics)

There was one other another major project approved by the planning commission – low cost affordable apartment buildings on Brown at Gordon Streets. Developer Dwight Millard at the helm. Carson City on the GROW!!

The crashes kept on comin’ all Monday long….

We mentioned earlier in a story about a high speed head on crash on Highway 50 near Arrowhead Monday afternoon.  Major injuries there.  But Monday evening proved to be very accident prone as well.  Sheriff’s Deputies say that a nasty crash occurred at Saliman and Fairview.  Deputies say a woman driving west on Fairview thought an oncoming pickup was signaling to turn north on Saliman – so she turned south onto Saliman.  But the pick up apparently straightened out as if he had changed his mind and headed straight ahead.  The impact was horrendous.  Both the pick and the small sedan were extensively  damaged.  The lady was loaded aboard an ambulance for transport to CTRMC.  Driver of the pickup was questioned about what happened. Investigators had also questioned the lady driver as to what happened. She said pickup appeared to be turning away from her, then went straight.  They both ended in the southwest corner of Saliman and Fairview.

The impact very substantial….

We’ll see how it settles out.





Driver of Waste Mgmt truck saved the vehicle by dumping a load that was on fire…

A little earlier in the evening a Waste Management truck driver had just finished picking up the contents of apartment trash bins on Little Lane .  But suddenly he smelled smoke and heard what he described as large car or truck batteries popping from the rear of his truck.  He stopped and realized his truck was in grave danger of catching fire so he quickly dumped his collected garbage onto the ground in a field off Little Lane.  Fire fighters arrived and drowned the fire in what was by then a small mountain of trash and garbage on the ground.

That’s a lotta trash the fireman is hosing down….there on Little Lane.

The driver said he made a mess but he saved a refuse truck which are not cheap.  Firefighters and Waste Management personnel were working together to keep the fire out and enroute to a secure dump site.  No injuries.

South Carson Complete Streets Project DESIGN is finally done. Come see what it’s all about!!!!

The South Carson Complete Streets Project design is complete! Carson City Public Works and the project contractor Sierra Nevada Construction, will be hosting a pre-construction meeting to present the anticipated construction schedule and the completed project design. The meeting will be held on Thursday, January 30, 2020, from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at the Carson City Community Center, in the Sierra Room, located at 851 E. William Street.

The Nevada Department of Transportation recently transferred the commercial corridor to the City, giving us the opportunity to transform the corridor and to provide safer movements for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists; improve access to abutting businesses and prepare Carson City for Smart City advancements.

The approximate project limits are from the intersection of South Carson Street and 5th Street, south to the intersection of South Carson Street and Appion Way. The project includes pedestrian safety measures, ADA-compliant sidewalks and curb ramps, narrowed travel lanes, and a buffered multi-use path. It also includes dedicated bicycle facilities, a roundabout, critical improvements to stormwater infrastructure, improved business access, street lighting, enhanced signals, upgrades to the water and sewer systems. There are also fiber optic communications improvements that will complete the City’s core communications ring. Construction is anticipated to start late February of this year.

The meeting will include a presentation on the South Carson Street design, project schedule, and discuss various communication tools for the public to stay connected during the construction process. It is the goal of the Project team to keep citizens informed, engaged and involved throughout the construction process. To receive e-notifications visit and click the subscribe button or to receive text notifications simply text “Carson Proud” to 31996.

Individuals in need of special accommodations are asked to contact staff a minimum of two business days in advance so appropriate arrangements can be made. Please contact Tom Grundy, Project Manager at 775-283-7081 or

Really bad wreck on on 50E – Witnesses say “Wrong Way Driver.”

Car suspected of traveling eastbound in westbound lane.

Black car headed east in westbound lane on 50 say witnesses.

Victim driver headed west transported to Renown in Reno via CareFlight.  Two others went by ground ambulance to CTH.

With the velocities of all four cars, it’s amazing no one was killed.

Two accident victims were reportedly injured seriously when their two cars collided head on at Highway 50 just east of E. Arrowhead. The black vehicle had turned left off of Arrowhead and proceeded eastbound on 50…but she was using the westbound fast lane, going the wrong way. An on-coming sedan hit the black card hard which spun both vehicles around. Meanwhile, two other cars also headed west couldn’t avoid the accident and their vehicles suffered only minor damage careening off the original accident vehicles. More information to follow when NHP finishes its report.

Further Update on Saturday night’s shooting

At approximately 4:30pm Sunday, State Division of Investigations Officers took a fourth juvenile into custody related to the January 25 shooing in Carson City. The Carson City Sheriff’s Office has determined that no other suspects are being sought at this time. The fourth juvenile will be returned to Carson City, where he will be charged similarly to those already in custody.

