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Knocking down the north Prison Hill fire was a group effort by local and regional firefighters

Carson City Firefighters, with the help of firefighting personnel from surrounding counties, managed to knock down a very vigorous Prison Hill Fire this week. In the end, all fire crews flipped a big fire into a blackened but peaceful scene at the north end of the hill.

Fire officials say a small number of fire-watch personnel will remain on scene to ensure that the fire is dead out. There are little whiffs of white smoke coming out of the burned-over ground that is common for wildland fires. They’re generally not a threat, according to wildland fire experts. Firefighters have thousands of feet of fire hose running up and across the burned over area should the fire re-erupt in any form. Personnel will be watching very closely throughout the night – then another shift of firefighters will stand watch for another day of close monitoring.  More if necessary.

Officials say the next step in rehabilitating the north end of Prison Hill will be to re-seed the area – all 171 acres of it. There will be a comprehensive evaluation of variety of seeds that should be planted for proper native plants and rate of growth. Attention will also be focused on preventing soil erosion in the upper reaches of the hills so native vegetation can be strategically grown properly, and as fast as possible, to make their contribution to the area’s vegetative recovery.

Fire officials say it will likely require the better part of a year to see progress at restoring those 171 acres that were blackened by the fire which, by the way, was caused by fast moving storm clouds from the west that shot lightning bolts down to Mother Earth…in this case…in Carson City and Lyon County too, as Lyon County fought their own lightning-caused blazes.

Fire officials report there will soon be town-hall type meetings with local residents living just downhill and east of Carson River Road.  Fire officials want to make sure citizens are kept up-to-date on tactics that the Carson City Fire Department will put into action over the next couple of years.  The city will be helping to coordinate experts to accelerate the rehabilitation of land damaged by wildland fires, especially those near urban neighborhoods.



Explosive lightning strike sparks fire atop Prison Hill

Carson River water dropped on the Prison Hill lightning-caused fire.

4:35pm  Lightning strike atop prison hill has caused a sizeable wildland fire.  Watchout for firefighters.

The variable winds blew the fire in several directions.

5:19pm  The fire is burning at the north end of Prison Hill.  Flames roared eastward toward a residential neighborhood south of the roundabout.  Firefighters stood by with fire apparatus.  Then the easterly winds turned westerly and the fire top the mountain again and proceeded to head downhill toward homes off of Fairview and Edmonds.

Soon winds died down, slowing down the wild fire’s forward motion.

6:00pm  The fire started moving west again and crested the hill.  A helicopter dipped it’s pump hose in the Carson River and quickly sprayed the blaze.

A dense cluster of desert vegetation went up fast and hot.  Residents down below anxiously looked at the wall of flame making its way down the east side of Prison Hill.  Evacuation personnel are standing by to evacuate the homes near Eagle Valley Middle School if necessary.

Bucket Choppers at the top of the hill stopping the fire’s westward movement.

Fire slowly moves east toward homes but firefighters are on top of it..

Small groves of trees explode in the dry environment…

Relentless working hand crews will likely work through the night to prevent flare-ups.  Residents east of the blaze should be able to get a good night’s sleep. 

Six down and three to go…

The Carson City Sheriff’s Office reports that the last remaining suspect in the recent CCSO jail break has been captured in Carson City and taken to Carson Tahoe Regional Medical Center for medical treatment.  Austin Rivers was later returned to the Carson City Jail to wait for the legal process to gel.  Matthew Marizza, Cody Anthony and Austin Rivers planned their escape and they got by with it for a while.  But over the span of a few days the suspects were apprehended from Carson City to Sacramento.  The suspects were returned to Carson City to await their sentences for making a jail break which ended quite quickly thanks to good police work and a lot of hours on the phone tracking down the fugitives.

Wednesday, 6-30

As a result of the investigative effort to locate inmates Matthew Marizza and Cody Abernathy, six people were arrested, and three more people will be held accountable for aiding Abernathy by providing him clothing, transportation and a hide out.
Pursuant to Nevada Revised Statutes 212.100 Aiding a prisoner to escape and 212.130 Concealing an Escaped Prisoner, it is unlawful to aid a prisoner to escape from the lawful custody of the Sheriff. It is also unlawful to knowingly conceal or harbor a prisoner who has escaped.

Others who may have been involved in the incident:


House Fire on Pinion Hills and Laurel in southeast Carson City – False Alarm…

8:46 pm  Report of a house fire near Pinion Hills and Laurel.  Fire units are heading to the fire.

8:55 pm  Firefighters can’t find the house fire.  They finally realize that a clump of trees outside the alleged burning house were being blown violently by the wind from a storm front moving through, making the distant flickers of like look like a fire.  No fire.  Fire fighters returned to base.

One out of three Carson City Jail escapees remain at large

A former jail inmate who helped two other Carson City inmates escape over the weekend has been apprehended and re-jailed, according to Carson City Sheriff Ken Furlong.

The story started when two jail inmates were seen running from jail trash receptacles – inmates Matthew Marizza and Cody Abernathy.  It was learned that the two escapees jumped into a white mini-van provided by a former inmate, Austin Rivers, and were later spotted driving on Hells Bells Road.

