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Governor Sisolak widens the crack in the door for the economy…but…

Corona Virus Update
A vaccine may be on the NEAR horizon….

Governor Steve Sisolak has agreed to begin re-opening Nevada’s viral-stalled economy starting May 1st, but added the proviso that if the virus takes off again, he strongly hinted he may be forced close the economy down again. But lately the virus has been in noticeable decline. But of course White House viral experts are adamant that the virus will try to make a strong come-back in the fall – sort of a Yo-Yo forecast.

In the meantime Governor Sisolak has given the green light to golfing – but golfing partners must obey the six foot rule – no slaps on the back for a hole-in-one. Places of religious worship will re-open as long as the six-foot rule is obeyed. Governor Sisolak prefers worshippers remaining in their cars or spreading out across parking lots during church services. The Governor also gave the nod for customers to phone-ahead for purchases and have them brought to the curb.

Another remedial tactic involves putting more “umph” in getting more testing to gauge who is carrying the virus around in their bodies but don’t show any symptoms. And for those whose Nevada Drivers License has already expired (the DMV has been shut down for quite a while) they have a 90 day window, from the day of the DMV re-opening, to head down to the DMV and get it renewed.

All the above is not guaranteed to happen but certainly implies strong intent by the Governor. Again, a robust virus testing program will be ramping up. How fast is anyone’s guess at this early point.

On the positive side, an Israeli effort to develop a vaccine against the Covid-19 appears to have hit pay-dirt. It’s a vaccine that closely resembles the Covid-19 viral make-up and which has proven very effective in stopping the virus among some “test monkeys” which were vaccinated with the new vaccine and then subjected to heavy doses of the Covid-19 virus. Nearly a month into the experiment the monkeys are bouncing around and enjoying each other’s company without any hint of any symptom related to the virus. So that’s exciting news that researchers can build on.

Constant prevention requires constant reminding!

Vehicles require lots of lubrication. Lubrication in humans easily produce tragedies.

The Carson City Sheriffs Office will be joining forces with other law enforcement agencies statewide focusing on Impaired Drivers from May 1st through May 8th.

Impaired Driving is never a good idea, remember, it is unlawful for any person who is under the influence of intoxicating liquor or has a concentration of alcohol of 0.08 or more in his or her blood or breath, to drive or be in actual physical control of a vehicle on a highway.

Other than alcoholic beverages, some other prohibited substances are, Amphetamine, Cocaine, Heroin, LSD, Marijuana, Methamphetamine and Phencyclidine are defined under Nevada Revised Statute 484C.080. (You can read the full Nevada Revised Statute at NRS484C.110 and 484C.080 for more information)

The damage that is done by impaired driving reaches all of us one way or another and it is something we have control over. Please do not drink and drive or use drugs and drive. It’s a simple message.

Please drive carefully.

Sergeant Mike Cullen
Carson City Sheriff’s Office

CoronaVirus vaccine may not be too far away…

Corona Virus Update
A vaccine may be on the horizon….

One of the world’s most promising coronavirus vaccine candidates has been developed by a team at Oxford University in London. Last month, scientists at the U.S. National Institutes of Health inoculated six rhesus macaques with the Oxford vaccine and then exposed them to the CoronaVirus, The New York Times reported. Here’s an update on the slow rise in medical excitement – just click here.

Gov. Sisolak: Nevada ready to resume limited medical and dental procedures

Governor Steve Sisolak
Taking cautious steps

Carson City, NV — Today, Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak announced the Nevada Hospital Association is preparing to resume medically necessary procedures for care that has been delayed after the hospitals began to cease such procedures to support COVID-19 efforts to ensure hospitals could safely and effectively respond to the pandemic and provide healthcare to patients.

“While the State has been focused on battling the COVID-19 public health crisis, I know many of our hospitals, medical practices and dentist offices proactively paused medically necessary services to help flatten the curve, preserve personal protective equipment and help residents Stay Home for Nevada,” Gov Steve Sisolak said. “While many states are now rolling back restrictions, Nevada never had to restrict these surgeries by an emergency directive because our responsible communities took it upon themselves.”

This move aligns with other states in the nation, who previously restricted these types of procedures, and are now relaxing the restrictions. Nevada’s Medical Advisory Team also supports the phased-in approach to resume limited medical and dental procedures under strict guidelines.

“The Governor’s quick response to implement and maintain appropriate social distancing and close non-essential businesses, coupled with diligent health care efforts, have flattened the curve, stabilized hospitalization rates and ensured the ability of hospitals to respond to changing needs of COVID19,” said Bill Welch, president and CEO of the Nevada Hospital Association. “Nevada hospitals share the Governor’s goals for putting the health and safety of Nevadans first.”

Nevada hospitals will provide medically necessary procedures based on an established plan to safely phased in procedures based on:

  • Clinical judgment
  • Established guidelines
  • Sufficient availability of personal protective equipment
  • Flexible policies permitting immediate response to any COVID-19 surge
  • Alignment with established guidelines developed by the Centers for DiseaseControl and other regulatory agencies.

In response to COVID-19 and the need to ensure that hospitals have the capacity to treat patients and have sufficient resources — including personal protective equipment (PPE) — Nevada’s medical and dental community adjusted business activities, continuing to treat patients in emergency situations, but postponing others.

