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Attorney General Ford Joins Coalition Fighting -Discrimination Against Transgender Students in Schools.

AG Aaron Ford
NV Attorney General


  • Aaron D. Ford, Attorney General

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Attorney General Ford Joins Coalition Fighting -Discrimination Against Transgender Students in Schools.

Coalition Files Amicus Brief Challenging Florida School District Policy Prohibiting Transgender Students from Using Bathrooms Corresponding with Gender Identity.

Carson City, NV – Today, Attorney General Aaron D. Ford joined a multi-state coalition of 23 attorneys general in filing an amicus brief in the case of Adams v. School Board of St. Johns County in support of Drew Adams, a transgender male who was prohibited from using the boys’ bathroom at a school he attended in St. Johns County, Florida.

“Transgender Americans must not be discriminated against, and denying transgender students access to the correct bathroom is blatantly discriminatory, disrespectful and harmful,” said AG Ford. “Intolerance has no place anywhere, especially in schools, where students must be treated with dignity and respect. Non-cisgender students must feel supported and included, and policies such as the one that affected Mr. Adams run directly counter to those principles.”

Adams argues that the school’s policy of prohibiting him from using the boys’ bathroom violated his constitutional rights under the 14th Amendment’s Equal Protection Clause, as well as his rights under Title IX of the Education Amendments Act of 1972. The brief supports Adams in these assertions.

Adams was prohibited from using the boys’ bathroom at Nease High School in Ponte Vede, Florida while he was a student, despite being treated as a boy in every other way at the school. The coalition argues that the only function of the school’s exclusionary policy is to stigmatize a particular group, thereby violating Title IX.

Exclusionary policies such as denying the right to the correct bathroom can affect the well-being of transgender students, who already face widespread discrimination. In the 2015 U.S. Transgender Survey (USTS), 77% of respondents who were known or perceived as transgender in grades K-12 reported negative experiences at school, including being harassed or attacked. These attacks ranged from verbal harassment to physical attacks to sexual assault.

In the brief, the attorneys general argue that discrimination on the basis of gender identity causes economic, educational, emotional and health harms. The coalition argues that the experiences of states involved show that policies that are inclusionary of transgender people lead to significant individual and societal benefits without jeopardizing student safety or privacy.

Joining AG Ford in filing today’s brief are the attorneys general of California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Oregon,  Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia, Washington and the District of Columbia.


  • Aaron D. Ford, Attorney General

Telephone – (775) 684-1100

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Traffic Crash at Highway 50 and Flint

2.58pm  Two car crash at Highway 50 at Flint.  One serious injury.  Careflight on standby.  Traffic backing up.

3:05pm  Careflight is summoned to the area.  Arrival time about 15 minutes.

3:06pm  Traffic is backed up. 

3:07pm  Rescue has called for another ambulance.

3:11pm   Law Enforcement orders Careflight to land on Flint Road.

3:31pm   Careflight is on the ground to load-up the injured and fly them to a hospital.

3;36pm  A dog aboard one of the vehicles is injured. 

3:38pm  Those on the scene say the dog will likely be transferred to a canine medical facility.

3:39pm  Animal Control will soon me on their way to the scene.

3:40pm   Careflight is off the ground and enroute to a hospital.

Update on Double-Fatal Traffic Crash at So. 395 and Spooner (Hwy 50)

So. Carson and Hwy 50W
2 dead, 4 badly injured, 3 Careflighted to Renown.

Fatal Crash on US-50 at South Carson Street – Updated Report

On Tuesday, November 9, 2021, at approximately 12:47 p.m., Troopers with the Nevada State Police, Highway Patrol Division, responded to an injury crash involving several vehicles on US-50 at the intersection with South Carson Street in Carson City.

Preliminary investigation shows that a white 2017 Ford F-350 Super Duty pickup towing a 44-foot yacht was traveling east on US-50. The Ford F-350 failed to obey a red traffic light and entered the intersection with South Carson Street. The driver of the Ford F-350 was experiencing extreme brake failure traveling down the grade as the payload was approximately 37,000 lbs. (the Ford F-350 was rated at a max payload of 21,000 lbs.).

A silver 2015 GMC Sierra 1500 pickup was traveling south on South Carson Street in the intersection with US- 50 and entered the path of the Ford F-350. The front of the Ford F-350 struck the right side of the GMC Sierra. The Ford F-350 rotated clockwise and separated from the yacht trailer. The yacht trailer continued east through the intersection.

A white 2013 Mercedes Benz GL-Class SUV and a silver 2005 Nissan Xterra SUV were traveling north on South Carson Street in the intersection with US-50. The tongue of the yacht trailer entered the path of the Mercedes Benz. The driver of the Mercedes Benz drove over the tongue of the yacht trailer and the Mercedes Benz burst into flames. The yacht trailer continued east and struck the left side of the Nissan Xterra. The Nissan Xterra rotated clockwise and overturned. Several other vehicles were involved in this crash resulting in minor injuries.

Two passengers from the GMC Sierra (Tana Powell, a 70-year-old Dayton resident and Don Powell, a 74-year- old Dayton resident) ultimately succumbed to their injuries sustained in the crash. A victim from the Nissan Xterra is still in critical condition at an area hospital.

The driver of the Ford F-350, Roney Gonzalez Otazo, is currently in custody at the Carson City Jail. Impairment is not suspected.

This crash is being investigated by the Highway Patrol Division’s Northern Command West Multi-Disciplinary Investigation and Reconstruction Team (M.I.R.T.) – Case #211100660.

