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Exploding power transformer causes small brush fire behind Carson High-Tech off Arrowhead

4pm. Carson City Firefighters were called to a report of a grass fire off east Arrowhead Drive.  Firefighters pulled up to find what appeared to be an exploded power transformer causing sparks to land on the dry grass and catch it on fire.  Upon arrival, firefighters quickly put out the grass fire.  The power company is being summoned to the scene to deal with the transformer.

Getting you and your little ones better acquainted with Carson City Schools!

The Carson City School District Pre-K Office is inviting parents to “Save The Date” for three separate parent engagement opportunities and activities for children who will be 4-years-old by September 30. The three events, dates and times are listed below:

  •  February 26, 6:00-7:00 p.m. at the Carson City Public Library, 900 N Roop St. Learn how the Library can help your family with literacy. Take a tour, participate in activities and receive a library card.
  •  March 19, 5:30-6:30 p.m. at Mark Twain Elementary School, 2111 Carriage Crest Dr. Learn how language and communication are essential to success in school and life. Activity offered by Sarah Billings, speech and language pathologist with the Carson City School District.
  •  April 23, 5:30-6:30 p.m. at the Children’s Museum of Northern Nevada, 813 N Carson St. Learn about the power of play for brain development and social maturity.

Learn ways to support your child’s education and get answers to your questions and/or concerns. Also fulfill your parent involvement plan. All parents, families and students are invited. Spanish translation will be available at each event. Click here for more information.


South Carson Street Upgrade launch set for 10am, January 29th

South Carson Street groundbreaking coming up Saturday, February 29, 10am – 11am, Frontage Road & Rhodes Street, Frontage Rd & Rhodes St, Carson City

Official ribbon cutting – South Carson Street Project,  Former Armory location. Fun for the entire family.

Groundbreaking of the South Carson Street Upgrade set for Saturday, January 29 at 10AM, at 2361 S. Carson at the frontage road.

Making Carson Street more “consistently itself” will be the goal of the next phase of major construction along the south end of the downtown, to and around, the new Stewart/South Carson Street Roundabout and points south from there.  Everyone in the whole town is invited to celebrate the $20 million dollar facelift/upgrade to that stretch of South Carson Street. 

“Coffee Conversations” with Congressional Candidate Patricia Ackerman

Patricia Ackerman
Candidate for Congress

Join U.S. Congressional candidate Patricia Ackerman for “Coffee Conversations” every other Saturday through the month of May at Comma Coffee, 312 So. Carson Street, Carson City.

Candidate Patricia Ackerman will be at Comma Coffee on Saturday, February 22 from 9-10 am.  Come meet, talk and have a cup of coffee with Patricia and let her know what’s on your mind about this year’s upcoming elections.  All Nevada residents are invited to attend – bring your thoughts, ideas, and concerns.

Again, Patricia will be at Comma Coffee every other Saturday from 9-10am, 312 So. Carson, at West 4th.  Following her February 22nd meeting at Comma Coffee she has scheduled additional conversations for: March 7 & 21, April 4 & 18, May 2, 16 and 30.

Pete Buttigieg in Carson City: “We need to re-unite the country.”

Pete Buttigieg @ WNC Monday

Democratic candidate for President Pete Buttigieg told a crowd of supporters at Western Nevada College Monday that the last 3-and-a-half years have divided the USA nearly down the middle. He said the Trump administration is unlike any in the history of this nation. Protocols, procedures, laws, policies, you name it, they’ve man-handled says Buttigieg. It’s time to quit fighting among ourselves and get America back on track which includes:

* Decent work for decent pay – $15/hour minimum wage.
* Free college for 80% of our students and young adults and those changing careers.
* Build truly affordable housing.
* Rebuild our crumbling highways, freeways and bridges along with up-scale internet-digital connections.
* Quit using climate-changing fossil fuels by empowering solar, wind, geothermal, wave energy, hydro and other renewables.
* A bold re-investment in K-12 public schools, including much higher pay for teachers, including forgiving their own student debt.
* Reasonable tax increases on America’s super-wealthy who control a huge part of our country’s economy and personal wealth.
* Reversing the slow erosion of union labor. The country must pay their workers enough to live on, invest and retire comfortably. Unions must make a come-back.
* And finally, immigrants coming to America should be treated better. Buttigieg said “America has been partially built with the blood and sweat of immigrants. We must honor their labor and welcome their commitment to improving the American economy. They too need to further their education and labor skills.