At approximately 7:44pm Saturday evening, Carson City Sheriff’s Deputies were dispatched to the Carson Tahoe Medical Center Emergency Department where two adult males had arrived with reported gunshot wounds. One victim was treated for an abdominal wound and transported by Care Flight to Renown Medical Center, and the second victim was treated for head injuries and released from Carson Tahoe Hospital care. The condition of the victim admitted to Renown is not immediately available.

Three juveniles, two males and one female, have been taken into custody related to the shooting. Of the three juveniles, ages 13-16 years, two were from Carson City and one from Douglas County. The juveniles were charged with Battery with intent to Commit Robbery, Possession of a Dangerous Weapon by a Prohibited Person, Assault with a Deadly Weapon, Battery Causing Substantial Bodily Harm, and Conspiracy to Violate the Controlled Substance Act. All three were booked into the Carson City Juvenile Services division.

As of this notice to the community, it is alleged that the juveniles met with the victims in an act to purchase marijuana vaping oils and vaping cartridges when the shooting took place.

From Saturday night through Sunday afternoon, in addition to the arrests, three residences in Carson City have been secured by SWAT and Special Enforcement Teams and searched by Detectives. This investigation remains active at this time, therefore no further details are available.

Anyone with any information connected to the shooting is asked to contact the Carson City Communications Division at 887-2677.

Sheriff Ken Furlong
Carson City

Man charged with sexual assault and lewdness with an under age child commits suicide

Eugene Nichols, 48
Sexual Assault on child under the age of 14 and lewdness with a child under the of 14

A Carson City man who was charged with sexual assault and lewdness with children under age 14 was found dead Thursday afternoon in Douglas County in what was described by authorities to be a self-inflicted wound that proved fatal.

Carson City Sheriff Ken Furlong said detectives went to Genoa and confirmed that the deceased male was Eugene Nichols.

Douglas County Sheriff’s Office said a man shooting off a gun in the Genoa area prompted a number of citizen phone calls to Douglas County 9-1-1. Douglas County Sheriff’s deputies found Nichols’ lifeless body in the Genoa area after a brief search.

Two gunshot wound victims show up at Carson Tahoe Regional Medical Center Emergency Room

Two men in their early 20’s inside CTRMC getting emergency treatment for gunshot wounds. One was flown to Renown in Reno.  Neither suffered life-threatening wounds accord to Sheriff Furlong.

7:45pm  Two males in their 20’s showed up Saturday night at Carson Tahoe RMC’s Emergency Room – both suffering gunshot wounds.

9:28pm  Details of the shooting are still being investigated.  It may have been in the Woodside area but that’s being nailed down by investigators.  Two young men in their early 20’s were shot – one receiving a minor wound and the other with a serious stomach wound which prompted a Care Flight trip to Renown in Reno.  Circumstances of the confrontation that caused the shooting are still being investigated, according to Sheriff Ken Furlong.  Charges of Battery with a Deadly Weapon are being considered.

10:32pm  Sheriff Furlong reports that neither male suffered life threatening injuries. 

10:38pm  Sheriff Furlong also asks that anyone having information about the shooting incident, or who happened to be an eye witness to the incident should call the Carson City Sheriff’s Office at 775-887-2677l

Chinese New Year Celebration at the Children’s Museum and more…

Chinese New Year
Children’s Museum, January 25th, 10am – 3pm, State Museum to Children’s Museum

From Children’s Museum and Visit Carson City:

In collaboration with the Nevada State Museum the Children’s Museum of Northern Nevada will be celebrating Chinese New Year on January 25th, 2020.

The celebration will begin at 10am the State Museum where there will be dancing and crafts, for more information contact the State Museum. At 11:30 there will be a parade from the State Museum to the Children’s Museum where the celebration will continue. The Children’s Museum will host crafts, dancers, dragons, learning how to use chopsticks, and so much more! Admission will be $10 per child and the event is free to all members. For more information contact the museum!

Loud as Folk
Brewery Arts Center
Jan. 25, 7-10pm

Come to Brewery Art Center’s Performance Hall on January 25, 2020 to experience Loud As Folk, hosted by Spike McGuire. This is one night only, and the showcase will be feature performances by Whitney Myer, Jelly Bread’s Dave and Cliff, Mel and Gia, and Tyler Stafford. Be sure to grab your tickets, so you don’t miss out.

Loud As Folk is a monthly song writer showcase that had begun in 2011 in Reno, NV. Each show is hosted by—local favorite—Spike McGuire and features both local and touring artists. With the help of venues and fans, Loud As Folk as been able to showcase unique talent as well as donate thousands of dollars to local organizations and charities.

Come to the BAC’s Performance Hall—511 W. King Street, Carson City—to see this great night of music! The show will begin at 7:00pm—so, doors open at 6:30—on January 25, 2020. Tickets are only $15 for BAC members, $18 for seniors and students, and $20 for adults.

