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Man who nearly beat his ex-wife to death lands in Carson City Jail

Richard Pura, Attempted Murder
Fled to Arizona, brought back to CC
CCSO photo

A man accused of nearly beating ex-wife to death in Carson City last month has been captured in northern Arizona and was returned to Carson City over the weekend. 

Richard Pura was booked into the Carson City Jail on charges of Attempted Murder with a Deadly Weapon as well as Domestic Battery.  Reports say Pura’s ex-wife was very severely injured and was left basically to die in the hills off Sierra Vista Lane on the east side of Prison Hill.

Authorities say the victim crawled out to a road where she was discovered by a passer-by.  The victim was quickly transported to Carson Tahoe Hospital where she’ll need considerable care including possibly facial reconstruction. 

Reports say Pura was arrested four other times for domestic battery on his ex-wife.  His bail was set at $150,000.

New restaurant downtown dedicated at 308 Curry….at Telegraph

Grand Opening of Cucina Lupo Restaurant at 308 North Curry, Tuesday afternoon!

Mayor Bob Crowell and restaurant owner do the cut-the-ribbon honors.

A conservatively elegant dining area greets hungry customers…

Comfy bench seating…

And a very nice watering hole for those after dinner drinks…

Mayor Bob Crowell and Cucina Lupo restaurant owners and employees formally dedicated downtown Carson City’s newest culinary venue for Carson City residents (and others) to dine, have a few drinks and enjoy each other’s company there at Curry and Telegraph Streets. The owner also owns the Union Brewery just across Curry to the east.

The lunch menu is quite eclectic with Bruschettas, Frito Misto, Calamari, Shrimp and Seasonal Vegetables to Tomatoes & Burrata (and lots more) and a full range of pastas and sandwiches. For dinner it’ll take at least six months to get through the entire menu, it’s so varied from delightful variations of soups and salads, to pastas – including Beef Short Rib Ravioli, Fettuccine Alfredo, Brown Butter Gnocci to more entrees including Chicken Parmigiana, Veal Piccata and from the grill Bently Ranch New York Steak, Sirloin Steak, Chef’s Nightly Fish and a good ole Lupo Burger.

The owners say they serve Italian cuisine created with a focus on the flavors of Northern Nevada. Local farmers and ranchers all play a major role in the food and beverages they serve. “On behalf of our entire staff we welcome you to Cucina Lupo and hope to see you time and time again.” Once you experience their cuisine, there will be “times and times again.”

Sheriff’s Office looking for these two burglars…

Get away car…

The Carson City Sheriff’s Office Investigation Division is asking for information in several vehicle burglaries in Carson City for the month of October.

On October 8 2019, a vehicle burglary occurred at a trailhead on Golf Club Drive and US Highway 50 West in Carson City. The victim had parked their car at the trailhead and went on a bike ride. Upon returning to their vehicle, they discovered it had been broken into. The victim’s credit cards were used at the Chevron gas station on Mica Drive and Target in Douglas County.

Investigators obtained video surveillance from Chevron and Target. Two male suspects, one African American and the other either a white or Hispanic male were observed using the victim’s credit cards. They were driving what appeared to be a newer black Volkswagen Jetta.

The Carson City Sheriff’s Office reminds the public to not leave valuables in their vehicles such as wallets, purses, credit card and firearms in vehicles while especially at park and rides and trailheads

Anyone with information is encouraged to contact the Carson City Sheriff’s Office, Dispatch
(775) 887-2677, Investigation Division, Detective Sam Hatley (775)283-7852, Investigations Captain Brian Humphrey (775)283-7850 or Secret Witness (775)322-4900

Case # 2019-6983

NV AG takes federal government to the woodshed over immigration work permit issues

Attorney General Ford Wants Trump Administration to Withdraw Proposal Preventing Asylum-Seekers’ Ability to Access Work Permits

Carson City, NV Nevada Attorney General Aaron D. Ford has joined a coalition of 19 attorneys general in filing a comment letter opposing a Trump Administration proposal that would significantly hinder the ability of asylum-seekers to access work permits. Currently, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has 30 days to review asylum-seekers’ work permit applications following their submission. However, under the proposed rule, USCIS would completely eliminate that timeframe, forcing asylum-seekers to potentially wait indefinitely to find out if they will be authorized to work. The Trump Administration’s proposal would directly harm Nevada’s communities and ignores the vital economic contributions of immigrants throughout the country.