WNC gave Pete Buttigieg a warm welcome – in a statistical tie with Bernie Sanders

Again, Buttigieg emphasized his message of inclusion – one country of many persuasions and backgrounds working toward better lives for ALL Americans. It’s a common statement among the candidates. The proof is in the political pudding they make.

Intruder on Woodside Drive stabbed to death…

Friday evening Carson City Deputies responded to a report of a home intrusion and fight in the 900 block of Woodside Drive. A woman told 911 that a man had entered her apartment and was fighting on the floor with her husband. The line disconnected. When Deputies arrived, they discovered that an adult Native American male had entered the apartment, and during the fight with the male resident, the intruder was stabbed several times. The intruder was transported by paramedics to Carson Tahoe Regional Medical Center.

Before all this happened neighbors told Deputies that they had witnessed and reported to 911 an aggressive intoxicated adult male outside their apartment. The drunken male was banging on cars, yelling, and at one point was lying on the ground next to a car. No damage was reported and the suspect was not found by police. Witnesses told officers the suspect was last seen walking away in the direction of the eventual home intrusion.

Witnesses stated an adult Native American male was attending a family birthday party as a guest. During the party, the man became highly intoxicated and allegedly battered several persons, including a juvenile. The man left the area on foot and was not seen again. This particular incident was not previously reported to the Sheriff’s Office and the names of the victims and severity of the fights is being investigated.

Deputies suspect the man likely left the birthday party on foot.  Agitated and intoxicated, he probably walked to the  900 block of Woodside Drive, where he was seen by neighbors and the original incident was finally reported to deputies. A short time later, the suspect entered the apartment and was confronted by the female resident. Her husband then confronted the male and told him to leave.  But when the intruder refused, a fight ensued and the intruder was stabbed by the resident.  The intruder died soon-after at CTRMC.

The identity of the deceased is being withheld pending notification of his family. The investigation will be forwarded to the District Attorney for review.

Vandalism in broad daylight and in a very public place….

Young teens ripped out a bike stand at McFadden Plaza.

A number of young teens ganged up on it.

Carson City Sheriff’s Deputies were called to the middle of downtown Carson City Saturday evening after reports that a group of young teens were running around the area acting very suspiciously. At first, deputies couldn’t find them but eventually they spotted some of them acting like they were trying to hide.

As it turned out, they had reason to hide. Deputies rounded them up and while questioning the boys, age 12 to around 15, learned that some of the kids vandalized a piece of McFadden Plaza – a bike stand on the plaza’s west side. Despite being bolted and set in concrete, the boys muscled-up enough strength to twist and turn the stand off its foundation. The mangled supporting hardware showed that the stand put up a credible defense but the boys prevailed.

Deputies talked with the boys, got their parents phone numbers, and one by one, moms and dads came down to pick up their sons. Deputies say they’re trying to figure out which boys actually committed the vandalism.

As for the repair/replacement process deputies say it won’t be cheap because the repair will involve busting up concrete, replacing the bike stand hardware and pouring new cement.

Mothers and fathers of Carson City….do you know where your children are and what they’re doing?

Bernie Sanders Unloads On The Wealthy, Promises a Rejuvenated Nation…

Bernie Sanders in Carson City Saturday.

Standing before a large crowd Saturday at the MAC in Carson City, democratic candidate for President Bernie Sanders opened fire on the wealthy, health care and drug companies.  And that was just for starters.

Sanders, shaking his right index finger, decried the fact that half of U.S. families live paycheck to paycheck, accumulating very little in the way of savings which means their children’s future could be worse than their parents’.  Sanders said for being the richest country in the world means that the top 1% of the U.S. population has most of the money.  He promised, if elected to the White House, he would do everything in his power to change that.

Sanders promised the crowd that as soon as he’s in the Oval Office he will help re-invigorate unions, raise the minimum wage to $15/hour, rebuild America’s freeways, interstate highways and bridges while investing heavily in K-12 education and making colleges low cost or tuition free.  He said, “If Amazon owner Jeff Bezos can be compelled to pay ANY federal income taxes, we’d have the money to make college free for all students.”

