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The Caldor Fire – not goin’ down easy…

Wildfire smoke from SW corner of Lake Tahoe blowing across the lake and into Douglas-Carson City.  The fire is only 14% contained.  Will firefighters keep it out of the Tahoe Basin?  Not likely.  The south end of Lake Tahoe is being drained of tourists and residents who have high-tailed it out of the area.

South Lake Tahoe area being emptied out – Caldor Fire is creeping up Highway 50

The Caldor Fire is burning its way up Highway 50 on the California side of Lake Tahoe.  The humongous fire is still running toward the South Lake Tahoe part of the lake.  A big fire threat to Lake Tahoe.

As of 7 a.m. Monday, all evacuation orders and warnings remain the same.  Go here for the areas, via Cal Fire.

Highway 50 is closed in both directions from the Sly Park Road exit to Meyers (Highway 50 and Highway 89 junction).
• The Highway 50 closure has been extended East to Sawmill Road
• Highway 50 at Sawmill
• Pioneer Trail at Elks Club
• Elks Club at Highway 50
• Highway 89 at Highway 88 junction
• Fallen Leaf at Tahoe Mountain

Final evacuations include South Lake Tahoe to the Nevada State Line.  Evacuations also include to Tahoe Keys, Tahoe Island, Al Tahoe, The Sierra Tract, and Bijou. 

Those seeking shelter from the fire can find temporary arrangements at Douglas County Community Center and Truckee Veterans Hall.  Barton Memorial Hospital has been completely emptied of patients 

Great Music inside with an Orange Sun outside…

Jazz & Beyond – Carson City Music & Art Festival

Carson City’s 18th annual Jazz & Beyond Music & Art Festival, presented by the Mile High Jazz Band Association, completes 17 days of music and art on Sunday, August 29. The following events are not cancelled, and all will be held indoors:

Update on six Jazz & Beyond concerts this weekend – All are indoors – Times and locations:

~Sat., Aug. 28, 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. – Lucky Diamond and the Gents o’ Jive – inside the BAC Performance Hall. This a ’20s and ’30s hot jazz band is lead by Mark Ashworth (Lucky Diamond) on drums, with Jef Derderian on trumpet, Joe Cadena on trombone, Dallas Smith on reeds, and Jimmy Vermilion on keyboards.

~Sun., Aug. 29, 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. – the Red Tango at Mallard’s (for brunch $25, reserve at The Red Tango sizzles with rhythm, class, and superb musicianship. Musicians are Olga Archdekin and David Haskins, violins; Catherine Matovich, viola; Eileen Brownell, cello, and Zack Teran, bass. There’s space for dancing, but not a dance floor.

~Sun., Aug. 29, 3:30 to 5:00 p.m. – Passing Thru – inside the BAC Performance Hall. Passing Thru is a new instrumental jazz group from Reno. The band members are leader Tim Gay, alto sax; Joel Stevens, tenor sax; Nick Bentz, piano; Shawn Wang, bass; and Zachary Howarth, drums.

~Sun., Aug. 29, 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. (new time) – Reno Jazz Orchestra with Tristan Selzler – inside the BAC Performance Hall. The festival ends in a big way with the traditional Jazz & Beyond closing concert by the 18-piece Reno Jazz Orchestra. This year’s guest artist is Tristan Selzler.

Masks are required in the BAC Performance Hall. For a complete schedule of events, visit jazzcarsoncity.comFor additional information, call 775-883-4154 or email  Mile High Jazz Band Association’s Jazz & Beyond Festival is funded in part by a grant from the Nevada Arts Council and the National Endowment for the Arts.  The Governor’s Office of Economic Development provided additional support through its Nevada Pandemic Emergency Technical Support (PETS) Grant for 2021.

Putting on the Brakes of Human Trafficking

The Nevada Department of Public Safety – Highway Patrol Division Puts the Brakes on Human Trafficking with Statewide Campaign

The Nevada Department of Public Safety Highway Patrol Division is teaming up with Truckers Against Trafficking, The Nevada Trucking Association and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to educate truckers on the signs of human trafficking.

The Nevada Department of Public Safety (DPS) Highway Patrol Division is furthering its mission to promote safety on Nevada’s highways with the launch of a new, statewide anti-human trafficking campaign across multiple platforms now through October 10. Truckers Against Trafficking (TAT), the Nevada Trucking Association (NTA) and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) have combined efforts with the Nevada Department of Public Safety Highway Patrol Division to educate commercial vehicle drivers on identifying the signs of human trafficking while positioning State Troopers as a resource to help human trafficking victims.

