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Short but somewhat vigorous earthquake struck Indian Hills & Carson City

Johnson Lane Earthquake, 6:34pm

6:34pm A short but vigorous earthquake shook northern Douglas County including Carson City at around 6:34 Friday evening. The shaker was measured as a 5.0 on the richter scale which is nothing to sneeze at. Total shaking time was probably ten to fifteen seconds.

UNR Seismologists say the quake was centered in the Indian Hills/Johnson Lane area of Douglas County, south of Highway 50/Spooner Junction. The quake rumbled, then shook strongly, then tapered off. Power to the west side of Carson City was not affected.

It’s always a good idea to inspect your property to ensure you don’t have an electrical short that could erupt and burn down your house or workplace.

Governor Sisolak warns non-essential businesses to shut down – or their could be fines

Governor Steve Sisolak
Closing down casinos state-wide, along with other “non-essential” businesses.

Governor Steve Sisolak addressed all Nevadans Friday that the only way to beat the Corona Virus is to stay off the streets and don’t go where a lot of people are crowded together.  Governor Sisolak says the worst is certainly not over and it’s up to people to use common sense during this most uncommon disaster that is sweeping the country.

Here’s the story in the Las Vegas Review-Journal.  Click here.

A message from CC Schools Superintendent Richard Stokes

Carson City — Amid the COVID-19 pandemic and the closing of schools and non-essential businesses to close, the governor has identified public schools as an essential service. School districts across the state have been working feverishly to develop a system of remote teaching and learning. This new method of conducting educatoin begins Monday, March 23.

Teachers and school administrators are scrambling to coordinate lesson plans for remote learning. Students and families have returned to their schools to retrieve Chromebooks, music instruments and other academic essentials.

Beginning Monday, March 23, all students within the Carson City School District will continue their education through remote or at-home resources. Those resources are available on the website on the Remote Learning page. There will be weekly materials for elementary, middle and high schools. Students will receive instruction from their teachers using Google Classroom. Teachers will also make arrangements for copies to be printed and available for pick up in school offices for families who may not have the ability to remotely print them from home.

In preparation to Monday’s launch of remote learning, Carson City School District Superintendent Richard Stokes shared the following with students and families in a district-wide message via email and phone.

“I want to thank all of you for being brave during this pandemic. I know you were looking forward to the springtime activities offered through the schools. Our current situation is disappointing; however, I urge you to help your families by doing chores, being kind and keeping your room clean. This is a hard time for all of us. With your help we can limit the spread of COVID-19 and protect those who are most likely to become ill. We are all feeling apprehensive and nervous, which is okay. Carson City is an amazing place, and we will get through this hard time together.

On Monday, your school will begin a system of remote learning. It is important for us all to be patient as this new way of teaching starts. We are working with state leaders to help all students finish the school year strong. Your teachers, principals, school counselors, social workers and other school staff are available to respond to emails and provide support to you remotely.

If you are a senior, know that we are doing everything possible to address your concerns and get you across the finish line at graduation. If you are on track to graduate, you will not be penalized for the unforeseen changes occurring in our schools. I know the suspension or cancellation of events and activities is disappointing. However, I know your strength and am confident we will get through this challenging time.

I will continue to keep you and your families all informed about any changes in our schools. In the meantime, please stay safe, stay home as much as possible, hug your families and remember to wash your hands thoroughly and frequently. We care very deeply for each one of you and look forward to having you back at school as soon as possible.”

Mr. Stokes strongly recommends that students and their families continue check the Carson City School District website at, and our social media sites Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for further updates.

Douglas Co. Congressional Candidate Patricia Ackerman endorsed by national political group

Patricia Ackerman
Candidate for Congress

Earlier this morning, the political action committee Six PAC announced its endorsement of Patricia Ackerman for Nevada Congressional District 2 (northern Nevada). Six PAC is a federal political action committee that endorses progressive, rural Democrats, and helps raise grassroots money for grassroots candidates. Thus far they have endorsed four candidates across the nation.