“Those seeking asylum in Nevada and around the country are already faced with many challenges and obstacles,” said AG Ford. “Delaying decisions on their work permits only makes their adjustment to life in the United States that much more difficult. Here in Nevada, we welcome new members of our community, especially those in dire need of assistance.”

Under the current system, asylum-seekers can apply for a work permit or Employment Authorization Document if their asylum application has been pending for 150 days. Once they file their application for employment authorization, USCIS must act on it within 30 days. Currently, 96 percent of work permit applications are handled within the regulatory timeframe. Nevertheless, USCIS is seeking to create further delays in the existing system. In fact, the proposed rule would result in a 21 percent drop in timely adjudications, which according to USCIS’ own estimates would result in up to nearly $775 million in lost compensation annually. Forcing asylum-seekers to wait even longer than they currently do before being able to legally work will negatively affect Nevada’s economy. Immigrant households contribute billions of dollars in state and local taxes every year and play an integral role in ensuring the successes of Nevada’s economy.

The proposed rule also threatens asylum-seekers and their families by making them more likely to seek work through exploitative employers in the underground economy. Moreover, asylum-seekers without a stable income source are less likely to be able to hire an attorney, which can disrupt their ability to successfully establish a legitimate asylum claim.

In addition to Nevada, attorneys general from the following states are also included in today’s comment letter: California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Iowa, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Vermont, Virginia, Washington and the District of Columbia.

Merchandise Theft Ring Operation Busted by Carson City Sheriff’s Deputies

Carson City Sheriff Deputies and Investigators have broken up a store theft operation that saw merchandise stolen from local merchants and then sold on the black market for up to 50% of their sales price.

According to Carson City Sheriff’s Deputies, suspect Angela Bowman, 28, of Carson City, would go into local hardware stores and place small power tools in her carrying case. She had a way to trick the store’s theft-detection system which allowed her to walk right out with hundreds of dollars worth of power tools which she would later sell to her “black market dealer” for either money or drugs. The “dealer” was later identified as Ryan Riggs, 31, of Carson City.

Reports say this went on for some time. But eventually sheriff’s deputies caught up with both of them and they were arrested and jailed: Riggs for running a burglary ring, possession of stolen property, theft, drug sales and paraphernalia. He was jailed on $80,000 bail. Bowman was arrested for theft, burglary, petit larceny, possession of methamphetamine, heroin and drug paraphernalia. Her bail was set to just under $70,000. Authorities prefer that the news media does not reveal Angela Bowman’s little “trick” to get merchandise out of the store without out setting off shoplifting alarms.  Merchants, heads-up out there.


Detached garage on South Edmonds all but destroyed – No injuries

Detached garage fire breaks out Friday afternoon at 4920 So. Edmonds

Owner inside the house unharmed. Garage goes up in flames with auto inside.

Firefighters knock down the fire – building appears to be a total loss – probably the vehicle as well.

Firefighters kept an adjacent travel trailer cool and no damage to the adjacent home across the driveway. Cause is under investigation.

Celebrating Veterans Day in our schools…

LCDR Robert Bledsaw, Retired

Carson City Schools Salute Veterans with Events and Displays 

Carson City (Nov. 7) — Carson City students a recognizing and honoring military men and women this week with Veteran’s Day displays and events. Veterans from all branches of military service, as well as families of students, have been encouraged to attend events today, tomorrow and Tuesday. Campus visitors should check in at the front office at each school site.

“Providing students with opportunities to recognize the sacrifices others make is highly beneficial at both school and at home,” said Richard Stokes, superintendent. “Appreciation is not a difficult skill to execute. Patriotic events and displays like these fill many with gratitude, which in turn makes us happier, more likeable and healthier.”

Carson Middle School celebrated Veteran’s Day earlier this morning with a special ‘Veteran’s Salute Concert’ where the school choir and marching band performed a selection of patriotic songs to thank all of the brave men and woman who have formerly or currently served in the U.S. military. Among other planned events, below are listed start times and locations:

Fritsch Elementary School, 504 Bath Street

Veteran’s Day Ceremony, tonight, Thursday, Nov. 7, at 5:10 p.m., in the multipurpose room. The Salute to Veterans will feature a music program offered by first grade students. Students are encouraged to wear red, white and blue.