Human Trafficking is modern-day slavery, defined as when human beings are purchased and sold for forced labor or sexual exploitation. The UNLV Center for Crime and Justice Policy reported Nevada tied for ninth in the nation for human trafficking cases reported in 2017, with the state’s average of 89 percent exceeding the national average of 71 percent. Sex trafficking has steadily proved to be the most prominent form of human trafficking in Nevada, with 1,500 women and children in Northern Nevada alone sold online for sex every day (Creighton University).

Human trafficking is a heinous crime against humanity, and with our allied partners, we will work together to address it immediately,” said Nevada Highway Patrol Colonel Anne Carpenter. “The DPS Highway Patrol is grateful for our partners at Truckers Against Trafficking, Nevada Trucking Association and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration in joining our fight here in Nevada. Together, we will be one step closer to protecting and saving the lives of human trafficking victims across the state.”

Capitol Police • Office of Criminal Justice Assistance • Emergency Management/Homeland Security
State Fire Marshal • Records, Communications and Compliance • Highway Patrol • Investigations • Parole and Probation •Office of Professional Responsibility • Office of Traffic Safety • Training • Office of Cyber Defense Coordination •Emergency Response Commission

These staggering statistics serve as the driving force behind the statewide combined efforts of the NV DPS Highway Patrol Division, TAT, NTA and FMCSA. The trucker-oriented campaign takes a victim-centered approach that educates and encourages commercial vehicle drivers to spot the signs of human trafficking; take action to report suspected trafficking; and be a part of the solution while positioning State Troopers as a resource for victims.

Campaign efforts will be focused in rural areas, on open highways, near truck stops and on state lines along Interstates 15, 95, 80, 395 and 160. Messaging will be amplified through PSAs on radio stations, social media outlets, including Facebook, outdoor billboards, and earned media efforts. For additional information and to follow along with the campaign, please visit

Horrible Story…but worth knowing because it sounds like it’s 1935 on the streets of Carson City

The division of the “haves” and the “have-nots” could not have been more starkly revealed in Carson City.  A family with two young children were homeless and couldn’t find shelter – they said.  So they proceeded to take over a large area of a tunnel off North Carson Street.

Sheriff’s Deputies found out about it and went over to the tunnel to talk with the woman, her husband and their children  who had set up two tents and some food preparation equipment inside the tunnel.  Mother of the two children, Bobbi White, 41, said they couldn’t find a place to stay while waiting for housing so they settled for a tunnel.
Deputies took inventory of the situation and discovered that the family was living in a hazardous environment – filth all around, feces, urine and remnants of what the deputies determined to be illegal drugs.  Ms. White admitted to taking drugs and said her husband smoked drugs but not around the children.

Deputies say that they took Ms. White into custody and put her in jail while Child and Family Services gathered up the kids who were put into protective custody.  No word on the whereabouts of the husband.

CC Firefighters putting out fire at Mountain Street Trailhead

1:45pm  Carson City Firefighters responded to a report of a brush fire at the trailhead at the west end of Mountain Street.  Firefighters found what looked to be an overnight warming fire that was not properly extinguished.  It looked like whoever lit the warming fire failed to ensure the fire was dead-out when they left.  Firefighters quickly drowned it.

Putting those federal dollars to work…

Work crews are  replacing of sewer and/or water lines on West Caroline Street, West Robinson Street, West Spear Street and West Telegraph Street, as well as  roadway reconstruction on West Robinson Street for a total amount not to exceed nearly three million dollars.The Wastewater Division currently spends significant time within the Project area cleaning and maintaining the sewer lines due to their poor condition. Completion of this project will allow the Water and Wastewater Divisions to provide more reliable service to residents in their neighborhoods and allow crews to perform more maintenance work in other parts of the City.

In alignment with the Department of Public Works’ goal to “dig once”, staff has combined several needed utility
rehabilitations as well as street repair into one project. This lessens the impact to the public and saves the City
a considerable amount in construction costs.

Putting that federal government money to work in Carson City!!

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and its negative impacts, the U.S. Department of Treasury is issuing the Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds established under the American Rescue Plan Act. ARPA funds have been issued to provide a substantial infusion of resources to help turn the tide of the pandemic, address its economic fallout, and lay the foundation for a strong and equitable recovery.

The Carson City Board of Supervisors has allocated $1,300,000 to non-profits or governmental entities operating in Carson City to help meet the requirements of the Grant and needs of the Community.

The funds were approved to be awarded for the following categories:

1. Mental health treatment;
2. Substance abuse treatment;
3. Crisis intervention and other behavioral health services;
4. Services or outreach to promote access to health and social services;
5. Affordable housing / rent subsidies / homelessness;
6. Employment or job training services to address negative economic or public health impacts experienced due to a worker’s occupation or level of training.

