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Walk to School Day!

Walk to School Day
Stopping off at the Governor’s Mansion

International Walk to School Day is a global event that involves communities from more than 40 countries walking and biking to school on the same day. It began in 1997 as a one-day event. Over time, it has become part of a movement for year-round safe routes to school and a celebration each October. Today, thousands of schools across the country – from all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico – participate every October.

In conjunction with Nevada Moves Day, a statewide event held in March each year, the day celebrates the fun and benefits of walking and bicycling to school. It also encourages K-8 students, school staff and families to get physically active.

CC Parks and Recreation Commission gets an eyeful…

Teen-ager Jacob Buddwill presented to the Carson City Parks and Recreation Commission Tuesday evening his Eagle Scout project at Carson River Park. Jacob told the commission he wants to to improve the park’s appearance. In his presentation, Jacob shared his proposals to re-paint and landscape the Monument Sign, replace the faded Aquatic Trail sign, replace faded interpretive signs, and re-level some picnic tables that were damaged by flooding. Trails Coordinator Gregg Berggren is the staff lead who is assisting with the planning and project implementation.

The Parks and Recreation Commission was very receptive to Eagle Scout Jacob Budd’s proposal.  They gave it their blessing and is sure to receive the same go-ahead from the Carson City Board of Supervisors.  This project comes on the heels of a very recent project by another Carson City Eagle Scout who supervised the restoration of our town’s emblem on “C” Hill that overlooks Carson City from the West.  They not only re-arranged the rocks to re-configure the letter ‘C’ but they also repainted all the rocks with a fresh coat of white paint so that it can be read not only from many miles away, but possibly from the U.S. Space Station high above the Earth.

End of Kings Canyon, entry to Kings Canyon Falls area.

Parks and Recreation Commissioners then dove in to a somewhat controversial plan to upgrade the parking area for those who like to hike beyond the end of Kings Canyon Road.  There is a dirt and gravel parking area from which to begin their hike up to the falls.  Nearby is a portable restroom and a turn-around area.  Trouble is, it’s a very popular hike-origination spot to the falls and points beyond – all of which is quite up-hill. But there’s more difficulty with the site in that very close homes and driveways that are frequently blocked by well-intentioned hikers but also late night and week-end “party people.”  They not only overcrowd the area, some take it upon themselves to be boisterous and play their car stereo systems quite loud – especially all hours of the weekend.

Beyond the loud parties and occasional fist fights, there are fears among the neighbors that in the event of an earthquake or rapid snow-melt flooding, that their “escape route” could be blocked by cars thereby preventing their own evacuation.

City staff assured the commission that they are formulating improvements to the Kings Canyon turn-around area which will up-grade and relocate the restroom facilities.  The commissioners lauded staff’s effort and said they are eager to receive and review staff’s final plans to ensure the reconstruction of the turn-around area is what everyone can agree to.

The Parks and Recreation Commission was also presented with the improvements made to the Schulz Park development at the southeast end of town.  Besides new homes surrounding it, here are some park amenities the city has installed…



Kitchen fire Monday night puts a scare into apartment dwellers on So. Harbin Street

Kitchen fire in apartment at 217 So. Harbin, Apt 5

Tenant put food on stove, fell asleep on the couch. Woke up to smoke.

Carson City Firefighters raced to the scene of a reported apartment fire at 217 So. Harbin Monday night. It was shortly after 9pm that the fire was reported in apartment 5. Preliminary evaluation indicates that a tenant in the apartment put food in a pan and put it on the stove.  Unfortunately, he turned around and fell asleep on the couch. The tenant awoke to flames coming from the stove and called the fire department. Quick acting firefighters put the fire out before any major damage could set in. Smoke damage looked minimal.

Moral of the story – If you’re going to sleep don’t cook. If you’re going to cook, don’t sleep.

Goal of CC School District: Improve Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety at, to and from School

Safety Review Study Set to Improve Bicycle & Pedestrian Safety at Schools

 — Beginning October 1, parents, families and teachers may see drones flying above and around their schools during morning student drop-off or afternoon pick-up. The Carson City School District is working with Carson City government officials to conduct a safety review study designed to improve bicycle and pedestrian safety in school zones.

Headway Transportation, a transportation planning and design firm, will use the drones to capture bird’s-eye footage during high-traffic times at each school. Using an aerial perspective, they hope to identify pinch-points and overall circulation around the school. They will conduct surveys using drones of each site on the following days.

  • Carson Middle School – October 1 (Afternoon) and October 2 (Morning)
  • Empire Elementary School – October 4 (Afternoon) and October 8 (Morning)
  • Fremont Elementary School – October 9 (Morning) and October 11 (Afternoon)
  • Fritsch Elementary School – October 8 (Afternoon) and October 17 (Morning)
  • Eagle Valley Middle School – October 10 (Morning) and October 9 (Afternoon)
  • Seeliger Elementary School – October 10 (Afternoon) and October 11 (Morning)
  • Bordewich Bray Elementary School – October 15 (Afternoon) and October 16 (Morning)
  • Mark Twain Elementary School – October 15 (Morning) and October 16 (Afternoon)

The results from the studies will be incorporated into a master plan of future safety improvements and educational efforts aimed at making walking and biking to school safer. The effort is focused on encouraging students to walk or bike to school.

Headway Transportation has assured the school district the drone pilot will work with the Carson City Airport to notify them of each flight.

Vehicle fire on 395 1 mile north of Airport Road – Turned out was just a smoking blown tire.

2:27pm. Report of a vehicle fire on northbound Highway 395 a mile north of Airport Road.  Watch for emergency responders.  There’s also a report that a hay truck might be involved in some way.  Fire caused by a bad wheel on a vehicle according to a report from the scene.

2:30pm. Arriving firefighters find that there wasn’t a fire – just a blown tire.

Congressman Mark Amodei – He’ll await the arrival of all the evidence before he makes up his mind…

During an over-the-phone news conference with Nevada news reporters this week Nevada’s lone republican Congressman said that he favors the investigation of President Trump’s actions surrounding the Ukraine controversy.  “But I’m not going to say one way or the other whether I’ll vote to impeach him.  All the facts aren’t in yet.”

Amodei, Nevada’s only republican in the Congress, said there was confusion over what he meant last week when he indicated he supports the INQUIRY on grounds for impeachment – not IMPEACHMENT itself.  Amodei says he wants the full impeachment investigation to be on the table before he casts his vote with the rest of the House of Representatives.

State Education Committee says…”It’s time to overhaul education funding….”

Governor Steve Sisolak
“Nevada needs to catch up…”

The recently created Nevada Commission on School Funding has started to roll up their sleeves on how to improve education funding in the state.  The current funding formulas are literally over a half-century old.  The commission met Friday for the first time and claimed they’re prepared to revamp the way Nevada raises education funding and how to target student groups that have been falling behind.  The Commission says streamlining funding and being transparent about it will vastly improve the fuel that runs our state’s K-12 schools.

Governor Steve Sisolak has been raising the bar over his own frustrations over anemic levels of spending for Nevada students who have a huge challenge in meeting employment demands nationwide. High tech, high tech, high tech. Yet there are student groups who barely speak English at one end of the spectrum with many gifted and talented students on the other. Disparities in family incomes and children coming home to empty dwellings caused by the absolute requirement that both parents work, are also taking a toll on Nevada students.

The 11 member Commission is tasked with guiding the Department of Education’s work so that there will be noticeable educational improvements by the end of the 2021 school year.