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Another reason to be proud of Fremont School

Mayor Bob Crowell and civic friends do the honor of moving Fremont forward….

Fremont Elementary and local dignitaries hosted a Ribbon Cutting ceremony Friday, Sept. 13, to celebrate the newly added classrooms and square footage completed from construction over the summer. The ceremony also helped kick off the school’s annual Fall Festival where dozens of community partners, sponsors and the school offered information, food, a raffle with over 30 prizes, and tons of fun for students and families.

Traffic Crash at Valley and Washington, behind Smith’s…

Two vehicles did a sideways head on at Valley and Washington Thursday afternoon.

One car went into a phone pole, the other landed just shy of the curb.

Two vehicles smashed in to each other at Valley and Washington (behind Smith’s) Thursday afternoon.  A lady driver headed north on Valley apparently didn’t see the stop sign and continued in to the intersection.  But at that split second, another vehicle traveling west into intersection (he didn’t have a stop sign) hammered the front of the woman’s car.  Both wound up at the northwest corner of the intersection – the woman’s car damaged far more than the other vehicle.

The good news is that nobody was seriously hurt, probably largely due to the relative slow speeds that both vehicles were traveling.

It’s another one of those certification drills that “Two vehicles cannot occupy the same space at the same time. Watch for stop signsl.  Again, nobody seriously injured.

Echo Summit road closure postponed until next year

Caltrans says a full closure of U.S. Highway 50 over Echo Summit planned for mid-October is being put off until next year.  Caltrans said the seven bridge girders required for the $14 million viaduct replacement won’t be ready in time for the scheduled closure.

So, in the meantime, the contractor will button up the job site and finish the project next year, which was the original plan anyway.

Thousands die – a country cries out. Carson City remembers…

Carson City Annual Memorial on 9-11

A crowd of Carson City residents gathered at the east end of Mills Park Wednesday to solemnly commemorate the horrific tragedy of 9-11 2001 when Islamic terrorists crashed three airliners into buildings in New York City as well as Washington DC. In a solemn ceremony re-visiting the unthinkable actually happening, Mayor Bob Crowell, Sheriff Ken Furlong and Fire Chief Sean Slamon each reviewed the shock, anguish and sorrow the country has gone through in dealing with the mindless and vengeful motives of several terrorists who commandeered and then flew jetliners into the World Trade Center twin towers and into the side of the Pentagon.  A fourth hijacker was said to be piloting a fourth airliner aiming to crash it into the White House but passengers likely caused a melee in the cockpit that caused the plane to crash into an empty field far short of the nation’s capital.

Sheriff Ken Furlong
We’re better prepared than before 9-11

Sheriff Ken Furlong said the country still mourns the loss of so many lives, including first responders at the crash sites. Sheriff Furlong outlined a paradigm shift among all first responder agencies – not only how to interrupt terrorist attacks, but launch better intelligence gathering and general awareness among the American people that makes them pay closer attention to what’s going on in their communities.

Fire Chief Sean Slamon commented that America’s fire-rescue services are sharper and more aware of the many ways even homegrown terrorists can harm or kill using arson or high powered weapons.  Firefighters and their ambulances are always required to be at or near the center of such deadly incidents.

Fire Chief Sean Slamon – We’re smarter and better organized to deal with crises.

Mayor Bob Crowell also lamented the country’s struggle to fight gun violence as it explodes seemingly more and more often across the nation.  Mayor Crowell reminded everyone of the 2011 shooter attack in Carson City at the iHop on South Carson Street, proving that mass shootings are ever-so with us and demands that we find ways to strip this ballistic menace from our country.

Several ministers from local churches reminded everyone that violence is usually caused by people who are desperately in need of understanding, love and support – not guns – and that we must find ways to reach out to them, whether they’re on the street or already behind bars.  It’s a fact that there are more guns in this country than there are people.  And therein lies the challenge.

Deadly violence is becoming more common. We must do all we can to stop it.

9-11 Memorial and Remembrance Tonight – 6pm, East end of Mills Park

Join Carson City area residents as they gather to remember and mourn those who lost their lives on September 11th, 2001 when terrorists hijacked four airliners – three of them flying  into large buildings, two in New York City ,The World Trade Center and the Pentagon in Washington D.C.

The ceremonies begin at the east end of Mills Park at the 9-1-1 Memorial, starting at 6pm.


Wikipedia photo

Bad crash at Airport and Highway 50 just before dusk – one fatality

Two injured in the upside down car…one fatally. 

Update:  Two people in the upside down vehicle were injured, including a 96 year old woman, mother of the driver.  She suffered compound fractures and later died at Renown in Reno.

Two people were Careflighted to Renown in Reno following a horrendous traffic crash on Highway 50 and Airport. Details are still sketchy, but the driver of the upside down vehicle said he was headed east on 50 when a car headed south on Airport entered the intersection and broadsided him. The man’s vehicle with three aboard rolled over and in so doing hit a eastbound car on fifty. The first car coming south on Airport – and likely running a red light – took off at high speed, fleeing the scene.

