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Letter to the Editor

Clint Koble
Candidate for NV Congressional Dist. 2

The following endorsements for Clint Koble for Congressional District-2 are strictly those of the submitter and do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of the Carson City Journal, its staff or management. They are solely the statements of the submitters.

  • The Culinary Workers Union Local 226
  • Nevada Veteran’s Association
  • Richard Bryan, former U.S. Senator and former Nevada Governor
    • “I endorse Clint Koble for his candidacy in northern Nevada’s 2ndCongressional District. With Clint’s rural background, experience in small business and federal government, and his tenure at USDA as a state director, he understands urban and rural issues. Clint’s work ethic, commitment, and leadership make for a great profile of representation for the citizens of Nevada.”
  • Frankie Sue Del Papa, former Nevada Attorney General
    • “Clint Koble knows Nevada. Clint Koble knows how to work hard for Nevada. Clint Koble also knows how to work well with others to get things done. Let’s send Clint Koble to Congress.”
  • Janice & Patrick Flanagan, former Chair of Washoe Dems and retired Veteran
    • “Our family is pleased to endorse Clint Koble for Congress in 2020. Clint is just who we need as Nevada’s representative in Washington DC. Clint Koble is an honorable truth-teller who exemplifies Nevada family values. Clint will bring our state back to a vibrant economy and help all of Washoe County’s families prosper and move forward to a bright future. Please join our family in voting for Clint Koble for Congress.”
  • Mylan Hawkins, Community Activist
    • “I am pleased to endorse and support Clint Koble for Congress representing CD-2. Clint is uniquely qualified to be our Representative having experience with both of our urban and rural communities. He understand the challenges we face and has the will, commitment, compassion and skill set that will bring us through difficult times and give us a real voice in Congress. Please join me by supporting and voting for Clint Koble.”
  • Jan Lockard, former State and National President of the Woman’s Historical Preservation and Lineage Society
    • “I endorse Clint Koble for Congress because he can be trusted to support the people of Nevada and their concerns; not vote on behalf of big corporations and their special interest PACs. Clint understands business, government, urban and rural concerns. He will fight on issues that benefit women and be responsive to the need for action on climate change.”
  • Brian Melendez, Chair, Nevada Statewide Native American Caucus
    • “We endorse Clint Koble because of his sincere care for Indigenous populations. Under Clint’s leadership, I believe we will see an unprecedented expansion of sovereignty and self-determination for Tribal Peoples of Nevada.”
  • John Scire, PhD and UNR Adjunct Professor of Foreign Policy, Energy Policy and Climate Policy
    • “As an Adjunct Professor of Foreign Policy, Energy Policy and Climate Policy, I am worried for the survival of our democracy under the current President and his current errand boy, Mark Amodei. I very strongly endorse Clint Koble to be our Congressman. He will stand up for Nevadans, for our environment, for our industries, and for employment opportunities for our citizens.  He will ensure that the clean energy industry is not further injured by the current administration which is pulling all support for clean energy and is massively funding the dirty oil and coal industries. Our current congressman never speaks up when the President says stupid things and does things that hurts us Nevadans. He has to go and Clint Koble is the man to replace him and help us Nevadans liver healthy, prosperous lives.”
  • John Shipley, President, American Federation of Musicians Local 368
    • “Clint has decades of leadership experience having worked with small businesses in northern and in rural Nevada. As a businessman in Northern Nevada and an appointee under the Obama administration as state director of the Farm Services Agency, Clint has shown his dedication to the people of Northern Nevada and we need him to be our voice in Congress. I support Clint because of his stand to make healthcare more affordable, help students to pay for college, create a sensible immigration policy, and help workers put bread on the table by increasing the minimum wage and empowering unions to create new collective bargaining units. Clint is a friend to labor and will support issues for musicians and workers in Nevada and nationally. Since the 1980s musicians and entertainers in Nevada, and through the country have been overlooked and unpaid. Thanks you Clint, for being the only candidate to show interest in the plight of musicians in Northern Nevada…”
  • Chris Wicker, Chair Emeritus of the Washoe Dems, former Vice Chair of the State Democratic Party
    • “I have known Clint for many years and I greatly admire his work ethic and knowledge of the issues facing Nevada and this country. As the Chair Emeritus of the Washoe County Dems, former Vice Chair of the State Party, and a former DNC member, I have seen a lot of candidates. Clint is particularly well qualified to serve Nevada. I unreservedly endorse his candidacy.”


Candidate Distinctions

  • Candidate Distinction,  Moms Demand Action


‘Tis the season for the Carson City Farmers Market

Carson Farmers Market Rules and Procedures for COVID-19 2020

Faced with the COVID 19 Pandemic, we remain committed to creating and maintaining the highest quality venue while incorporating a win-win-win philosophy for the growers, vendors and our faithful public. Traditionally, Farmers’ Markets are places of social gathering and community. Markets are also where we find fresh produce, local meats, tasty food, handcrafted items, gourmet foods, and unique home businesses.  But the current COVID requirement for social distancing challenges the traditional Farmers’ Market model. In fact, we now find ourselves 180 degrees from that norm.  Given this circumstance, the management and vendors must do all we can to make the best of the situation.  If there is a silver lining, it is twofold: First, Farmers’ Markets are considered essential; and second, the timing of this disruption is prior to the height of Nevada’s Market season. 