In a morning email and Facebook post , Six PAC wrote:
Today, we’re announcing the endorsement of three amazing new candidates, Audrey Denney (CA-01), Kara Eastman (NE-02) and Patricia Ackerman (NV-02), and our continuing support of J.D. Scholten (IA-04)…Patricia Ackerman (NV-02) is the daughter of Nazi Concentration camp survivors. Her top priority is the elimination of the corruption in DC that has led to the greatest income inequality since the Great Depression. She’s building a strong grassroots campaign that already has over 100 volunteers ready to get to work and get her to Congress.

Patricia Ackerman stated: “I am proud and honored to be in this fight with Six PAC, a political action committee that supports rural progressive candidates. Rural America has been hurt by regressive Republican incumbents. In Nevada Congressional District 2, Mark Amodei consistently takes votes which hurt Northern Nevada residents. For example, he refused to support legislation designed to lower prescription drug prices and strengthen individual health insurance exchanges. As a member of Congress, I will be an advocate for rural Nevada.”

About Patricia Ackerman

Patricia Ackerman is the daughter of immigrants who arrived in this country after World War II. Patricia’s mother was forced slave labor for Nazi Germany, while her father almost starved to death in a concentration camp. At the age of 15, Patricia ran away from a home plagued by domestic violence. With a GED in hand, Patricia started her own successful small business as an interior landscape designer at the age of 21. Patricia would go on to become an award-winning stage actress, a member of the Long Beach Mounted Police, and an accomplished high-altitude mountaineer. Patricia’s greatest driving force in her run for public office is her mother. From 2007-2013, Patricia acted as her mother’s primary caregiver. When her mother fell ill, Patricia could not find a local doctor who would take medicare in a timely fashion. Having to wait weeks, her mother passed away the day before her appointment. Patricia Ackerman wants to lead the charge in producing a healthcare system that is affordable and accessible to rural Nevada.

Follow Patricia on Twitter or Facebook .

A real head-shaker…

Carson City Sheriff’s Deputies were called out late last evening to 15 Tiger Drive to investigate what a phone caller described as two small children – one inside an R/V with its door open, another one outside – crying for their mother.  Both were in t-shirts with the outside temperature slightly below freezing – and it was snowing. Their mother was nowhere in sight.

Upon arrival on scene, deputies quickly called Health and Human Services who came out and took custody of the very distraught children.

A couple of hours later a report from a downtown casino indicated there was a young woman at one of their entrance doors who wanted to be let in adding that she is married to the Devil – also admitting she has two kids.  She then started screaming her own name.

Deputies arrived on scene and quickly had their suspect, Jenna Hix, 24, in handcuffs and on her way to the Carson City Jail. She was charged with two counts of Child Abuse and two counts of Child Endangerment.

Third Corona Virus case pops up in this area of Nevada

Carona Virus
CDC image

Carson City Health and Human Services (CCHHS) is reporting a third positive case of COVID-19, the disease caused by the new coronavirus. This is the third case reported in the Carson City, Douglas, Lyon, and Storey areas. 

The patient is a male Carson City resident in his 70’s. He had close contact with a previously identified COVID-19 case. His condition is stable, and he is self-isolating at his home. Carson City Health and Human Services is contact tracing and monitoring the patient. We will not be releasing any additional details on the individual to protect their privacy. We are and will continue to work collaboratively with the emergency response organizations that serve his community. 

Please visit for more information. 

Carson City Supervisors Declare an Emergency

Corona Virus
CDC image

The Carson City Board of Supervisors Thursday declared a “State of Emergency” due to the continued rampage of the Covid-19 virus that made landfall in our country – hitching a ride on an airliner from China to the United States last December.

