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It’s official: Anyone can vote in Nevada with mail-in ballots

It’s official.  Anyone who is eligible to vote in Nevada now has the right to vote with a “mail in” ballot.  Despite bitter opposition from a number of Republican lawmakers, the Democrats shoved Assembly Bill 4 through the process and on its way to the Governor’s desk for signing.

A number of Republican lawmakers supported President Trump’s claim that mail-in ballots invite ballot corruption although they produced no proof that such behavior is widespread.  Democrats maintain that the Republicans know they’re going to get a shellacking at the polls this fall due to President Trump’s plunge in voter confidence.

All registered voters can count on getting mail-in ballots for the November election much to the relief of many voters who don’t want to stand in crowded lines on election day waiting to vote – while also being exposed to asymmetrically infected voters who don’t even know they’re carrying and spreading the Covid-19 virus.

Federal judge opens the door for immigrant worker access to medical care in the U.S. during Covid-19 pandemic

A federal judge issued new injunctions this week blocking the public charge immigration rule during the COVID-19 pandemic. This will allow immigrant communities across Nevada and the rest of the country to access critical health care and public benefits during the current health crisis.

The public charge rule has worsened health disparities, especially for the Latino community, at a time when they are most hard hit by the lethal coronavirus. Here in Nevada many immigrant families decided not to access public benefits, even leaving their children without health insurance.  The judge’s ruling makes it easier for them to get health care for their families.

Governor Sisolak monitoring the virus, maximum customer numbers in bars, restaurants and casinos

Gov. Steve Sisolak
Monitoring Covid 19 behavior – still enforcing strict rules

From the Governor’s Office

In line with his recent announcement, Governor Steve Sisolak announced he signed Emergency Directive 029 extending previously issued directives that were set to expire on July 31.

This includes continuing statewide standards limiting business occupancy to 50 percent of fire code capacity and limiting gatherings to no more than 50 people. As announced earlier, bars, pubs and taverns in certain Nevada counties identified as having an elevated transmission risk will continue to remain closed as set forth in the directive until it is cancelled.

The directive also allows public agencies to continue their operations safely by extending the state Open Meeting Law providing alternative ways for boards, commissions, and agencies to allow public participation either over the phone or via the internet.

The State will transition to a long-term mitigation strategy for the state of Nevada which will be rolled out this week. The plan will utilize updated criteria based on trends to minimize the week-to-week or day-to-day Covid-19 fluctuations. This will identify which counties are getting better or worse revealing which counties should tighten up or loosen regulatory controls.

A state advisory group of public health, hospital, business enforcement and local government representatives will closely analyze the data for state-wide and local recommendations. They’ll monitor Nevada businesses in order to have advanced notice and understanding on what direction their county could be heading based on updated criteria. This group will work directly with local county officials on enhanced enforcement and other effective tactics to reduce the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

South Carson Street Update…

SNC made great strides on the South Carson Street project! Carson Street between 5th and Stewart underwent major improvements on the storm drainage system. Crews have already started the curb and gutter work on the roundabout and the roundabout is taking shape. Much of the surrounding roadways are nearly ready for paving. October is drawing near and it’s clear based on the construction milestones. For construction updates and to view the construction map visit

Click here for video

Do you know who this young man is? …or where he lives or works??

Forging a check

From the Carson City Sheriff’s Office

The Carson City Sheriff’s Office Investigations Division is asking for assistance in identifying an unknown suspect alleged to have forged checks and fraudulently cashed them.

In June of 2020 a male suspect entered a bank in Carson City, on two separate occasions and cashed checks he had forged. The checks are believed to have been collected from mail, washed, and then re-written for fraudulent use.

Anyone with information is encouraged to contact the Carson City Sheriff’s Office, Dispatch (775) 887-2677, Investigation Division, Detective Darin Riggin (775)283-7853, Investigations Lieutenant Daniel Gonzales (775)283-7850 or Secret Witness (775)322-4900.

Corona Virus

Carson City Health and Human Services (CCHHS) is reporting two additional deaths due to COVID-19 in the four country region: Carson City, Lyon, Storey and Douglas Counties.