When deputies found the mini-van nobody was in it.  Deputies searched the area but found nothing.  The deputies ran a check on the vehicle and it came back to Austin Rivers who, as stated earlier, had just recently bailed out of the Carson City Jail.  The picture was starting to get clearer.  Rivers had been a jail-mate with Marizza and Abernathy and the three had plotted their escape together.

To make a long story short, law enforcement caught up with both Austin Rivers and Matthew Marizza in Sacramento but they’re still looking for Cody Abernathy.





Carson City and Sacramento law enforcement tracking down jail escapees from Carson.

Update Carson City Escaped Inmates

At 6:43 p.m. on June 26th, two Carson City Detention inmates escaped from the jail during an inmate work program detail. Inmates Matthew R. Marizza, 27, and Cody J. Abernathy, 28, were reported running from the outside trash receptacle area by the detail civilian supervisor. Surveillance systems disclosed the inmates got into a white mini-van and fled east on Fifth Street. At 6:44, a responding patrol deputy reported having seen the suspect vehicle on Fifth Street near Hells Bells Road. The vehicle was located at 6:51, however the occupants had already fled on foot. Intense searches into the night failed to locate the inmates and the searches in the area of Carson River were called off late in the evening.

Retake Warrants were issued for the arrests of both inmates. When Marizza was booked into the jail on May 8th, he listed a Sparks, NV home address on Oakwood Drive. When Abernathy was booked into the jail on June 3rd, he listed a Douglas County residence on Kimmerling Road.

Marizza was set to appear in Carson City Justice Court on July 7th for theft charges with a $5,000 bail. Abernathy was set to appear in Carson City Justice Court on June 30th for drug and weapons charges with a $10,000 bail. He also was set to appear in District Court on July 6th.

On June 26th, the registered owner to the vehicle used by the escaping inmates was contacted. Austin Wayne Rivers, 30, was contacted and interviewed by Detectives. He originally claimed to have abandoned the vehicle. However, it was determined that Rivers had been taken into custody by Carson City Sheriff’s Deputies on June 25th for misdemeanor warrants. While he was detained at the jail, Rivers had been housed with Marizza and Abernathy in the same detention area. It was determined that Rivers bailed out of jail just hours earlier on the day of the escape and that his vehicle was pre-positioned outside the back area of the jail (where the inmates fled from). On June 27th, a warrant for the arrest of Rivers was issued by the Carson City Justice Court for “Aid Felony Prisoner to Escape” with bail set at $200,000. Rivers remains at large and is known to be in the Carson City/Lyon County area. Warrants for Marizza and Abernathy were also issued for the escape with bail also set at $200,000.

Several additional persons of interest are being interviewed to determine the level of participation. Additional arrests may be anticipated.

During the morning of Sunday, June 27th, the Carson City Sheriff’s Office was contacted by Sacramento CA Sheriff’s Office. Their agency, along with others, were involved in a high speed pursuit with a vehicle registered to a Carson City business. The occupants of the vehicle had eluded capture after crashing into a ditch, but their descriptions were similar to the two escape inmates from Carson. The vehicle was later reported stolen by the registered owner in Carson.

Carson City Sheriff’s Detectives and Sacramento CA Police and Sheriff’s Office are investigating the theft of the Ford Pickup truck. It has been determined that the vehicle was likely stolen on the evening of June 26th from the area of the where the inmates were last seen. Sunday evening, Carson City Detectives provided the Sacramento Sheriff’s Office with information of a likely area where one of the inmates might be located. Inmate Marizza was found by Sheriff’s Deputies within the hour, but required immediate life-saving medical attention. Marizza was treated at a local hospital and later taken into custody and book into the Sacramento County Jail. Carson City Deputies have been sent to California and assigned to assist authorities in Sacramento in the coordinated search for Abernathy, while Rivers remains at large in the Carson City area.

An immediate review of the circumstances of the escape has been completed and presented to Sheriff Furlong. During the review, it was determined that all of the employees of the detention center acted quickly and within policies and direction for the event. However, the Sheriff has initiated an original structural design review of the facility by City Staff and Fire Inspectors to create a plan to correct or mitigate weaknesses that have existed since the building was constructed over 20 years ago. The extent of structural modifications and costs has not yet been estimated.

While neither Abernathy nor Rivers have a history of violence, he should be considered dangerous and should not be approached. This investigation is on-going. Anyone with any information regarding the escape is encouraged to contact the Carson City Sheriff’s Office at 775-887-2677 (COPS), or Secret Witness to remain anonymous.

Release by:
Ken Furlong, Sheriff

Home on Carrie Street catches fire

Home computer caught fire. Homeowner managed to get it out to the back yard. Minimal damage to the computer room.

12:48pm – Fire broke out at a home on Carrie Street.  Started inside the home and may have spread to the backside of the home.  Everyone was able to get out of the house.  Fire-Rescue is on scene and appears to have the situation under control.

12:55pm – Fire knocked down.