This commitment to postpone routine/elective procedures, along with strong social distancing measures, and extensive surge planning helped flattened the curve. At this time, healthcare professionals may wish to consider methods of gradually restarting their operations consistent with state regulatory requirements, U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines, state licensure boards, and direction from state and national professional associations.

A memorandum from the Department of Health and Human Services will be released to phase-in essential dental services that minimize the risk of COVID-19 transmission to patients, healthcare workers, and the community by maximizing protective measures while avoiding dental neglect and further delays in providing dental care. This phased in approach to expand dental services will address acute infections and chronic disease progression while allowing the state to monitor sustained reduction in the rate of new COVID-19 cases.

In addition to compliance with all guidelines and regulatory requirements, the following priorities should guide decisions to resume medical and dental operations:

  • Minimize the risk of COVID-19 transmission to patients, employees, healthcare workers and others;
  • Avoid further delays in healthcare for Nevadans;
  • Maintain adequate hospital capacity in case of an increase in COVID-19 cases;
  • Minimize health emergencies presenting at emergency departments;
  • Reduce financial impacts to Nevada’s health system; and
  • Support the healthcare workforce in safely resuming activities.

For patients, medical and dental appointments will appear different and may include pre-appointment screening questions, temperature checks before you enter the office, closed waiting rooms, a request to wash your hands or rinse your mouth in the office, and your physician, dentist, or their staff may be wearing face shields, masks, and gloves. These changes have been made to ensure that care is delivered safely and in line with infection control protocols based on national agencies such as the CDC and OSHA.

Four County Update on Corona Virus

Corona Virus Update

Quad-County COVID-19 Update: Six New Cases and Three Recoveries

Quad-County Emergency Operations Center (Quad EOC) is reporting six new positive cases and three additional recoveries of COVID-19 in the Quad-County region. This brings the total number of cases to 90, with 34 recoveries and one death, 55 cases remain active.

The new cases are:

  • A female Lyon County resident in her 70’s
  • A female Carson City resident in her 30’s
  • A male Carson City resident in his 40’s
  • A female Carson City resident in her 60’s
  • A female Carson City resident under the age of 18
  • A female Carson City resident under the age of 18

Carson City Health and Human Services is working to identify close risk contacts to prevent further spread of the disease. Due to medical privacy requirements and to protect their identity, no further information about the cases will be released.

County Total Cases Active Cases Recovered Deaths Hospitalized
Carson City 44 25 18 1 4
Douglas County 19 8 11 0
Lyon County 27 22 5 0
Storey County 0 0 0 0
TOTAL 90 55 34 1

As of April 27, 2020, approximately 1,404 tests have been performed by all provides within the Quad-Counties.

Gender and age break down of the cases by county is available at Statewide numbers can be found at the Nevada Health Response website (

Community-Based Testing Without Symptoms

We are currently scheduling testing appointments for Quad-County residents who are not experiencing symptoms of COVDID-19. Individuals without symptoms who want to be tested for COVID-19 can call (775) 434-1450 to schedule an appointment. For more information and to see the number of appointments scheduled, visit

For those who are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 or have questions, call the Quad-County COVID-19 Hotline 7 days a week, 8 am to 5 pm. Spanish speakers are available. The phone number is (775) 283-4789.

Close Call on Gillis Way

Wiring problem causes fire in upstairs bedroom ceiling. CCFD was all over it in just a few minutes.

Tuesday afternoon firefighters were called to a two story home at 2908 Gillis Way, off Sonoma.  Firefighters arrived to see smoke coming out of an air outlet to the outside, signaling the fire was intensifying and spreading.

Firefighters raced upstairs and attacked the fire.  Fortunately they got the upper hand very quickly, thereby saving the house.  The family had evacuated to a neighbors yard.  No injuries. 

Cause of the fire was attributable to failing electrical wiring in the upstairs bedroom.  It’s also a reminder that as houses age so does the wiring.  It’s vital that homeowners purchase a handbook on common structural problems that emerge when a home is no longer a new home.

Ground settling and natural home adjustments due to a weakening or faultering foundation, fierce wind storms (especially for two and three story homes), water infiltration, humidity build ups in confined spaces, wire insulation decay, and on and on.  

Homes are not like clocks that you wind up and then forget them.  Homes are complex machines with slow but relentless decay in many forms that must be monitored so a small problem doesn’t become a huge expense.  We’re fortunate that we don’t have to pay the fire department for saving our homes.  But a little thank-you is usually in order

Abandoned house on fire near 5800 E. Highway 50 Monday evening

CC Firefighters knock down the remnants of a fire in an abandoned dwelling next to Goodwill on Highway 50 East

An old and abandoned flop-house for transients was severely damaged by fire Monday evening. The single story old cottage is located just west of Goodwill, on the north side of Highway 50.

Firefighters learned that there was no one inside the cottage which enabled the firefighters to move swiftly to put out the blaze. Firefighters told that there was a great deal of evidence that this particular unit had been abandoned a short time back and that transients had been using it as a convenient transient flophouse.  The cause of the fire is still being investigated but suffice it to say, there was lots of transient debris scattered about the abandoned mini-home.













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