The individuals were a male Lyon County resident in his 80’s with underlying conditions and a female Lyon County resident in her 80’s with underlying conditions. CCHHS is also reporting thirteen new cases and twenty-two additional recoveries. This brings the total number of cases to 665, with 526 recoveries and twelve deaths. 127 cases remain active.

Latest cases of Covid-19:

• A female Douglas County resident in her 20’s with no connection to a previously reported case.
• A female Lyon County resident in her 70’s with a connection to a previously reported case.
• A male Douglas County resident in his 30’s with no connection to a previously reported case.
• A male Lyon County resident in his 70’s with no connection to a previously reported case.
• A male Lyon County resident in his 20’s with no connection to a previously reported case.
• A male Carson City resident in his 60’s with no connection to a previously reported case.
• A female Douglas County resident in her 20’s with no connection to a previously reported case.
• A female Douglas County resident in her 30’s with no connection to a previously reported case.
• A female Lyon County resident in her 40’s with no connection to a previously reported case.
• A male Douglas County resident in his 70’s with no connection to a previously reported case.
• A female Lyon County resident in her 40’s with no connection to a previously reported case.
• A male Lyon County resident in his 20’s with no connection to a previously reported case.
• A male Carson City resident in his 30’s with no connection to a previously reported case.

Carson City Health and Human Services is working to identify close risk contacts to prevent further spread of the disease.

-665 Total Cases (+13 from 7/29)
-127 Active (-11 from 7/29)
-526 Recovered (+22 from 7/29)
-12 Deaths (+2 from 7/29)
-10 Hospitalizations (-2 from 7/29)

Gender and age break down of the cases by county as well as the cases by zip code is available at Statewide numbers can be found at the Nevada Health Response website (

For those who are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 or have questions, call the Quad-County COVID-19 Hotline Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. Spanish speakers are available. The phone number is (775) 283-4789

How to “tool” around Carson….

How to Visit Carson City…Safely

It’s an interesting time in the travel industry. A divide between safety and sanity leaves us all feeling torn. Visit Carson City can help navigate the waters. If you decide to get out and about we can guide you on how to safely explore the capital city. We’ve compiled a list of all things that have changed due to COVID and how you can visit Carson City safely. Click the link below to learn more.

What’s New in Carson City

Railbikes Come to Carson City

There’s a new ride in Carson City other than this roller coaster ride we’ve been on since COVID hit in March. You can now hop on a Carson Canyon Railbike Tour starting August 8th! This stunning tour for all ages and fitness levels takes you into the Carson River Canyon all while learning about the history and culture of the area. Don’t worry, there’s a motor-assist to help you back up the canyon. Click below to purchase tickets and for all the details of the experience and the safety precautions that will take place before each ride.

Learn More

Carson City’s Newest Restaurant Opens

The spirit of our beloved Adele’s lives on in the newest Carson City restaurant, Piazza. This wine and cocktail bar, inspired by the owner’s European travel, serves some of the most delicious small plates we’ve ever tasted in a cozy, feels-like-home ambiance. The salvaged stained-glass windows from Adele’s restaurant and the warm smiles from the incredible wait staff provide a wonderful dining experience in our McFadden Plaza.

Click below to learn more and to see all food and drink options in Carson City.

Learn More

Stewart Indian School Cultural Center & Museum Reopens

Thanks to a generous donation by a local family, the new Stewart Indian School Cultural Center & Museum was able to reopen after a temporary shut-down due to COVID-19. The Stewart Indian School served as the only off-reservation Indian boarding school in Nevada from 1890 through 1980. Its stone buildings are an icon of education and life for many American Indians in the West. In 1985, the school was listed in the National Register of Historic Places as a Historic District and is currently managed by the State of Nevada. Stewart is a must-see on your trip to Carson City.

Learn More

Safely Relax

This is the centerpoint of a true Nevada experience. Our hotels have been diligent in going above and beyond safety and sanitizing standards. Find a hotel to call home for the night.

Learn More

All Things Outdoors

We’ve compiled the complete list of all outdoor activities you can do to social distance while still getting out of the house this summer. From trails to historic walking tours, Carson City has you covered.