Looks like “Life without ever being paroled.”

In a Carson City courtroom Wilber Guzman pleaded guilty to killing four people.  The motivation wasn’t clear.  But Guzman completed his plea agreement with Washoe, Douglas and Carson City on Tuesday, pleading guilty to an array of charges.  The victims’ families didn’t want Guzman to be sentenced to death because it would drag out the legal procedure – possibly for years.  And the victim families just wanted to see Guzman behind bars for the rest of his life – just to get it over with.

Guzman has entered guilty pleas to all charges against him in all three counties.

In Carson City, Guzman was facing eight counts — three burglary charges, four counts of possessing and selling stolen property and one count of possession of a firearm because he is an illegal alien. The maximum penalties on those counts would add up to 54 years.  In Washoe County, which had significantly more charges against him,  Guzman was staring at 80 years in prison and in Douglas County, 70 years behind bars.

Sentences will be levied against Guzman in Carson City sometime in March.

Annual Christmas Bazaar is upon us….

Carson City Library Board of Trustees
Meeting December 3rd

Friends of the Carson City Library/Browsers Corner Report

The Browser Corner Bookstore is doing better than we expected with everything going
on. We have met and passed our projected goal this month. Who knows where we will
land at the end of the year. The turnout has been extraordinary with very loyal customers
which make our volunteers extremely successful.

The staff has everything set up for the Annual Christmas Bazaar, which starts today. We have
author Kinkade DeJoesph, speaking Thursday Night (tonight) at 5:30. In the process of setting up the
Annual Membership Meeting for 2022, we initiated a Board Member Nomination
Committee for two positions; Vice President and Secretary for a 2year commitment. Patti
Fergurson will be the Bookstore Manager to ensure everyone is “on the same page.

Covid-19 is not giving up. People who don’t vaccinate are at their own peril…

Carson City Health and Human Services on Thursday reported seven deaths due to COVID-19 occurred in the Quad County region between Nov. 18 and Nov. 24.  Five deaths were in Carson City and two deaths were in Douglas County. CCHHS also reported 327 new cases, and 340 additional recoveries of COVID-19 in the Quad-County Region.  This brings the total number of cases to 21,437, with 16,355 recoveries and 374 deaths; 4,708 cases remain active.

Total Cases  Active Cases Recoveries Deaths *Population
Carson City 9,291 1,571 7,548 172 56,546
Douglas County 4,977 1,117 3,792 68 49,695
Lyon County 6,946 1,958 4,859 129 57,987
Storey County 223 62 156 5 4,465
Quad-County 21,437 4,708 16,355 374 168,693

*Population information taken from the Nevada Health Response Dashboard found at https://nvhealthresponse.nv.

Carson City had 5 deaths, 110 new cases, and 102 additional recoveries of COVID-19 this week. The current 14-day moving average for Carson City is 9 new cases per day with a 5.8% test positivity rate.

Douglas County had 2 deaths, 70 new cases, and 90 additional recoveries of COVID-19 this week. The current 14-day moving average for Douglas County is 7 new cases per day with a 15.9% test positivity rate.

Lyon County had no deaths, 140 new cases, and 146 additional recoveries of COVID-19 this week. The current 14-day moving average for Lyon County is 11 new cases per day with a 12.1% test positivity rate.

Storey County had 7 new cases and 2 additional recoveries of COVID-19 this week. The current 14-day moving average for Storey County is 0 new cases per day with a 12.9% test positivity rate.

Beware of holiday scams – Callers pretending to be NV Energy…

NV Energy warns utility customers of possible holiday scams

With the holidays approaching, NV Energy reminds customers to be aware of potential utility scams. Common utility scams include individuals falsely representing themselves as NV Energy on the phone, via email or in person and threatening immediate disconnection while demanding immediate payment.

It’s important to remember that NV Energy does not call or email customers to demand immediate payment for any reason.

Customers who may be at risk of having their power disconnected because of nonpayment will receive a 10-day notice on their NV Energy bill and a 48-hour notice via U.S. Mail. NV Energy does not accept payments via Zelle, Venmo, MoneyPak or Bitcoin, and never asks for payment through a QR or bar code. The company will also never ask for your credit card information over the phone.

If customers receive a call demanding an immediate payment and threatening disconnection, they should refuse and call local law enforcement or NV Energy if they have additional questions. Customers can call NV Energy’s 24/7 customer service department in northern Nevada at 775-834-4444 and in southern Nevada at 702-402-5555.

Door-to-door imposters pose as utility workers to gain entry or access. An NV Energy representative will never come to your home offering an unscheduled service. For other services, a technician may knock on your door to alert you of their presence before making repairs or installing equipment but will not need to enter your home. We will never request or receive payment in the field.

Additionally, NV Energy requires field employees and contractors to always wear identification badges and are happy to present their badge and employee number when contacting customers in the field. Employees are never authorized to receive payment in the field.

Visit for more tips and reminders on how to protect yourself from scams.

Report of a fire at an auto dealership at 4251 Highway 50E

8:14pm  Carson City Firefighters jumped into their fire trucks at 8:14 this morning on a report that an auto dealership was full of flames at 4251 Highway 50E.  But upon arrival firefighters saw no flames and jumped out of their rigs to find out what was going on.  What was going on was a garbage truck on the back side of the dealership throwing deep black smoke in the air.  No fire.  Just pickin’ up the trash.