Nevertheless, the following guidelines will be in place immediately and include social distancing, restricted food handling, and restricted monetary handling.
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Natural Gas Leak: 4181 Conte Drive

11:24am  Report of a natural gas leak at 4181 Conte Drive.  A construction crew accidentally hit a natural gas line.  Southwest Gas is enroute to the scene to stop it.

11:26am  Conte is shut down from Valley View to Fairview.

11:29am  Southwest Gas says they will arrive on scene at 11:40am

11:33am  Southwest Gas arrives on scene.

11:34am  It’s a half-inch natural gas line that’s been damaged.

11:37am  The gas line has been sealed.  Fire Department and Sheriff’s Deputies have been released from the scene.  Repairs underway.

Carson City man arrested for alleged sex crimes on a girl under the age of 14

Kahlil Williams
Sexual Crimes

The Carson City Sheriff’s Office, in coordination with the Carson City District Attorney, is releasing the photograph of Kahlil Deshaun Williams, 24. Williams remains in the Carson City Detention Facility on the charges of Kidnapping, Attempted Sexual Assault of a Minor Under 14, Lewdness With a Minor Under 14, and False Imprisonment. His bail is $250,000.

Williams was taken into custody on May 4th, based on detailed information provided by the victim of an alleged abduction that took place earlier in the day. At the time Williams was taken into custody, Detectives, in concurrence with the District Attorney, believed, that the release of his photograph could have unduly hampered the investigation, and therefore delayed the release of his photograph until this date.

Williams has an extensive residency in the California Bay Area, and he is known to have lived in or frequented the Reno, Sparks, Carson City areas for several years. He has family who reside in Carson City and he may have been in the Carson community for a limited time before the alleged abduction took place near his family’s residence. He has an extensive arrest history, including acts of Domestic Violence and Fugitive From Justice.

It has been alleged that Williams was in the area of his family’s residence on Hot Springs Road when he abducted a minor under the age of 14 and took her to a location where he attempted to sexually assault her. The minor was later released and reported the incident to her family who in turn contacted authorities. Detectives worked throughout the day confirming the information that was disclosed and by late afternoon were able to provide a public safety press information release. Within minutes of the release, the Sheriff’s Office received information that a person matching the description provided was in Mills Park near the skate park frequented by juveniles. Contact was made with Williams and Detectives were able to confirm sufficient information that provided them with probable cause to arrest Williams.

Anyone with information associated with the arrest of Kahlil Williams is asked to contact the Carson City Sheriff’s Office at 887-COPS (2677).

Ken Furlong, Sheriff
911 East Musser Street
Carson City, NV 89701

Office: 775-283-7800
Fax: 775-887-2026

While the country suffers the CoronaVirus, our young people are reaching for tomorrow and beyond….

Carson High FBLA Students Win State Awards

Carson City, Nev. (May 11, 2020) — Nearly two dozen Carson High School (CHS) Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) students claimed more than 40 top-ten awards including five state championships at the Nevada State Business Leadership Conference. The conference was previously scheduled to be held in Reno, but due to COVID-19 social distancing restrictions, the event was held digitally.

Any student placing in any of the top four spots qualified them for the National Business Leadership Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah. Again, due to COVID-19, the national conference has also been switched to a virtual format.

The State Final Award Session was held Friday, May 8, and the following students were recognized. The final awards ceremony for nationals will be at the end of June.
Nevada FBLA Alumni of the Year: Hannah Golik (CHS Class of 2018)
Nevada FBLA Who’s Who Award: Kiana Martinez
National Business Honor Roll Awards:
Jaden Anderson
Serena Dantzle
Bahar Jazani
Heba Syeddah
Carlos Alberto Torres
Abby Golik
Kiana Martinez
Gloria Valdenegro
5th Place for CHS FBLA in Chapter Sweeptstakes
Nevada Advisor of the Year: Angila Golik

“These students are to be commended for their business skills and putting forth the effort to compete even though so much of the event was completely differ3ent from what any of them had experienced before,” said Angila Golik, American Government teacher and FBLA advisor at Carson High School. “Congratulations to all the Carson High School FBLA members for their awards.”

Future Business Leaders of America-Phi Beta Lambda, Inc. (FBLA-PBL) is the largest career student business organization in the world. Each year, FBLA-PBL helps more than 230,000 members prepare for careers in business. FBLA-PBL inspires and prepares students to become community-minded business leaders in a global society through relevant career preparation and leadership experiences. FBLA’s programs focus on:
Leadership Development — members develop essential soft skills by holding chapter officer positions at the local, state and national levels; by networking with accomplished business professionals and by participating in business-focused workshops, seminars and academic competitions.
Academic Competitions — members demonstrate their business expertise at high-profile regional, state, and national competitive events. The top students are recognized with trophies and cash awards.
Educational Programs — members create career portfolios, enhance their knowledge with world-recognized skills certifications and have access to select college scholarships.