Strong smell of natural gas in vicinity of Wells Fargo Bank, 2424 So. Carson

What was thought to be a natural gas leak turned out to be a lot less than that…but it still smelled pretty bad….

4:40pm  Wells Fargo Bank reports strong smell of natural gas.  All bank employees have evacuated the building.  Carson City Firefighters are arriving on scene.

Arriving firefighters didn’t think the smell was from a natural gas leak.  And they were right.  It was an odor being released by a drainage system associated with the bank.  They pointed out the problem to the manager so he can summon a crew to clean out the storm drain system.

Carson City Firefighters conducting “control burns” on city’s west side…

CCFD Courtesy photo

The Carson City Fire Department will be conducting wildland burn operations beginning Wednesday, January 22, in the Timberline area throughout the week – weather permitting.

Smoke will be very visible. Please do not call 9-1-1 because a flood of calls can clog the 911 phone system and somebody who REALLY needs help will suffer a delayed emergency response. If you are sensitive to smoke or have respiratory problems, you may need to keep your windows closed or stay indoors depending on smoke conditions.

The Carson City Fire Department, Capital City Handcrew take all factors into consideration and halt operations immediately when conditions change. Prior to conducting burn operations, crews establish a burn plan, which includes spot weather forecast, consideration of safety factors such as temperature, humidity, wind speeds and clearing the surrounding pile debris. When burn piles are completed wildland handcrews remain on scene to ensure hotspots are terminated.

If you have any concerns or questions, please contact the Carson City Fire Department at (775) 887-2210. Again don’t dial 9-1-1 unless YOU have an emergency.

For more information contact Wildland Fuels Management Officer Rodd Rummel at 775-283-7161 or

Reported Structure Fire at 2620 E. Nye Lane

8:35am Lots of fire trucks roaming the pavement in the 26-hundred block of East Nye on a report of a house fire near 2620 East Nye Lane. Firefighters arrived on scene to find no smoke anywhere. They circled the area and couldn’t find anything on fire. All firefighters returned to their respective fire stations.

Son of CCSD Athletic Coach dies after colliding with a tree while snowmobiling…

A tragic story coming from the Carson City School District – the death of a recent graduate of Carson High School. The district says Jake Roman, who was very active in high school sports, was snowmobiling and was fatally injured. Jake was the son of the high school’s Athletic Director Blair Roman and middle school teacher Susan Roman.

The school district issued a statement to the community:

“All our hearts are aching for all the Roman family this morning as we mourn the tragic passing of their son this past weekend. Jake was well liked throughout the school district among his friends, peers, coaches and educators. We appreciate his example, and the memory of his legacy will forever be impressed upon our souls. Our sincerest love goes out to his parents, Coach Blair and Susan as well as his siblings, Lily and Michael.”

The family said Jake would have turned 21 last Monday. Jake died after his snowmobile collided with a tree near Blue Lakes Road west of Carson Pass.

Democratic Hopeful Declares Candidacy for Congress

Congressional hopeful Patricia Ackerman publicly announces her candidacy for Congress in front of State Legislative Building.

Douglas County resident Patricia Ackerman made it “on-the-street official” that she has filed her candidacy for U.S. Congress District 2. She will be running against incumbent Congressman Mark Amodei in the November election.

Standing in front of a supportive crowd Ackerman lamented that most Americans began losing their faith in government long before Trump was elected in 2016. Ackerman pointed out that fair and viable incomes have been falling in buying power over the past couple of decades causing millions of American families to be home renters rather than home buyers, not to mention the growing legions of families having to resort to homeless shelters.

Ackerman says many Americans are today suffering under swelling poverty, violence and disease due to lack of health care. Ackerman told her supporters that the country desperately needs to increase the nation’s minimum wage to $12/hour and soon-after to $15/hour.

“Health care for everyone is long overdue in this country,” said Ackerman. “What is loosely referred to as ‘American health care is really just disease management which is extremely profitable for the medical sector while causing death and family bankruptcies at an alarming rate. By the way, insurance companies are making a killing – literally. I believe when we offer all Americans universal health care, a number of very good things will happen:

1) Medical costs will fall dramatically,

2) Truly accessible health care will mean healthier lives for all Americans and

3) Medical care will no longer bankrupt countless American families. Our current congressman voted over a dozen times against our well-being and lied straight-faced about how his votes would affect Nevadans.”

“As for prescription drugs our congressman voted against a bill which was designed to lower prescription drug prices to relieve financial pressure on struggling families.”

Ackerman went on to mention her support for labor unions which have been decimated over the past twenty-five years. Ackerman called for protecting the rights of labor union members which is the most effective way to enhance family wages and to push-back on corporate economic dominance. Ackerman said she was a longtime member of two major unions and understands very clearly why supporting union membership means better support for our families and our country as a whole.

