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Patricia Ackerman invites supporters on her 1st official step toward serving Nevada in the U.S. Congress

Patricia Ackerman
Candidate for Congress

THIS FRIDAY AND SATURDAY: Patricia Ackerman Campaign Filing AND Canvass Launch!!

This Friday, March 5th, Patricia Ackerman is officially filing her candidacy for the Second Congressional Nevada District, followed by a canvass launch on Saturday. On Friday, Patricia will join supporters and volunteers as she files her candidacy for CD 2, followed by a short address to supporters outside the Capitol Building.

On Saturday, Patricia will join her “Ackerman Warriors” in a canvass launch from the campaign headquarters in Carson City at 1950 E. College Way. Patricia will be available for press conversations at both events.

The following events are open to the press and the public:

Candidate filing: Friday, March 6, 3pm, 101 North Carson Street, Ste 3, Carson City
Patricia Ackerman officially files her candidacy for CD-2, Nevada
Patricia invites supporters and the news media to witness and field comments

Canvass Launch: Saturday, March 7, 11:30am, 1950 E. College Parkway, Carson City, Patricia Ackerman with campaign volunteers


About Patricia Ackerman

Patricia Ackerman is the daughter of immigrants who arrived in the United States after World War II. Patricia’s mother had been forced into slave labor for Nazi Germany, while her father almost starved to death in a concentration camp.

At age 15, Patricia ran away from “a home” which was plagued by domestic violence. At the age of 21, Patricia used her GED diploma to successfully launch a small business in interior landscape designing. Patricia would go on to become an award-winning stage actress, a member of the Long Beach Mounted Police, and an accomplished high-altitude mountaineer.

Patricia’s greatest driving force to run for Congress comes her mother. From 2007-2013, Patricia was her mother’s primary caregiver. When her mother fell ill, Patricia could not find a local doctor who would take medicare in a timely fashion. Having to wait weeks for treatment, her mother passed away the day before her appointment. Quite understandably, Patricia Ackerman wants to lead the charge in producing a healthcare system that is affordable and accessible for not only rural Nevadans but for all Americans.

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America may be caught flat-footed on Corona Virus testing…

Carona Virus
CDC image, CDC

Estimates fall short of the F.D.A.’s pledge for 1 million coronavirus tests

Health care supply companies and public health officials have cast doubt on the federal government’s assurances of greatly ramped-up testing for the virus, as complaints continue that the need for testing remains far greater than the capacity to test for the virus.

Here’s the story in the New York Times.  Click here.

It’s School Social Work Week in Nevada

Governor Sisolak and First Lady Kathy Sisolak with teachers and students

Governor Steve Sisolak issued a proclamation declaring the week of March 1st School Social Work Week in Nevada.

The Governor’s proclamation celebrates the progress that has been made in the Silver State since the Office for a Safe and Respectful Learning Environment was established at the Nevada Department of Education and highlights the rapid expansion of school social work services across the State over the past four years. Since 2016, the State has seen a more than 1200% increase in the number of social workers and other licensed mental health workers serving public school students.

“We have made tremendous strides in creating positive school environments where students feel safe and are able not only to learn, but to thrive,” said Jhone Ebert, Superintendent of Public Instruction. “The Department recognizes the critical role that school social workers perform alongside other Specialized Instructional Support Personnel, including our dedicated school counselors and school psychologists, who together create a safety net of comprehensive student support.”

The 2019 Legislative Session increased funding for Social Workers in Schools which was one of four components of a new School Safety fund account. The Legislature and Governor invested over $75 million to promote a comprehensive approach to school safety in Nevada.

Governor Sisolak’s proclamation coincides with National School Social Work Week.

With the theme of “Beacon of Hope,” school social workers across the country will shine a light on their fundamental role in helping students meet the academic, social, and emotional challenges on the road to becoming successful and productive young adults. Under the leadership of the School Social Work Association of America, the only national organization exclusively dedicated to the profession of school social work, this celebration will emphasize school social work’s valuable voice on the schools’ multi-disciplinary team – linking families to community resources, and focusing on the “whole child.”

Nathaniel Killgore throws his hat in the ring for Mayor of Carson City

Nathaniel Killgore
Long time resident
Running for Mayor!

From Nathaniel Killgore:

I grew up in a working class household, where I worked alongside our construction crews and various tradesmen. Since my youth, I believed I could make lasting positive changes in the community I grew up in, which is why I am running for Mayor of Carson City.

I have continuously owned and operated Caterpillar’s Hookah Lounge for over twelve years. My establishment has always been a relaxation destination welcoming all persons regardless of background or denominations.

In the time I have operated Caterpillar’s Hookah Lounge, I have fostered strong relationships with local downtown businesses, participated in many of Carson City’s local events and always supported public safety officials while opposing any and all forms of violence or prejudice.

I proudly run as a non-partisan candidate for Mayor of Carson City. I commit to representing the interests of everyone in Carson City, regardless of party affiliation.

Platform Priorities

Education Reform

My first priority will be our schools that continue to operate with unacceptably low standards. Compared to countries leading in education that spend less per student, it’s evident that school funding in the U.S is adequate, indicating a misuse or abuse of funding appropriations.