Two CCSO Jail Trustees Escape Custody at the Jail

Carson City Jail

Notice from the Carson City Sheriff’s Office:

Saturday evening at around 6:45pm Inmate Trusty Matthew Marizza and Inmate Trusty Cody James Abernathy, escaped from the Carson City Jail.  An Escape Warrant has been issued.  This is a “No Bail” warrant.

Matthew Marizza, 27

Matthew Marizza is described as a 27 year old White Male Adult, 5’11”, 170 pounds, with shaved brown hair and brown eyes.  He has visible tattoos with  “775” and “Pray for me” on the right side of his face and a rose on the left side of his face.  A woman’s face is on the right and left side of his neck.  His arms are full of tattoos or “sleeved”.  Matthew was last seen wearing a tan shirt, tan pants, and white shoes.  Matthew Marizza’s last known address was in Sparks.


Marizza’s partner in crime Cody Abernathy is described as a 28 year old White Male, standing 6 feet, 185 pounds, with short brown hair and brown eyes.  He has visible tattoos:   Black skull with a gas mask on his right hand; a red and black cross on his right forearm and black skull on his left hand.  He also has a black star on his left forearm.  Cody was last seen wearing a tan shirt, tan pants, and white and red shoes.  Cody Abernathy’s last known address was in Gardnerville..

If anyone knows the whereabouts of these two escapees, please contact your local Law Enforcement Agency or call 911 if you have any information on the whereabouts of Matthew Marizza or Cody Abernathy.  Do not attempt to apprehend or approach them.  But if you see them, call 911 and hope the two jail breakers will be caught and taken back to jail for quite a longer sentence.

Get Ready Commuters!! Highway 50 East is getting a facelift!!

Lane closures on U.S. 50 in Carson City start Monday

Drivers from all over the Carson City area have been complaining that Highway 50 East is deteriorating at a rather fast clip.  And the Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) couldn’t agree more.  They’ve sworn to do a complete overhaul on a stretch of pavement from Nichols Lane to Arrowhead Drive.  The construction’s “partial closures” will begin in eastern Carson City on Monday, June 28th and Tuesday June 29th as NDOT begins patching the highway surface.
NDOT reports that single lane closures on East Highway 50 will run from Nichols Lane to Arrowhead Drive on Monday from 5pm to midnight and on Tuesday from midnight to 6am and, later that day, 5pm to midnight.  Speed limits will be reduced and motorists are advised to follow all road work zone signage.  Drivers can expect travel delays of up to 15 minutes or less.
The road patching will reinforce the roadway in advance of a much larger project to fully resurface the highway.  In August, drivers will see additional and more extensive lane closures as approximately two miles of U.S. 50 between Asphalt Drive and Nichols Lane is resurfaced.

Two down and one to go…

The dog is a tan female with a black mask.  Humane Society personnel say she shows no injuries and appears to be in good condition.  The search is on for the third dog that took part in the Lone Mountain Cemetery incident and possibly others.

Visitation transitions to Phase 2 in Nevada prisons

Visitation transitions to Phase 2 in Nevada prisons, mask mandate lifted for vaccinated staff and offenders

CARSON CITY — The Nevada Department of Corrections (NDOC) announced on Thursday, June 24, 2021, that all institutions will be transitioning to Phase 2 for visitation, effective immediately.
Under the new guidelines, fully vaccinated offenders will not be required to wear masks during visitation. However, all visitors will be required to wear a disposable or cloth face mask without valves, slits, or holes, regardless of vaccination status.

Phase 2 of visitation also allows offenders three visitors rather than two, visits will be increased to every two weeks and children as young as 2 may participate. Visits will remain in two-hour increments; however, out-of-state visitors may ask for an extended time by request to the Warden.

NDOC Director Charles Daniels said the decision to include every institution was based on current visitation numbers and the low rate of infection within NDOC facilities.

“We are looking to balance the mental-health and social well-being benefits to offenders and families afforded through visitation and the ongoing risk of COVID-19,” Daniels said. “Based on the number of visitors we’ve had over the past 30 days, we are confident we can increase visitors without compromising social- distancing standards.”

Out of an abundance of caution, protocols to reduce the risk of the spread of COVID-19 will remain in effect.

Visitors will still be required to pass a rapid test for coronavirus and masks will be required for the offenders and visitors throughout the visit.

“Correctional staff will continue to hold town hall meetings, post fliers and encourage offenders at each institution to get the vaccine,” said Brian Williams

The Nevada Department of Corrections is committed to building a safer community by striving to incorporate progressive best practices in all aspects of corrections. NDOC houses more than 12,000 persons with felony convictions in 18 facilities statewide. For more information visit

NDOC Deputy Director of Operations. “We are continuously pushing the message of the benefits of vaccination.”  The Department also announced Thursday that face masks are no longer required for staff or offenders who have been fully vaccinated. Individuals are considered fully vaccinated for COVID-19 two weeks after their second dose in a 2-dose series, such as the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines; or two weeks after a single-dose vaccine, such as Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen vaccine.

Staff must submit proof of vaccination to Human Resources. Masks will remain a requirement for visitation regardless of vaccination status.  To schedule a visit or for more information, go to To read the updated mask policy, go to


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