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Walmart – not just for shoppinig anymore…

Walmart is expanding it’s “atmospheric attractions” by setting up drive-in movies in their expansive parking lots.  The first movie showings here at the Carson City Walmart runs August 14th, 7:30pm with “Spy Kids.”  Other movies include Marooned and Spiderman into the Spider-verse.   Drive-in parking starts at 6pm with the main movie event beginning at 7:30pm.  By the way NO ALCOHOL CONSUMPTION IS ALLOWED.  By the way, tickets are free but you have to pick them up inside the store well in advance of the movie.

Before each movie, Walmart previously said that it should show “one of a number of short films, including ‘Bilby,’ ‘Bird Karma,’ ‘Brooklyn Breeze,’ ‘CROW: The Legend,’ ‘Fire in Cardboard City,’ ‘INVASION!,’ ‘Looney Tunes’ Boo! Appetweet’ and ‘Marooned.”

Covid-19 Virus Update

Coronavirus Update nameplate

August 4, 2020

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Oregonians will continue to receive increased food benefits in August

The Oregon Department of Human Services has received approval by the federal Food and Nutrition Service to continue in August to provide increased food benefits and waive the interview requirement for new applicants – making it faster and easier for Oregonians to access benefits.

This will result in an additional $30 million to eligible Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) recipients in August 2020.

“As the pandemic continues, access to food has worsened greatly,” said Self-Sufficiency Programs Deputy Director Claire Seguin. “Providing another month of emergency assistance will help ease the threat of chronic hunger in Oregon.”

SNAP households will automatically receive the additional allotment in the same way they receive their current benefits. For most customers this is an EBT card. The additional benefit amount will be disbursed on the schedule below to all eligible SNAP households.

Description of household receiving emergency allotmentNo additional action is needed from Oregonians already enrolled in SNAP. The increase brings all households to the maximum SNAP benefit. Households that already receive the maximum benefit will not receive any additional benefits.


Governor Sisolak rolls out the heavy artillery against the Corona-19 Virus

Gov. Steve Sisolak
Monitoring Covid 19 situation

Governor Steve Sisolak, finding out there’s no nice way to politely get rid of the Corona Virus, has launched a very targeted strategy against people who walk around like they’re not going to get the disease and yet they come down with it – and spread it around more.

Governor Sisolak apparently got tired of playing the “nice guy governor” and instead brought out the heavy artillery. The Governor has assembled a team of health related experts and applied lessons learned from around the country that there’s no nice way to slap down the virus.  It takes strong discipline.

Governor Sisolak has formed teams of health and virus experts to fan out across Nevada to track down where the virus is replicating itself. If there’s only a little bit of virus, they track down who’s got it and send them home and tell them to stay there and then get tested again.  Where cases are more common or more severe they send them home for up to two weeks to ensure they’re not spreading the virus even further. And then they also get tested.  Keep in mind we still don’t have a vaccine to stop the spread. From the ‘get-go’ it’s all about testing-testing-testing. And it’s going on more and more – truly the only way we can track down the human sources of the virus.

Casinos, movie theaters, restaurants and family gatherings where there’s not a facemask in sight will be “dealt with accordingly” according to state officials. Most of the time they’re being ordered to hunker-down at home for 14 days to see what happens. Again, medical treatment-mixes work on most Covid-19 victims. Only a small fraction of those infected die.

Again, the central strategy of Governor Sisolak’s “Strike-Team-Covid” is to fan out across the state, assess the spread of the pandemic, put communities and business owners on notice that they must follow the rules on wearing facemasks, even in public, stay six feet away from the nearest human, wash their hands frequently throughout the day and stay away from crowds – ANY CROWDS.

Scientists say developing a vaccine to fight the virus is a giant horse-race around the globe. Something like 30+ vaccine operations are racing to see who can get an effective vaccine to market the quickest. We expect the first vaccine to hit the market sometime before Christmas. Only those that are medically vulnerable will get the first vaccinations. Those without troublesome medical conditions will likely get their inoculations starting in March or April. But some medical sources say it could be sooner depending on how fast the new vaccines are created and distributed.

It’s official: Anyone can vote in Nevada with mail-in ballots

It’s official.  Anyone who is eligible to vote in Nevada now has the right to vote with a “mail in” ballot.  Despite bitter opposition from a number of Republican lawmakers, the Democrats shoved Assembly Bill 4 through the process and on its way to the Governor’s desk for signing.

A number of Republican lawmakers supported President Trump’s claim that mail-in ballots invite ballot corruption although they produced no proof that such behavior is widespread.  Democrats maintain that the Republicans know they’re going to get a shellacking at the polls this fall due to President Trump’s plunge in voter confidence.

All registered voters can count on getting mail-in ballots for the November election much to the relief of many voters who don’t want to stand in crowded lines on election day waiting to vote – while also being exposed to asymmetrically infected voters who don’t even know they’re carrying and spreading the Covid-19 virus.

Federal judge opens the door for immigrant worker access to medical care in the U.S. during Covid-19 pandemic

A federal judge issued new injunctions this week blocking the public charge immigration rule during the COVID-19 pandemic. This will allow immigrant communities across Nevada and the rest of the country to access critical health care and public benefits during the current health crisis.

The public charge rule has worsened health disparities, especially for the Latino community, at a time when they are most hard hit by the lethal coronavirus. Here in Nevada many immigrant families decided not to access public benefits, even leaving their children without health insurance.  The judge’s ruling makes it easier for them to get health care for their families.

Governor Sisolak monitoring the virus, maximum customer numbers in bars, restaurants and casinos

Gov. Steve Sisolak
Monitoring Covid 19 behavior – still enforcing strict rules

From the Governor’s Office

In line with his recent announcement, Governor Steve Sisolak announced he signed Emergency Directive 029 extending previously issued directives that were set to expire on July 31.

This includes continuing statewide standards limiting business occupancy to 50 percent of fire code capacity and limiting gatherings to no more than 50 people. As announced earlier, bars, pubs and taverns in certain Nevada counties identified as having an elevated transmission risk will continue to remain closed as set forth in the directive until it is cancelled.

The directive also allows public agencies to continue their operations safely by extending the state Open Meeting Law providing alternative ways for boards, commissions, and agencies to allow public participation either over the phone or via the internet.

The State will transition to a long-term mitigation strategy for the state of Nevada which will be rolled out this week. The plan will utilize updated criteria based on trends to minimize the week-to-week or day-to-day Covid-19 fluctuations. This will identify which counties are getting better or worse revealing which counties should tighten up or loosen regulatory controls.

A state advisory group of public health, hospital, business enforcement and local government representatives will closely analyze the data for state-wide and local recommendations. They’ll monitor Nevada businesses in order to have advanced notice and understanding on what direction their county could be heading based on updated criteria. This group will work directly with local county officials on enhanced enforcement and other effective tactics to reduce the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

South Carson Street Update…

SNC made great strides on the South Carson Street project! Carson Street between 5th and Stewart underwent major improvements on the storm drainage system. Crews have already started the curb and gutter work on the roundabout and the roundabout is taking shape. Much of the surrounding roadways are nearly ready for paving. October is drawing near and it’s clear based on the construction milestones. For construction updates and to view the construction map visit

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