The outbreak of Covid-19 across the U.S. was further accelerated by what’s been described as a hap-hazard attitude by President Trump and his cabinet because even the Center for Disease Control said the U.S. missed its chance to strangle the virus when it made first landfall on the West Coast. Airliners then took over as being the primary delivery mechanism for the virus which seems to prefer older humans – age 50 and up. Although lately we’re hearing stories that even young people are coming down with it. They get mildly sick then get well.

Meanwhile, back in Carson City, we just added a third  person (3/20) who has come down with the virus. Medical experts say the virus can stay alive in younger people and never cause any symptoms. Again, that’s how the virus spreads.  Neither the carrier nor the new victim knows what’s going on.

Testing is said to be the best tool to use to fight the virus. But test kits have been slow in coming.  Without adequate testing we can’t derive where the bug has come from or where it’s going. In short, the U.S. was caught absolutely flat-footed with deadly consequences. And the death toll is rising.

Against this backdrop Governor Steve Sisolak has been closing casinos, restaurants, sports events, bars and other venues where people congregate.  Governor Sisolak is recommending that, where appropriate, Nevadans should hunker down and work from their homes – but of course not everybody can do that.

Carson City Supervisors went down a check list of tactics Carson City citizens should use to avoid infection  – don’t go into crowded rooms, be on the look out for anyone sneezing or coughing, wash your hands over and over all day long because touching objects like table tops, cellphones and computer keyboards can put the Covid-19 virus right on your hands. All you have to do is rub your eyes, touch your nose or lips and you’ll probably come down with it. These viruses can survive up to three days on various surfaces so be alert. Sanitize, sanitize, sanitize.

Meanwhile, access to fire and sheriff’s facilities has been tightly curtailed. You’ll find the doors locked so its best to use your phone to get service.  Libraries are closed.  After school and recreation activities have been slashed.

There are several strains of potential anti-bodies that are being refined in Israel which should come to market fairly soon.  They say their vaccine will kill the Covid-19 virus.  Other researchers in the U.S. say they’re about to come up with a vaccine of their own.  But like all “new” drugs, they’ve got to go through trial runs.  They must create a track record of the drug’s performance.  The expected timeline to get this vaccine to those who desperately need it ranges from two to eighteen months.

The city’s State of Emergency is very well described on the city’s website: Click here.


In other council action, councilors made it official that the community’s two marijuana sales outlets will have to reign in their operating schedule.  The Supervisors, on a split vote, set 8am as the opening time and 10pm for closing.  The old schedule had the stores closing at 11pm.


Next…the Supervisors decided to punt rather than immediately set up a revenue district to help pay for the maintenance of sidewalks, trees, turf and other amenities along the South Carson Street improvement project.  There is a patchwork of right-of-way encroachments by businesses up and down both sides of the roadway.  The nexus is to determine how much in revenue should businesses pay into what’s called a Neighborhood Improvement District – maintenance of sidewalks, trees, and other infrastructure that will help marry the south end of Carson Street to the main downtown area to the north.  Supervisors proposed various scenarios but eventually tabled the assessment for now.  They decided to take their time coming up with a fair and equitable assessment plan.  It appeared during the discussion that the assessment would eventually be 2/3 from businesses and 1/3 from the city.

The whole idea is to beautify the south end of Carson Street so that property values go up as well as income for the businesses.  Supervisors will take up the matter again, likely in May.  Meanwhile construction upgrades along South Carson Street are progressing nicely.


And finally, under the heading of “What’s good for the goose is good for the other goose,” the Supervisors surrendered their desire to have developers take over their own street(s) and, in turn, dedicate them to the city for their upkeep.  The Supervisors had recently turned down another developer who wanted to have the city take over his streets on Emerson just north of College Parkway.  At that time the city council decided that the owner of the property himself should maintain those streets because the city’s road maintenance budget was just about empty – leaving many stretches of Carson City roadways full of cracks and growing potholes.  The developer accepted ownership of his streets.