Bernie Sanders promises a big overhaul of America’s “current condition.”

Sanders then took on the health care industry promising the crowd that if elected President he would launch publicly funded Medicare for All.  He said America’s medical insurance companies charge outrageous premiums for medical care and then slaps large deductibles on follow-up medical bills.  He said there are literally thousands of medical insurance plans on the market which are nearly impossible to navigate and which adds at least a half-trillion dollars a year in costs to the American people.  Under Medicare for All, Sanders said there would be no more premiums, no more co-pays, no more out of pocket charges and no more than $200 a year expenses for prescriptions.  Sanders also said that dental work, hearing aids and eyeglasses would be added to everyone’s medical coverage.

Sanders then took on President Trump’s denial of Climate Change.  Sanders said that Climate Change has started and if not stopped, the Earth we leave for our children will be nothing like we have known.  The polar ice caps are melting, ocean levels are rising and huge-scale wildfires are more numerous.  He said wind, solar, geothermal and other clean sources of energy will replace fossil fuels.

Sanders also took on Trump’s “scram” attitude on immigration.  He said America was created by immigrants starting in 1492 and the country has grown to be the most powerful and prosperous nation on earth.  

Sanders also took on the National Rifle Association saying as President, he’ll work to establish universal background checks, eliminate gun show loop-holes and end the civilian sale of assault weapons.  He said although there are numerous high-powered gun lobbying groups, they are comparatively small in number while “We the People” have the votes.

Young women removed from the stage and transported to the Sheriff’s Office.

As a side-note to Sanders’ campaign speech there was an attempt to disrupt the proceedings.  A number of young women stormed the stage and started throwing around what looked like food coloring. One woman grabbed the microphone and began yelling at the crowd while one other removed her shirt and went completely topless.  The women were removed from the stage and arrested by Carson City Sheriff’s Deputies and charged with Indecent Exposure. Reports say they were all from California. The women reportedly were protesting the abuse of domestic farm animals.  Not sure that’s part of Sanders’ political platform.

Road Rage erupts – complete with gun drawn

9:40am  A road rage incident on north Carson Street escalated to a gun being drawn by one of the drivers.  The incident escalated at the Burger King restaurant.  The gunman reportedly got back into his red vehicle and headed toward Walmart.  Sheriff’s deputies are looking for him.

10:16am  Suspect arrested.  In custody, enroute to the jail.

Presidential Candidate Pete Buttigieg at WNC Monday, 11:30 am.

Pete Buttigieg in CC
Monday, 11:30am, WNC

Democratic candidate for President Pete Buttigieg visits Carson City to campaign for the upcoming Nevada caucus election. Buttigieg will kick off the event on Monday, February 17, 11:30am at Western Nevada College.

Here are some major planks in his political platform for his run for the White House…

* Medicare for all “for those who want it.” Eventually the entire country could sign up for Medicare if that’s the will of the people.
* Do something about America’s prison rate – highest in the world and getting worse.
* Favor repeal of law that bans government health insurance being used for abortions.
* Make presidential elections truly democratic – two recent presidential elections went to the loser of the popular vote.
* Reduce the cost of college – expand student loan forgiveness.
* Support the Green New Deal to reverse Global Warming.
* Launch massive federally sponsored solar power program to help low income families with their power bills.
* $1.5 TRILLION dollar climate change program – more clean energy jobs.
* Raise taxes on the wealthy – end huge income disparities.
* Stop American corporations from hiding their profits overseas.
* Equal pay for women in the work place.
* Universal background checks for those buying guns
* Overturn Citizens United which has allowed the very wealthy and large corporations to spend unlimited amounts of funds on political campaigns.
* Stop sending our troops into parts of the world that only bog down our troops in endless foreign wars like Afghanistan. Use air strikes – not ground troops unless absolutely necessary
* Against “Trump’s Wall” along the US-Mexico border. End family separations.
* Load President Trump’s policies into a dump truck and transport them to the dust bin of history.

Democrat Pete Buttigieg, WNC, Monday, February 17, 11:30am.

Do you know who this is?

The Carson City Sheriff’s Office Investigation Division is asking for information on a man engaging in fraudulent use of a credit card throughout northwest Nevada.

In the later months of 2019 a male subject opened several credit cards and made fraudulent purchases in Reno and Carson City on a Carson City Resident’s bank account.

