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Preserving Mother Earth…and Nevada too!

Lookin’ pretty good there fellas!!!

October 12, 2021
Construction Update 
Curry Street is open to one-way northbound traffic between 5th and Musser.Pedestrian detours will also be in place. Please plan accordingly.The 3rd Street Parking lot will be closed for the month of October while the parking lot is reconstructed. The parking lot will be re-opened for the last weekend of October and the Nevada Day Parade.Street parking on Curry is available where it is signed (currently available just north of 2nd Street). Additional street parking on Curry will be made available as work allows.

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It’s that life-expanding moment again!

Message from WNC

If you were too busy and missed the start of fall semester at Western Nevada College or you want to add a class or two, the college has you covered. Register now for short-term classes.

Applied Industrial Technology (AIT 101 and 155), American Sign Language, Business Administration and Management, Computer Information Technology, Counseling, Drafting, Communication, Education, Educational Psychology, Political Science, and more are being offered starting in late October.

Most of the classes offered are online, but several are in person. They are worth full credit and will last approximately eight weeks.

Check out the class options at

For information about becoming a student at WNC, go here.

Large traffic crash near Spooner Summit – several cars involved

7:45pm  Several cars have crashed near the top of Spooner on Highway 50 – one car reportedly lost control on the snow and ice going eastbound and several cars behind also collided among themselves.  No word on injuries.  Road conditions are slick with ice and slow.  Douglas Fire-Rescue is enroute as well as Nevada Highway Patrol.

7:53pm  Reports now indicate that there are up to NINE vehicles involved.

8:06pm  There are traffic crashes (plural) up and down Spooner.  There doesn’t appear to be any serious injuries.   Crashes run from the Douglas County line  to Golf Club Drive.

8:32pm  Appears there have been several injuries but not life threatening according to reports from the scene.

8:36pm  Sounds like more crashes are occurring.

The CC Planning Commission’s approval of a slaughter house on Highway 50, very near large neighborhoods

The views and/or opinions of the submitter of this editorial, Carson City resident Maxine Nietz, do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of and its staff.  The content of Ms. Nietz’s  editorial is strictly her own.


The Planning Commission’s approval of the slaughterhouse on Highway 50 is a step toward a decision to be considered by the CC Board of Supervisors.  It is up to the Supervisors to make the FINAL decision.  

It is unconscionable that the Planning Commission allowed a substantial change to the application and approved this item over the objections of many Carson City citizens. Most of the people in favor of this proposal were from other jurisdictions, including a Douglas County Planning Commissioner (they dis-approved of this item). An additional public hearing was clearly indicated with the changes suggested by the applicant, but the Planning Commission chose to ignore the public. Who do they answer to?

The applicant uses the euphemistic term animal processing facility instead of slaughterhouse. Do they think the citizens of Carson City can’t see through that? 

The staff report requires the use of Brick Road as entry/egress via Sheep Drive. This road is privately owned, as is Detroit Road. The staff report further requires Brick Road to be brought up to city standards. No agreement between the applicant and the owners of Brick Road granting access or guaranteeing the necessary upgrades was presented to the city or to the public. Therefore, Brick Road cannot be considered an access to this project until such agreement is reached and presented.

This slaughterhouse will be near residences and destroy peoples’ lives. Several years ago, Carson City passed the Quality of Life initiative and now they are trying to destroy it. The people of Carson City have worked hard to improve downtown, save our river for recreation, and make our city into a tourist-friendly town. New entryways into our city, including the Eagle at the south end, the new hospital campus at the north end and the roundabout at the south entrance to downtown (paid for by taxpayers) have been established to enhance our city. This slaughterhouse at the east entrance is a travesty and a slap in the face of all who have worked on Carson City’s future.

The Planning Commission ignored the statements of nearby residents as to the effect on the peaceful enjoyment of their homes as well as the statements in CCMC itself. (CCMC 18.02.15: The purpose of Title 18 is to promote the health, safety and general welfare of Carson City’s citizens … And CCMC Will not be detrimental to the use, peaceful enjoyment, economic value, or development of surrounding properties or the general neighborhood; and is compatible with, and preserves, the character and integrity of adjacent development and neighborhoods or includes improvements or modifications either on-site or within the public right-of-way to mitigate development related to adverse impacts such as noise, vibrations, fumes, odors, dust, glare or physical activity).

While I am being required to submit this document by October 11, 2021, the minutes of the Planning Commission meeting of September 29, 2021, including the final conditions of approval, are not yet posted to the web. This impedes my ability to file a truly complete report.

Maxine Nietz, Carson City resident

CC Board of Supervisors give the green light to 34 Townhome development at Clearview and Silver Sage

34 Townhomes coming up out of the ground at Clearview and Silver Sage

The Carson City Board of Supervisors has given the green light to a major new housing development at Clearview and Silver Sage – 34 single family homes on nearly three acres on the northwest corner of the intersection.  The Carson City Board of Supervisors voted for the project which is now just getting underway.  It’ll be a race between fall and winter in getting such an ambitious effort pretty much wrapped up by winter.    Carson City on the grow….

Explosion reported behind the Whiskey Tavern at 3481 Hwy 50E

What may have been a transient behind The Whiskey Tavern at 3481 Highway 50 East was loaded into a Carson City Ambulance and then Care Flighted for a quick ride to Renown in Reno.  Details are sketchy but it appears there may have been an explosion among barbecue devices behind the tavern.

Victim loaded into CC Ambulance to meet up with Care Flight for a quick ride to Renown in Reno.  More details as they’re released.

CC Law Enforcement and others raid a house on Gordon

Sheriff’s investigators on Gordon Avenue, East CC Friday evening.

Carson City Sheriff’s investigators are going over a home with a fine tooth comb on Gordon Street in east Carson City, right off Fairview. Sheriff’s Deputies got word that there may be drugs in a house. The first going over deputies didn’t find anything illegal but may have discovered substances that might be high-end illegal drugs.

Upon continued examination law enforcement found drugs that are not common but are illegal to manufacture without a license.