The victim driver and his very elderly mother were extricated from their upside-down Chevy. The man’s mother and one other person were quickly Careflighted to Renown as mentioned above. The driver’s mother was pronounced deceased shortly after arriving at Renown in Reno. No word on whether authorities have any idea who the hit-and-run driver is or where he lives.

Further details on Carson City Schools $1.15 million grant to help make our kids safer

The Carson City School District has announced further details associated with the Nevada Department of Education grant to hire more school safety officers and thereby enhance student safety.

The funding was made possible by passage of several key bills during the 2019 Nevada Legislative Session.

“We want to recognize Governor Sisolak and all our state representatives for the efforts and considerations they made during the last legislative session,” Richard Stokes, superintendent for the Carson City School District, said. “Over the last several years, the topic of ensuring the safety of our children and students at schools have been on the minds of nearly every engaged citizen across the country. I’m encouraged at our local leaders’ attention to our most precious commodity – our children.”

The Carson City Schools Safety Grant includes $600,000 for two years for two additional School Resource Officers (SROs) and $500,000 for school building and other facilities improvements that were identified in a Homeland Security Assessment.

The addition of two more school resource officers and school safety facility improvements build upon much of the work already completed within our schools and are aligned with the recommendations from Homeland Security’s safety audits completed within the last year.

Sheriff Kenny Furlong plans to use current staff to fill these new positions because they are already familiar with the laws regarding schools and students. They have extensive training for dealing with crisis circumstances and are already integrated in the patrol divisions operations. Plans are already in place to begin moving personnel into their new assignments.

“The selection of deputies for these positions will focus highly on their ability to develop relationships with students and families,” Furlong said. “In addition, the news hires will have the benefit of being trained by the three current SROs who are familiar with the student population and administrators as well as regular routines unique to each school.”

“The selection of deputies for these positions will focus on their ability to develop relationships with students, families, and School District staff and employees,” Furlong said. “In addition, all Deputy Sheriff’s assigned to the School District are required to be certified by the National Association of School Resource Officers. Through this training, deputies are provided with the highest quality training to create safer schools and safer children. The standards and training have been provided to the three current SROs and will be applied to all future officers working in our educational environments. Their constant visibility and high profile will create a sense of safety and security in the minds of parents and their children. Problems can be dealt with when they first arise, rather than waiting until an emergency occurs.

Out of town lady arrested for allegedly trying to milk money out of several banks in the area

Carson City Sheriff’s investigators were called to local bank on a report that a woman appeared to be trying to scam the bank out of some money. When officers arrived they took Melissa Johnson aside and began questioning her. She told them she was trying to get some money through her credit cards and that she was also hoping to cash a check her grandmother – but she forgot to bring the check.

While the conversation continued another officer learned that Melissa Johnson tried to sell the same story to five different banks in Reno, all of which denied her request and which triggered a region-wide bank alert that her situation was very suspicious.

After further questioning officers handcuffed her and took her to the Carson City Jail where she was booked on suspicion of using fraudulent ID, attempting to obtain money under false pretenses, attempted grand larceny and burglary. Her bail was set at $100,000.

Former employee of a Mound House company allegedly tries to take it over illegally

The Carson City Sheriff’s Department says a woman who formerly worked for a Mound House vinyl products manufacturer, but then illegally tried to become its owner, wound up being arrested at a local bank. Sheriff’s reports indicate that Helen Kelly, 76, brought in documents to the vinyl company’s bank indicating that ownership was changing to her name. And that $80,000 in the company’s bank account would, therefore, be transferred to her.

Despite a signed document by the Nevada State Secretary of State’s Office acknowledging the ownership change, the bank, in “an abundance of caution,” told Ms.Kelly to come back after all documents were reviewed. The bank then did some research of its own and they called the Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriff’s deputies met Ms. Kelly at the bank and arrested her on suspicion of entering fictitious documents, and attempting to obtain money under false pretenses.

Ms. Kelly is scheduled to appear in court at 9am, Tuesday, September 10th.

Man arrested for grabbing cash from drive-thru cash register at Jack-in-the Box

Cash grab through drive-thru window while clerk was filling an order….

Carson City Sheriff’s Deputies were called to the Jack in the Box on East William Street just after 3am this morning on a report that a man had walked up to the restaurant’s drive-thru window while the clerk was away filling an order, reached in and banged on the cash register. Eventually the drawer opened and the man grabbed $40 and then calmly walked away.

The Jack in the Box manager called for Sheriff’s deputies who were on scene quickly and soon had the suspect, Kolby Fair of Sacramento in cuffs and on his way to the jail where he was booked for burglary.