When it comes to Public Lands Ackerman accused incumbent Congressman Mark Amodei of favoring wealthy special interests, putting their desires ahead of tourism, outdoor recreation and treating Nevada’s open spaces as exploitable assets rather than welcoming areas for Nevada residents and visiting tourists from around the world.

Ackerman went on to outline the existential threat to our Planet Earth due to human effects on climate. Ackermen said “We have very little time to make dramatic changes from fossil fuels to sustainable, clean renewable sources of energy.”

Ackerman said that transitioning to non-fossil fuels will produce at least 8,000 new, stable jobs in Nevada once we commit to renewables. She also pointed out that putting oil and coal in our rear-view mirror also means dramatically reducing economic threats from foreign sources of fossil fuels.

Ackerman went on to point out that Nevada is a geothermal center of gravity for Nevada and our nation – that underground energy is the smart alternative to our country’s energy challenges. Ackerman says current Congressman Mark Amodei voted at least nine times to block renewable energy funding.

On the topic of Education Ackerman pointed out that the quality of Nevada’s education system is rated second from the bottom among all 50 states. To turn that that situation around Ackerman proposes

1) Debt-free community colleges and trade schools,

2) Universal Pre-Kindergarten,

3) Social services to ensure our kids have the classroom and tutorial support they need to stay focused on learning which involves healthy food, stable housing, mental health support and violence-free environments and
4) Better federal support for students Kindergarten to 12th grade.

On Immigration, Ackerman calls for pathways to citizenship for all 11 million undocumented immigrants in America. Research on contributions to the American economy are well documented.

As for womens’ reproductive rights, Ackerman says “A woman’s body is sacred to herself and that others have no right to tell her if or when to have a child.” Ackerman also says she’s a strong supporter for equal pay for equal work, not only for women but for African American women, Latinas, Native Americans, Homosexual men and woman and Transgenders.

Mining has made Nevada unique among the states. But Ackerman says she’s troubled by the Bureau of Land Management’s inadequate staffing levels that often can’t sufficiently monitor and control mining activities that have caused pollution problems. She’s also alarmed that exotic metals mined in Nevada that are refined to build high tech jet fighters assembled in Chinese manufacturing plants, don’t have to export the planes or technology back to America. That’s contained in a recent bill that was passed in the Congress with the support of Rep. Mark Amodei. The same exotic elements are included in the construction of high tech equipment that treat human tumors with neutron therapy.

Ackerman adds, “I pledge, in the interest of bipartisan national security interests that our own domestic natural resources are not used to promote or increase Chinese and Iranian business interests at the expense of American taxpayers. I want to ensure that American minerals stay HERE and help make OUR supply chain stable.

When it come to Yucca Mountain in southern Nevada, Ackerman says she’s absolutely opposed to the area being used as a nuclear waste repository.

On Veterans priorities, Ackerman says the government should:

1. Authorize the Veterans Administration to receive reimbursements from TRICARE and Medicare.
2. Modernize VA health IT systems so they function in our 21st century digital environment.
3. Expand tele-medicine and tele-health options to better serve veterans who must drive long distances to VA clinics in Elko, Fallon, Gardnerville and Reno.
4. Make nursing home eligibility part of the VA health benefits package.
5. Fully fund Post 9/11 GI Bill benefits for veterans and their families.
6. Support U.S. House Resolution 2191, the Veterans Cannabis Use for Safe Healing Act, which would prohibit the Secretary of Veterans Affairs from denying a veteran benefits administered by the secretary by reason of the veteran participating in a stqte-approved marijuana program. Thirty-three states have legalized marijuana for either medical or recreational use.

…and finally…

Patricia Ackerman says she’s been a gun owner for decades. She says “I support full background checks and closing loopholes like those at gun shows. I believe assault weapons should be banned. I intend to foster a culture that works toward peace – not violence. And I will never accept any money from the National Rifle Association.”

Patricia Ackerman can be contacted by E-mail:
by phone: 775-721-1910
on her website:

Andrew Yang heading for Carson City….

Andrew Yang
Candidate for President

Democratic Presidential candidate Andrew Yang will take the floor during an upcoming luncheon at the Carson City Round Table Pizza place at 3325 Retail Drive – very close to Walmart at the north end of town.

There are still 11 presidential candidates vying for THE big seat at the White House. Yang is among those vying for a shot at political glory. The January 20th get-together at Round Table will give Mr. Yang a chance to convey his view of the country’s overall condition and what lies ahead for the nation.

The all-you-can-eat pizza and salad bar lunch buffet is available for $8. A suggested donation for Mr. Yang is $5. All are welcome. For more information contact Rich Dunn at 434-8783 or email to













Coast Tree




Coast Tree



Coast Tree