Learn More

Parents and Families Need to Communicate Intent for School by Aug. 5 

 Carson City, Nev. (July 29, 2020) — The Carson City School District School Board of Trustees approved the district’s proposed School Reopening Plan last night by a 4-3 vote. The trustees also voted to update the 2020-2021 Academic School Calendar, moving the official first day of school for students to begin Monday, Aug. 24, a week later than the day previously set for Monday, Aug. 17.  

As part of the approved reopening plan, the district needs all parents and families to communicate their student’s intent for the 2020-2021 school year as soon as possible and no later than Aug. 5. The reopening plan offers parents the opportunity to select whether their student(s) will participate in school via full-time online learning (recommended for students who have known medical issues or family members in high risk categories for COVID-19) or through a hybrid – blended learning model where students will attend in-person twice weekly and participate remotely three days each week.

An online Parent Intent Form (available on the district’s website and in Spanish here) needs to be completed and submitted by the parents or guardians of each student as soon as possible (no later than Wednesday, Aug. 5) so cohorts can be assigned and student schedules finalized. Students will either be assigned by individual school sites to Cohort 1 (in-person attendance: Tuesdays and Thursdays with remote learning Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays) or Cohort 2 (in-person attendance: Wednesdays and Fridays with remote learning Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays). 

The school district emphasized that families with multiple students will be assigned to the same cohort, alleviating household scheduling conflicts. Also for ease, the Parent Intent Form allows families to submit one form per household instead of multiple forms for siblings.  

In addition to completing the Parent Intent Form, parents and guardians will still need to complete their annual online registration updates in Infinite Campus (IC) for each of their students. Families who have completed the IC updated for the coming school year will only need to complete the Parent Intent Form. 

The district also said the Parent Intent Form must be submitted electronically using desktop or mobile internet resources. Parents and families without access to internet or electronic mobile device means are asked to contact their school site or the district office for assistance.  

Students will also need to register for transportation (buses) this year, which will be submitted through the Parent Intent Form. As detailed in the reopening plan, buses will not exceed 42 seats (less than 50 percent occupancy).  

“This is obviously not the most ideal situation to face a return to school under these circumstances,” said Superintendent Richard Stokes. “Given the restrictions of social distancing and building occupancy, we understand there is not one plan that will meet everyone’s needs. All people will face some risk to return to school, but we are seeking to minimize risk the best way we can while still fulfilling our mission to empower students with skills, knowledge, values and opportunities for them to thrive and be contributing members of our community.”  

The reopening plan also detailed some additional considerations including  

  • Face masks for all (all students, employees, volunteers, visitors and contractors are required to wear face masks at school) 
  • Health wellness checks at home (conducted by parent or guardians) 
  • Social-distancing 
  • Limited school activities and visitors 
  • Employ cleaning and disinfecting protocols 
  • Follow local health agency guidance 
  • Nutrition Services available 
  • Social and Emotional Learning and Services 

The district has also provided a helpful Frequently Asked Questions document in both English and Spanish that should provide additional information.  


Friday kicks off another Special Session of the Nevada Legislature – so much going on…

Governor Steve Sisolak reconvenes the State Legislature Friday morning – and he and the legislators have a very full plate.  Governor Sisolak wrote in a press release, “I again look forward to collaborating with Nevada legislators to meet the challenges that are unfortunately before us.  In order to protect the time necessary to address the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, my expectation is that this special session will be thorough and as efficient as possible.”

Items included for consideration are:

Governor Sisolak begins another Special Session of the Nevada Legislature Friday, July 31st….

  • Addressing criminal and social justice policy reform 
  • Working to ensure Nevadans, businesses, workers and the unemployed have the support and protections they need as they battle COVID-19 
  • Ensuring Nevadans can exercise their fundamental right to vote in a way that does not dangerously expose them to increased risk of COVID-19 infection  
  • Helping stabilize Nevada businesses so they don’t suffer continued economic hits and establishing safety standards for the workers who are keeping our economy going  
  • Removing statutory barriers impeding the work of Nevada’s unemployment insurance program  
  • Providing authority for the Judicial Branch to implement alternative dispute resolution measures in cases of rental evictions 
  • Additional items requested by Legislative Counsel Bureau related to the Legislative Branch 














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