Guidance can be found here.

On March 11, 2021, the American Rescue Plan Act was signed into law, and established the Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds (“SLFRF”) program.

The funding distribution will be through a federal assistance, reimbursement program provided by Carson City, Nevada.

1. Please refer to the guidance link to ensure expenses requested are allowable.

2. Awardee’s will be subject to regulatory requirements of the Uniform Guidance (2 CFR Part 200).

3. For this program Carson City requires a Letter of Interest. You can obtain the Letter of Interest on the Carson City website:

4. Provide a program budget, including a breakout of line items, such as Salaries, Benefits, Supplies, Equipment etc.

5. Provide a plan of expenditure, which should be no more than four pages in length, please include the following:

a. Brief problem statement(s) explaining why funds are needed.

b. An explanation of how funds are expected to be used to respond directly to the COVID-19 public health emergency or for a secondary effect of the pandemic.

c. Provide internal controls of the agency receiving the funds, as subrecipient monitoring will be necessary to ensure the use of funds meet federal guidance.

6. Funding dates January 1, 2022 to December 31, 2022.

7. Any unspent funds will be advertised for a second round of applications, the following year.

8. Applicants will need to e-mail the Grants Administrator by 4pm on September 30, 2021 including the letter of interest, budget, and plan of expenditure; as these three documents are deemed to be the “application”, at Documents can be submitted to Carson City by mail but must be received by Carson City no later than September 30, 2021:

Carson City
201 N. Carson Street # 3
Carson City, NV 89701
Attn: Grants Administrator

9. Funding will be determined based on the application, the eligibility of expenses, and the level of need in the Carson City community, as well as dependent on the number of requests received and dollar amount of those requests.

10. All questions can be e-mailed to the Carson City Grants Administrator at or by phone at 775-283-7069.

Carson City will assemble an Application Review Workgroup (ARW) to review, read and score all applications. The ARW recommendations will be presented to the Carson City Board of Supervisors; thereafter, the Board of Supervisors will have final approval on funding.

Carson City Boys and Girls Club suffers a Covid-19 visit

Covid-19 Virus

Vaccinations, vaccinations, vaccinations!!  The Center for Disease Control has been blowing its anti-Covid bullhorn lately so that more and more Americans and their families can be tempted to get anti-Covid-19 shots.  Up to nearly half the country has decided to “see what happens” with the virus rolling up and down every street in the country.  The Delta variant of the virus is quite deadly and is taking lives far faster that the earlier viral outbreak last year.

So it comes as no surprise that the Carson City Boys and Girls Club is closed, and will remain closed until next Monday following an outbreak of Covid-19 at the facility.  Those returning will have to under-go nose swap testing.  Reports say the virus is filling up the entire country largely due to the spread the virus by those who have NOT BEEN VACCINATED.  In short, the word from the CDC is that if you’ve got covid symptoms head for your nearest clinic or hospital.

Unfortunately some of the staff and possibly a number of kids at the Carson City Boys and Girls Club were exposed to the virus without warning.  So now they may be in trouble depending on circumstances.  It was announced the Club doesn’t have enough staff that is virus free to run their recreational programs.  And recovery time can vary widely.

The Club says they expect to bring their kids back to the facility starting next Monday.  But they won’t get in the door before they’re tested for the virus.  Any kids showing the slightest signs of having been infected by the treacherous bug will be sent home with recommendations to meet the virus head-on – recommending a quick trip to a hospital or doctors’ offices.

Apartment Fire at 1600 Airport Road in Carson City

1:05pm  Carson City Firefighters rushed to the scene of an apartment fire at 1600 Airport Road.  An apartment there was filling with smoke due to an overheated air-conditioner.  Firefighters unplugged the unit, put the fire out and checked for any fire in or around the unit.   Firefighters said the fire was out.

Lesson:  When your air conditioner is on…pay close to it. Visit it up close several times a day…especially in these hot, hot, hot summer days.

CC Schools turn to high tech evaluation to see if kids can safely come to school

View of Carson City from Morgan Mill Road in East Carson City

Carson City School District provides additional guidance regarding school closures

Due to continued poor air quality that is expected to remain throughout Northwestern Nevada for what could be weeks or months, the Carson City School District will use the U.S. EPA “Air Now” website to determine whether school will be cancelled.  The EPA is a branch of the Federal Government.

At the beginning of each school day, the Superintendent of Schools will refer to the Air Quality Index (AQI) and the day’s weather forecast. If the AQI is reported at or above 400 by for the 89701 zip code by 5:30 a.m. and the weather forecast predicts that conditions are not expected to improve, all employees, students and families will be notified that school will be cancelled.