But this week, another developer, who wants to build more than thirty homes off the northwest corner of Clearview and Silver Sage, asked the city council to take over the streets in his proposed development.  But unlike the earlier case he agreed to pay immediately for a slurry seal to lengthen the life of the brand new pavement –  the slurry seal to be applied five to seven years down the road. It was agreed that the slurry seal would just about double the lifespan of the pavement.  The developer also agreed that the cost of the slurry seal would be paid for at the time the city approves his project so the city will have the money when it’s time to re-seal the pavement.

Mayor Bob Crowell then challenged the council to go back to the first developer, who they denied the same street arrangement over on Emerson.  Mayor Crowell said that it is only fair to offer that developer the same deal.  

To be continued.





Non-essential businesses statewide ordered closed by Gov. Sisolak

Governor Steve Sisolak
Closing down casinos state-wide, along with other “non-essential” businesses.

Governor Steve Sisolak this week lowered the boom on the Corona Virus by closing down all non-essential businesses including casinos which attract crowds seeking to strike it rich. Governor Sisolak said the mandatory closures will be for 30 days starting Wednesday the 18th.

Essential businesses like grocery stores, pharmacies, hardware stores, banks, gas stations, transit, health care, fire and police departments and social services will remain open for obvious reasons.

Governor Sisolak said that restaurants can remain open but only to provide “take-out” and “delivery meals” to customers who will consume them off premises.

Other closures around Carson City include the CC Senior Center – but they will maintain drive-through lunches and at the main entrance from 11am to Noon, Monday through Friday.

Meals-on-Wheels is delivering lunches and is accepting donations through the Senior Center.

CC’s Recreation Center is shuttered which includes the pool, athletic center and all other recreation activities, including the Community Center, Fuji Park, Livermore Sports Complex, Governor’s Field and Centennial Park.

If you need new water/sewer service you can’t just walk in and fill out a form. You’ve got to do it on line, on the internet, at Residents can also call 775-887-2355 or you can email for information at UTILITYBILLING@CARSON.ORG. If you need a building permit, business license, zoning permit or other city service go on line at For other services try going on line at or go to

Carson City Schools are feeding students and siblings free breakfasts and lunches that can be picked up at four schools, 11:30am to 1pm. Those schools are Empire, Seeliger, Carson Middle and Carson High and you’re limited to drive-thru service. Nobody gets out of the car. All children involved must be present at the time of awarding the lunch and breakfast meals.

Meanwhile, Western Nevada College is resuming its classes on line starting March 23rd and will carry-on with classes through to the end of the semester.

WNC’s Child Development Center closed today, March 18th, and will remain closed until further notice according to a press release.

Lots to learn about…

City Closures and Available Services

Carson City officials are continuously monitoring the level of risk of COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus) to the community. In close coordination with Carson City Health and Human Services, the City Manager’s Office along with City departments in an abundance of caution are coordinating the closure of some offices to take additional measures to slow the spread of respiratory viruses. As closures are announced please visit for information and updates about government services. 

City services such as the Assessor and Treasurer will remain open to the public, however residents are encouraged to use the City’s online services whenever possible rather than coming into a City building. Residents can pay online at, or use the payment box located behind City Hall on Plaza St.

Carson City Sheriff and Carson City Fire Department will continue to respond to emergency and nonemergency calls. Public safety personnel have been trained and equipped with appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and will continue to serve the public with the usual high standard of response and protection. Remember, only call 9-1-1 in an emergency. Carson City Sheriff’s Office will not offer fingerprinting services at this time, all other services are available. Carson City Fire Department Administrative Office at Station 51 will not be open for walk – in services, however members of the community can call (775) 887-2210, Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

The County Clerk’s Office would like to remind anyone who has concerns about appearing at a polling location may send a written and signed request for an absent ballot to the County Clerk’s Office. The deadline to request an absent ballot for the Primary Election is May 26, 2020. Absentee Ballot Request Forms are available online at or you may contact the County Clerk’s Office at or (775) 887-2087. Effective March 21, 2020, the Marriage Bureau will be closed on Saturdays and will not be facilitating wedding ceremonies until further notice.