Results: Nevada FBLA State Business Leadership Conference 2020
3rd: Kiana Martinez
8th: Bradley Wiggins
7th: Bita Jazani
Banking & Financial Systems:
5th: Kiana Martinez
Business Calculations:
3rd: Bradley Wiggins
7th: Jens Robison
Business Communications:
1st (State Champion): Carlos Torres
9th: Will Breeding
10th: Heba Seyeddah
Business Ethics
4th: Heba Syeddah
Business Plan:
5th: Walker MacKenzie, Bradley Wiggins, Jens Robison
Client Service:
3rd: Abby Golik
4th: Bahar Jazani
6th: Makayla Mueller
8th: Christofer Palacio
9th: Jaden Anderson
Cyber Security
6th: Jaden Anderson
7th: Walker Mackenzie
Graphic Design
7th: Berenice Ramirez
Health Care Administration
4th: Abby Golik
Impromptu Speaking
1st (State Champion): Carlos Torres
9th: Sam Nichols
10th: Clayton Bensmiller
Intro to Business Communication
7th: Naomi Nguyen
Introduction to Business Presentation
8th: Naomi Nguyen and Macie Wilson
Introduction to Public Speaking
3rd: Erin Peterson
Job Interview:
1st (State Champion): Kiana Martinez
2nd: Gloria Valdenegro
4th: Abby Golik
8th: Rebecca Howard
Organizational Leadersip
3rd: Bahar Jazani
4th: Heba Seyeddah
6th: Bita Jazani
Personal Finance:
1st: (State Champion): Jens Robison
5th: Clayton Bensmiller
8th: Gloria Valdenegro
Publication Design:
1st (State Champion): Makayla Mueller
9th: Will Breeding, Serena Dantzler, & Carlos Torres
Public Speaking
4th: Gloria Valdenegro
Sports & Entertainment Management:
3rd: Ryan Lawlor, Walker Mackenzie, Christofer Palacio

For more information about CHS FBLA, contact advisor Angila Golik at

Protect Communities From Disaster – Like the one already plaguing us…

Extreme weather stops for no virus. At a time when we must keep our distance from each other and isolate ourselves in our homes, flooding, hurricanes, and other extreme weather events that threaten our communities are particularly worrisome.

This spring and summer, the ramifications of COVID-19 could be worsened by flooding, wildfires, hurricanes, and heatwaves.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and other federal agencies are already stretched thin providing response and recovery to help communities around the country, and will be further strained from compounding extreme weather events projected for this spring and into the summer.

Urge your representative to prioritize robust funding for FEMA and the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) pre-disaster mitigation programs in future federal economic recovery and relief packages.

Some parts of the United States are already facing flooding and extreme heat conditions, which will likely worsen across the nation. By funding these federal programs as part of our nation’s economic recovery efforts, Congress can ensure resources are going to prepare communities most in need, including African American, Latinx, and Native American communities that are experiencing the brunt of the pandemic.

Tell your legislator to support federal funding for FEMA, HUD, and other federal pre-disaster mitigation programs to minimize compounding extreme weather and COVID-19 impacts to communities, and specifically direct resources to tribes, low-income, and otherwise underserved communities.

With adequate funding, these programs can help alleviate some of the burdens on already affected communities, and minimize impacts of extreme weather across the country.

Take Action!

Yours sincerely,
Union of Concerned Scientists

Sheriff’s Deputies investigate a loud argument that ended in gunfire at Carson and William Streets

An argument broke out Friday night between a driver in a red car and a motorcycle rider at William and Carson Streets. The driver of the red car pulled out a gun and fired a shot. No one was hit.

Deputies talked with the cycle rider who was still on scene.

Deputies searched the area for a possible shell casing but none was found.  The investigation continues.

Construction update on South Carson Street

The Construction Map has been updated to reflect May 11 – 15 cone zone.
5th Street to 10th Street: SNC will be performing sewer work; one lane in each direction will be open, the cone zone will remain in place around-the-clock.
10th Street to Rhodes: SNC will be performing storm drain work; one lane in each direction will be open, the cone zone will remain in place around-the-clock.

Frontage Road is open to two-way traffic. Intermittent closures to Frontage Rd driveways. SNC will maintain at least two points of access onto Frontage Rd.

Sonoma Street at Frontage Road and Carson Street will be closed all week for concrete work. Use alternative streets to access Frontage Road or Carson Street.

Rhodes to Clearview: SNC will be performing multi-use path work; one lane in each direction, the cone zone will remain in place around-the-clock.

Rhodes will be closed for storm drain work on Monday, May 11 – Wednesday, May 13, with southbound detours to Moses St and northbound detours to 10th St. 

 Construction is subject to weather conditions.