Additionally, if the school day begins and the AQI reaches or exceeds 400, school will remain in session for the day and students and staff will remain indoors.

On days when the Air Quality Index (AQI) is “Unhealthy” or above 150 AQI, all outdoor activities including athletics, physical education and recess will be canceled or moved indoors.

The district’s building management system adheres to fresh air standards and has taken steps prior to the start of school to contract with a HVAC specialist to perform an HVAC Readiness and Pre-Occupancy Assessment so that staff, students and families can return to the schools with confidence that they’ll be breathing clean air.

The district feels the safest and best place for students to learn during a school day is in their desk at school. However, parents are encouraged to use discretion. Students with respiratory or other pre-existing health conditions may require individual adaptation. Additionally, if parents have not already done so, the district is asking them to coordinate any medical related needs with the school nurse.

If at any time parents feel that conditions are unsafe to take or send their student to school, they may keep their child home for the day regardless of the district’s decision to keep the school open. The schools will support the parent’s decision and work with them to make up any schoolwork or assignments. However, students who do not attend school will be counted as absent.

On days when air quality is unhealthy, school buses will operate with all windows closed. For those concerned about their student(s) waiting outside at a bus stop or walking to school, the district invites families to make arrangements to transport their child(ren) to and from school and avoid the unhealthy conditions as best as possible.

The district also reminds families that if parents DO NOT receive a text, email or phone call or see a banner announcement on the district’s homepage, indicating a delayed start or school closure, schools will remain open and in session.

If schools are closed because of a natural disaster, inclement weather, accident or any other extraordinary circumstance, per instruction from the Nevada Department of Education, Smoke Days are not considered “days in school” regardless of the digital ability to provide remote instruction. Consequently, neither teachers nor students are expected to participate in remote learning activities during a canceled school day.

On days when school has been canceled, teachers should not assign homework using virtual means – and assignments will not be due until the next regular day of in-person school. Additionally, no student activities, schoolwork or programs will occur including remote instruction via Pioneer Academy. This includes school-course assignments, homework, after-school programs and practices. No school services such as transportation, nutrition or student health will be provided.

With any school closure, students and employees should expect an extension of the school year, further extending school days deeper into June. As such, families and employees should not schedule vacations or expect to exit the school year before calendar obligations are met. Click here for more information about school related closures.

Bad Traffic Crash at College Parkway and Otha

7:02pm  Bad wreck at College Parkway east of Otha.  Serioius injuries.  Careflight is summoned.  Crash occurred in the westbound lanes of College Parkway.  Looks like the motorcycle rider lost control on the initial curve at the east end of the parkway where it turns westerly.  Eastbound traffic is reduced to one lane.  No word on the condition of the motorcyclist.

Covid update in the Quad County area

Covid-19 Virus

Quad-County COVID-19 Weekly Update: August 12 – August 18, 2021

Carson City Health and Human Services (CCHHS) is providing the Quad-County community with a weekly update for the week starting August 12 and ending August 18, 2021.

COVID-19 Cases – numbers pushed up substantially by those who refuse to get vaccinated.

For the week, CCHHS is reporting 8 deaths, 495 new cases, and 202 additional recoveries of COVID-19 in the Quad- County Region. This brings the total number of cases to 14,769, with 13,420 recoveries and 243 deaths; 1,106 cases remain active.


Carson City Rifle and Shooting Range

CC Rifle and Pistol Range

Carson City Rifle and Pistol Range Fall Hours Begin September 1

(Carson City, NV) – The Carson City Rifle and Pistol Range will adjust to its fall schedule starting September 1. The Range will be open to the public for drop in use Tuesdays through Sundays, 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., weather permitting.

Drop-in use for the range is $5 per shooter for in-state residents and $10 per shooter for out-of- state residents. Annual passes are available for purchase on-line at or in person at the Carson City Aquatic Facility (841 North Roop Street) or the Multipurpose Athletic Center (1860 Russell Way).

Group reservations are available to qualifying law enforcement, military, businesses and non- profit organizations. For more information on group reservation requirements, please review the Carson City Rifle and Pistol Range Reservation Policy at

For more information on the Carson City Rifle and Pistol Range, visit or email the Range Coordinator at

The Carson City Rifle and Pistol Range is owned and managed by Carson City, through its Parks, Recreation and Open Space Department. Our mission is to provide exceptional parks, open space, and diverse recreational opportunities to enhance the quality of life in Carson City, while preserving our natural resources for future generations

Child Sex Ring Hammered operating in Carson City

From: Carson City Sheriff’s Office

Seven people have been arrested in a two-day sting led by the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Northern Nevada Child Exploitation and Human Trafficking Task Force. This operation jointly planned and conducted by the FBI, Carson City Sheriff’s Office: Special Enforcement Team (SET), and Reno Police Department’s Human Exploitation and Trafficking (HEAT) Unit, sought to identify and arrest people seeking to pay minors for sexual acts.