Eagle Valley Middle School, 4151 East Fifth Street

Vet Star Wall display, Friday through Tuesday, Nov. 8-12, in the main corridor of the school. Submitted and displayed on stars, the names of students’ family and friends who served in the armed forces will shine bright at Eagle Valley Middle School.  

Bordewich-Bray Elementary School, 110 Thompson Street

Veteran’s Day Ceremony, Friday, Nov. 8, 8:35 a.m., in the back of the school by the flagpole. Students are encouraged to wear red, white, blue or camouflage. 

Fremont Elementary School, 1511 Firebox Road

Veteran’s Day Assembly, Friday, Nov. 8, 10 a.m., in the multipurpose room. The event will be hosted by the fifth grade leadership team. 

Mark Twain Elementary School, 2111 Carriage Crest Drive

Veteran’s Day Ceremony, Friday, Nov. 8, 8:35 a.m., out front by the flagpole.

Seeliger Elementary School, 2800 South Saliman Road

Veteran’s Day Concert, Tuesday, Nov. 12, 9 a.m., in the multipurpose room. The event will feature an all-school choir, snacks and more.


Virtual Kidnapping Phone SCAM!

Virtual Kidnapping Phone Scam

Captain Brian Humphrey
Carson City Sheriff’s Office

The Carson City Sheriff’s Office has recently seen an increase in what is known as a “Virtual Kidnapping Scheme”. This is where criminals call unsuspecting people on their cell phone, based on research, and convince them they have kidnapped a family member, demanding a ransom be paid quickly.

The caller will use deception and threats of violence to convince the victim they are holding a family member hostage. Then the caller will demand the victim to electronically pay funds for the release of the family member. The caller will go to great lengths to keep the victim on the phone insisting they remain on the line the entire time of the transaction. They will also instruct the victim not to notify law enforcement or harm will be done to their family member.

The caller uses a method known as “spoofing” which is a technique to disguise their real phone number and make it look like any number they want. The caller will demand the victim respond to a nearby financial institution to withdraw a large amount of money. They will then instruct the victim to transfer money to them in some fashion.

Carson City Sheriff’s Deputies have responded to several of these calls during the past few weeks while the victims were still at the banks. Thankfully, the banks reacted quickly and reported this to our agency. When deputies arrived they learned the victim was still talking with the suspects on the phone. The victims were convinced the caller had their family member due to someone screaming/yelling/crying in the background. The suspect also knew personal information including names of family members. In each incident deputies were able to calm the situation down, obtain information on the alleged kidnapped victim, and then make contact, verifying they were safe and not being held against their will.

These types of scams have been around for a long time. Similar scams involve the caller stating your loved one has been involved in a terrible accident or is in jail needing money right away. In all of these situations the public should notify law enforcement immediately for assistance. Do not send money! First find a way to contact the family member in question. While we will never say never, we have found in all of the incidents reported to us the family member has been safe and was not being harmed.

If you receive a call from someone demanding money for a ransom, the following are some actions to consider:

* Stay calm.
* Slow the situation down.
* Avoid sharing information about you or your family during the call.
* Listen carefully to the voice of the “kidnapped” victim.
* Attempt to call or determine the location of the “kidnapped” victim.
* Request to speak to the victim.
* Ask questions for which only the victim would know answers; have a family code word.
* Request the kidnapped victim call back from his/her cell phone.
* Try to use another means of contacting the family member that has allegedly been kidnapped.

Also, consider:

* Avoid placing personal information on social media
* Promptly update computers and mobile devices
* Have strong passwords for websites and change them frequently
* Use only trusted website and apps
* Allow unknown telephone numbers to go to voicemail (and set a password for your voicemail account)
* Talk to your phone company about call blocking tools and check into apps that you can download to your mobile device

The majority of these calls are originating from outside of the country. With the ability to spoof phone numbers it makes it nearly impossible to investigate or prosecute these types of scams on the local law enforcement level. Prevention and proactively protecting your personal information is critical.