Rental Caps

As mayor, I will institute apartment housing rental caps. The caps mean that apartment property owners and management companies would be barred from increasing rental rates by more than 3% per calendar year.

Public Safety

I will improve the public’s confidence in emergency responders. With my efforts and the participation of our residents, we can strengthen the relationship between the community and its public safety officials.

Killgore told the Carson City Journal that homelessness has grown to unprecedented numbers which is hard on adults and their children.  Killgore commented that he has participated in the Habitat for Humanity program and it worked.  Killgore agrees with many of his community friends that Carson City’s housing situation has fallen into crisis mode, and that the city should find a way to reverse the housing crisis that has hurt the community.

To contact Nathaniel Killgore and learn more about his run for Mayor of Carson City, here’s his website:


NV Energy customers will enjoy two electric rate reductions this year

NV Energy Requests Two Rate Decreases Benefitting Northern Nevada Customers

Nevada Energy has put in a request with the Public Utilities Commission that will produce an overall $24.1 million rate decrease for northern Nevada electric customers effective October 1st of this year. This is the second rate reduction filed by NV Energy this month.  The reduced prices are the result of both lower fuel costs and lower total energy costs as a result of NV Energy’s efforts to procure more low-cost power.

The filing reflects reductions in the forecasted costs of providing clean energy programs and energy efficiency services, including PowerShift smart thermostats and home energy assessments. NV Energy will still pay out nearly $15 million in incentives for rooftop solar installations statewide. Customers can visit to learn more about these products and services that can help them save energy and money.

NV Energy also filed a rate decrease earlier this month that will start benefitting customers on April 1. Northern Nevada residential electric customers using 760 kilowatt hours of electricity a month will see a decrease of $2.10 on their monthly bills. These rates are associated with fuel used in generating stations and power purchase agreements. Fuel and purchased power costs are passed through dollar for dollar with no profit to the company.

Passive screen watching tends to lower awareness of the real world…

School District Hosts Free Documentary on how too much TV or watching screens in general retards intellectual and emotional growth in our children 

The Carson City School District will host two showings of a 60-minute documentary titled “Screenagers Next Chapter – Uncovering Skills for Stress Resilience” Thursday, Feb. 20, at the Bob Boldrick Theatre in the Carson City Community Center. The two showings, beginning at 5:30 and 7:00 p.m., will be free and open to the public. Parents are encouraged to bring their children.

SCREENAGERS is the first feature documentary to explore the impact of screen technology on kids and offers parents and families proven solutions that work. What started out as a personal story for one has grown into a national movement, helping millions of teens and their families navigate growing up in a world with instant access to screens.“

The Carson City School District continues to make a concerted effort to educate our students, parents and families about responsible use of technology to enhance learning,” said Dr. LeAnn Morris, Instructional Technology Coordinator, with the Carson City School District. “The goal of showing this new documentary, released in October 2019, to our community is to bring parents, children and educators together again to help foster healthy conversations about how screen time impacts their lives. The District previously hosted the original “Screenagers – Growing Up In The Digital Age.

Technology specialists with the school district have also invited a panel of experts from the community to host a discussion and question and answer (Q&A) session from 6:45 – 7:15 p.m. Viewers who come for the 5:30 PM show are invited to stay until 7:15 p.m. and participate in the Q&A, and the viewers for the 7:30 p.m. show may arrive early at 6:45 p.m. to participate in the Q&A and then stay for the video. Click here to view the movie trailer.

Physician and Filmmaker Delaney Ruston decided to make SCREENAGERS when she found herself constantly struggling with her two kids about screen time. Ruston felt guilty and confused, not sure what limits were best, especially around mobile phones, social media, gaming and how to monitor online homework. Hearing repeatedly how other parents were equally overwhelmed, she realized this is one of the biggest, unexplored parenting issues of our time.

As a director, Ruston turned the camera on her own family and others—revealing stories of messy struggles over social media, video games, academics and internet addiction. The film will introduce Hannah, a 14-year old victim of social media bullying, who struggled trying to hide her social media use from her mom. And Andrew, whose love of video games turned into an addiction taking him from earning straight A’s to flunking out of college.

Interwoven into these stories, are cutting edge science and insights from thought leaders Peggy Orenstein, Sherry Turkle, Simon Sinek and leading brain scientists who present evidence on the real changes in the brain when kids are on screens. SCREENAGERS goes far beyond exposing the risks of screen time, it reveals multiple approaches on how parents and educators can work with kids to help them achieve a healthy amount of screen time.

Ground breaking of So. Carson Street Upgrades

Folks gathered at the official ground-breaking of the South Carson Street Project, Feb 29!

The project will make South Carson Street more welcoming. Lots of landscaping from 5th down to Appian Way.

Mayor Crowell, Supervisors and construction representatives throw out the first shovel-fulls of dirt and sand.

Mayor Crowell tried out his heavy machinery skills…

Mayor Crowell says “What’s zero-to-60 in one of these things?”

The entire project is expected to take the better part of a year. But the wait will be worth it. Over $20 million dollars in upgraded highway, dividers and landscaping – not to mention the round about at Stewart and So. Carson













Coast Tree




Coast Tree



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