The FBI-funded operation arrested four men on Wednesday, August 18, 2021, and arrested three men on Thursday, August 19, 2021.  Throughout the operation, undercover detectives placed ads on websites commonly sought out by suspects seeking illegal sex acts.  The men solicited and/or brokered deals and arrived at a location in Carson City to knowingly engage in and pay for sex acts with a minor.

Most suspects were arrested on felony counts of soliciting a child for prostitution and attempted child abuse.  Some suspects are facing additional or alternate charges.  The men arrested in this operation include:

Rafael Sanchez-Pimental (DOB: 07/27/2000)
Martin Ramos-Flores (DOB: 01/11/1979)
Chiddo Luna (DOB: 08/27/1974)
Jesse Burkhardt (DOB: 09/20/1988)
Christopher Figueroa (DOB: 07/30/1986)
Arturo Martinez-Pintor (DOB: 04/11/1978)
Tyrone Schultz (DOB: 09/13/1976)

Sheriff Ken Furlong said, “I’m proud of and thankful to all the agencies that participated. Juvenile sex trafficking is a priority to the Carson City Sheriff’s Office and these stings will continue in an effort to reduce the demand that fuels the exploitation of children in our community.”

The FBI’s Northern Nevada Child Exploitation and Human Trafficking Task Force routinely conducts operations of this type in conjunction with regional law enforcement agencies.

The participating agencies in this two-day operation include: the Northern Nevada Regional Intelligence Center, the FBI Safe Streets Task Force, Homeland Security Investigations, Nevada Gaming Control Board Enforcement, Douglas County Sheriff’s Office, Washoe County Sheriff’s Office, Nevada Highway Patrol, Nevada Department of Parole and Probation, and Nevada Department of Corrections.

Tuition money is inbound to WNC to jump start the college’s fall 2021 semester….

More financial relief is on the way for students in higher education including for those attending Western Nevada College for the fall 2021 semester.

WNC students could receive up to $1,800 through the U.S. Department of Education’s Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund III, which was authorized by the American Rescue Plan. The American Rescue Plan became a federal law last March and is providing more than $39 billion to support higher education institutions serve students during the current health pandemic.

These federal funds are designed to go directly to students. Students who have submitted a 2021-22 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and are enrolled in fall 2021 will automatically be considered for funding.

The college is prioritizing awards to students who demonstrate exceptional need based on their Expected Family Contribution (EFC) and fall 2021 enrollment level. The college continues to encourage all students to submit a 2021-22 FAFSA as soon as possible, as there are a variety of funding sources available to help students. The FAFSA is available at

Students who are not automatically awarded emergency relief funds are encouraged to submit a HEERF III Emergency Grant Application here.

Students can use this application to request additional HEERF funds for fall 2021. Students can also use the application to request assistance with past due balances incurred during the pandemic. Students are encouraged to apply soon as funds are limited.

“WNC is dedicated to getting these funds in the hands of students,” according to JW Lazzari, WNC director of Financial Assistance. “These funds are aimed to help students with any emergency costs or any components of the cost of attendance, including books, supplies, room and board, transportation, childcare and healthcare (including mental health costs).”

WNC’s Financial Assistance Office is available to help answer questions related to HEERF III awards and the application process. Please contact the office at or 775-445-3264.

Elderly man unknowingly drops his wallet – thief bends down and scoops it up…and keeps it.

The Carson City Sheriff’s Office is seeking information to identify a grand larceny suspect from the Foodmax Grocery Store at 3325 Highway 50 East in Carson City. On August 12 2021 a disabled customer dropped his wallet while checking out at the self-check out registers.The wallet contained a large amount of cash. A few seconds later, a young adult male picked up and concealed the wallet. The male then purchased a drink and exited the store. Outside the store, the male stood on the sidewalk and watched the disabled customer using a walker to slowly cross the parking lot. The male suspect did not return the wallet to the owner or alert store employees.

Attached are photographs of the suspect.

Anyone with information is encouraged to contact the Carson City Sheriff’s Office, Investigation Division, Detective Sam Hatley (775)283-7852, Sgt. Craig Lowe (775)283-7815

Case # 2021-5377                                           

Suspected Thief who picked up a dropped wallet on the floor…


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