Investigators obtained video surveillance showing the male open a credit card account fraudulently at the Home Depot in Reno. The male was wearing a black shirt with grey pants with a gold chain. The male has a tattoo on his neck along with several tattoos on his arms.

Anyone with information is encouraged to contact the Carson City Sheriff’s Office, Dispatch
(775) 887-2677, Investigation Division, Deputy Sam Torres (775) 283-7857, Investigations Captain Brian Humphrey (775)283-7850 or Secret Witness (775)322-4900

Case # 2019-8044

Democratic Presidential front-runner Bernie Sanders returns to Carson City to keep up his recent political surge

Mac Gym, 1860 Russell Way, Carson City.  Doors open Sunday 11am

Sen. Bernie Sanders, last December in Carson City
Encore performance in Carson City Sunday, Feb. 16, Sanders arrives at 12noon. Mac Gym, 1860 Russell Way, Carson City

Fresh off a presidential primary campaign win in New Hampshire, democratic presidential contender Bernie Sanders will swoop into Carson City’s Mac Gym this Sunday, February 22. Doors open at 11am with Senator Sanders to begin speaking right around noon.

Admission is free but signing up in advance is highly recommended despite the size of Mac Gym.  To sign up click here.

Presidential Candidate Tom Steyer wows the crowd in Carson City

Standing room only crowd for Tom Steyer in Carson City….

Democratic Presidential hopeful and all-around California businessman Tom Steyer poured out his campaign speech Wednesday evening to an appreciative crowd in Carson City claiming that Donald Trump is toxic and largely out of control.  Steyer, who is still running for the presidency, but at the back of the pack of candidates, says President Donald Trump is a crook, and a stupid one at that.  Steyer went on to call Trump a racist, sexual predator, a failed, if not fake businessman, who went broke trying to transform his casinos  into cash machines.  Steyer said that Trump still won’t let Americans see his tax returns. And while he gives away a trillion dollars to America’s already wealthy through tax breaks, he’s threatening to cut to Medicare. Medicaid and Social Security.

Steyer says the American economy is working mainly for the already wealthy, and that it’s time to fight back.  If elected president Steyer said he’d immediately work to create a very large tax on the wealthy and he would enhance world trade instead of stifling it,  Steyer said a fair wage for the average American working family should be $22 an hour, at least.  Steyer said he would work to give Americans a choice on their health care by providing either Medicare for all or a public option that would allow citizens to keep their private insurance if that’s what they want.

Steyer said America can be saved but it’ll take a lot of hard work among all citizens to make it happen….

Steyer also pointed out that two out of the last five presidential elections have been determined by Gerrymandering where congressional district boundaries have been manipulated by political parties within some states – enough to get their candidate elected even if they did not carry the state with the popular vote.  He mentioned that in the last election candidate Hillary Clinton got over 3-million more votes that Trump, yet Trump won the election anyway because the Electoral College voted for Trump….not the winner of the popular vote.

Steyer said if elected, he would partner with the American people in rebuilding our inter-state highway system, our schools, water and sewer systems and make college affordable for our young people who are falling farther and farther behind other students in other countries.  Steyer said America is in dire need of truly affordable housing, but they’re not getting it.

Steyer is a billionaire and he obviously doesn’t mind spending millions of his own dollars on his own campaign.   Steyers is running way-in-the-back of the pack.  Right now leading that pack is Bernie Sanders followed by Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobachar, Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden. 

Carson City residents who pay their water bills using bank cards – LISTEN UP!!

CC “on line” water bill payers’ credit card info hacked last Aug/Sept

Carson City City Hall has mailed out letters to city residents who pay their city water bills over the internet through a third-party service. These specific residents have been notified that their credit or debit cards may have been hacked between them and the finance department at City Hall – sometime between August 1st of last year through September 12th of last year via a third party intruder. 

It seems that someone or some company accessed the payments and recorded credit card information including name, address, card number, three digit security code, bank account and routing numbers as well as expiration dates.  City officials say the data breach has since been fixed by a cybersecurity firm.  City officials strongly urge Carson City residents who pay their water bills on line to check their credit and debit card records to see if there are any unwarranted charges on them between Aug 1 and Sept 12 of last year.

Again, the city says the data breach has been fixed.













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