Carson City C-Hill’s big letter “C” is back up and quite visible, but…

Restored beautifully except for one minor thing…


Carson City’s C-Hill “C” is back up but many townspeople would like the “C” to stand out a little brighter like the one that was changed to symbolically mourn the death of a local high school student.

Volunteers showed up this past weekend to re-arrange the rocks to restore the giant “C” that had stared down at the town for decades from near the top of the hill.  And they did a very fine job.  But many citizens would prefer that the rocks get a good coating of white paint to fully restore the brightness of the city symbol that has been an iconic element on Carson City’s west side.

We’ll see if they do it.  A hand-pump sprayer would probably have it done in a couple of hours. But the labor to haul the paint up there will likely be on the same time scale.  Unless they fool us all. 

The “C” restoration is a project of Carson High School Senior Gabe Crossman at Carson High School who is also an Eagle Scout of Boy Scout Troop 45.  The effort also qualified as a senior project toward his high school diploma.

Intermittent smokey skies for NW Nevada today

From the National Weather Service Office


The National Weather Service in Reno has issued a Dense Smoke
Advisory, which is in effect until 11 PM PDT this evening.

* Visibility: Generally 1-3 miles except for locations from
  Hallelujah Junction to near Herlong along Highway 395 where
  visibility may be less than 1/2 mile at times.

* Impacts: Low visibility could create hazardous driving
  conditions along Highway 395 depending on how active the Walker
  Fire is burning. Air quality will be severely degraded in areas
  of dense smoke.


Slow down and increase distance between vehicles when driving
through areas of dense smoke as visibility could be severely
degraded to below 1/2 mile at times. Headlights should be turned
on as well. Those sensitive to smoke should take precautions as
air quality will be severely degraded. Healthy individuals should
limit exposure as well. 

Bad wreck on Highway 50 at SLT at Sawmill late Saturday morning – Highway 50 reopened

Courtesy photos

The California Highway Patrol reports that a collision between a truck hauling fuel and possibly a Prius car caused a huge explosion and fire on a Highway 50 bridge heading south out of South Lake Tahoe Saturday afternoon.  Reports from the scene indicated that a portion of the burning fuel got into the creek and that the truck driver perished in the fire.

Highway 50 WAS closed in both directions for a time.  Highway 50 has since been re-opened.

Motorcycle crash atop Spooner on Highway 50 kills one

A motorcycle crash atop Spooner Summit Saturday night killed the passenger and injured the driver.    The victim was transported down Highway 50 to Carson City’s Emergency Landing Area at the foot of Highway 50 at Highway 395.  

Paramedics and Care Flight personnel helped load the injured motorcyclist into the chopper.

Moments later the chopper lifted off for a quick trip to Renown in Reno.  

Carson City Schools adding two more law enforcement officers to schools

Carson City Sheriff Ken Furlong announced to the Carson City Board of Supervisors this morning that the Carson City School District has received a grant to expand the number of law enforcement officers stationed at Carson City Schools.  Currently there are three – it’s going to five officers.

It’s been a horrendous experience for a number of school districts around the country to be subjected to gun violence.  Psychologists have been very vocal about the mental stress it’s put on students, their families, teachers and administrators nationwide about these mindless, deadly attacks. contacted Sheriff Kenneth Furlong who described the program in some detail.  First off, two new officers will be added to the other three.  It will give schools greater law enforcement “presence” and thereby more confidence that there is greater attention paid to suspected troubled students – both perpetrators and victims – with emphasis in Carson City’s two middle schools.

Sheriff Furlong indicated it will take a few weeks – maybe a little more – to get everything in place, adding that law enforcement will be able to discover “troubled” young teens earlier and get them the help they need.

This story is evolving.  Many updates to follow in the weeks and months ahead.


CC Supervisors stalls approval of 100 home project on Race Track – Supervisors move ahead on affordable housing on Butti

Schulz Ranch Phase 4
CCPD graphic

The Carson City Supervisors failed to approve 100 new homes on the east side of Carson City on Race Track off Bigelow. The project lacks some easement approvals for drainage.  The homes will be on relatively small lots off Bigelow, bordering Cone Peak.  The issue comes back hopefully for resolution at the Supervisors next board meeting in two weeks.

Butti Way near Parks and Recreation Department.

The Supervisors also began consideration for a 160 unit apartment project labeled as affordable/work force housing for low income families in Carson City. It’s a little ways out into the future but could contain up to 160 families with rental rates that are quite affordable. Various developers will be eventually submitting bids on which developer can come up with the best deal for the city and its citizens.

The Supervisors decided to further formulate a path for a developer who will eventually emerge as the one to build it. Final selection of the developer is expected to occur at the November 21st Supervisors’ meeting.  Preparation for such a big project will take some time to get through all the red tape and conditions.  Construction could be as much as two years down the road.  There will be several tiers of tenant eligibility from a few “market rate” units up to 30%, 60% and 80% of market rate.


Coast Tree


Coast Tree


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