Carson City Public Works administration building, located at 3505 Butti Way, will be closed to walk – in services. For new water/sewer service, applications can be submitted online at, residents can also call (775) 887-2355, or email Those without a scanner can take a picture of the application and send it. There is a drop-off mail slot on the front door, at 3505 Butti Way. Residents can pay online at

Carson City Parks, Recreation and Open Space Administration Office and Lone Mountain Cemetery will still be open for business, but the City strongly encourages the public to try and conduct most business by phone or email where possible.  Decisions on canceling Camp Carson Spring Break, Underwater Egg Hunt, sports tournaments and other activities beyond April 6 will be made at a later date and in compliance with direction from the Governor, Carson City Health and Human Services, and the Centers for Disease Control.

Carson City Parks, Recreation and Open Space facilities and programs will be closed/cancelled and full refunds will be given for all participants impacted by these cancellations/closures for the duration of March 17-April 6: 
• Carson Aquatic Facility:  All aquatics programs and classes, including Carson Tiger Sharks Swim Team and scheduled swim meets 
• Carson City Community Center and Fuji Park (all programs and classes)  
• Adaptive Programs: Movers and Doers
• Capital Kids Before and After School Program
• Multipurpose Athletic Center (MAC)
• Youth and adult sports (MAC and Carson Middle School)
• All organized and permitted sports activities at Pete Livermore Sports Complex, Governor’s Field and Centennial Park.  Includes all Youth Sports Association Activities and sports tournaments.
• Interpretive hikes   
• Parks and Recreation Commission April 2 meeting 

Carson City Community Development, located at 108 E. Proctor Street, will be closed to the general public, March 17 through April 6, or until further notice. The public will continue to be able to apply for a building permit, business license, or zoning permit through the online permit portal at Permits will continue to be processed while the offices are closed to the public. We apologize for the inconvenience.
Those who need assistance can contact the applicable division by phone or email as follows:
• Building Permits: 887-2310 or 
• Business License: 887-2105 or 
• Planning & Zoning: 887-2180 or 
• Code Enforcement: 887-2599 or 
• Development Engineering: 887-2300 or 

The Carson City Senior Center is closing the Senior Center to the public March 17 through April 6. All activities, programs and meeting areas are closed to the public and will resume after April 6 or when the State Medical Officer evaluates the public health risk and determines it is safe to resume normal operations. 
• Congregate (on-site) lunch will be available by drive-thru, Monday – Friday, 11-12 p.m., for seniors age 60 and over at the Senior Center main entrance, 911 Beverly Drive. 
• Meals on Wheels will operate as normal. 
• Case Management will be available by phone appointments. 
• If you are a senior in need of services, please contact with the Senior Center at (775) 883-0703.

The Carson City Library is taking steps to ensure a smooth closure of the library to the public should it become necessary. At this time, public computers and meeting rooms are unavailable. Although operating hours are reduced to 10 a.m.-6 p.m., Monday through Friday, the library remains open to the public for the time being.

Department of Carson City Arts and Culture is canceling the following:
• Carson City Cultural Commission Meeting, March 17, 2020 
• All Randy Cohen ‘Art and Economic Impact’ presentations March 17 and March 18 at various locations.
• ‘First Lady Presents…Ronnie Rector’ Art Reception March 27, 2020 at the Governor’s Mansion.

The following public meetings will still take place as regularly scheduled:
• Board of Supervisors
• Planning Commission 
• Regional Transportation Commission  
• Carson City is actively working to provide alternative options for calling in or commenting on-line to reduce in person public contact. 

For health information and updates visit Carson City Health and Human Services developed a public hotline, (775) 283-4789, devoted to keeping the community up-to-date and informed on COVID-19. The hotline will service Douglas, Lyon and Storey County as well as Carson City residents. The line will be staffed Monday-Friday 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. to answer questions and concerns.













Coast Tree




Coast Tree



Coast Tree