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Into our second year of Covid 19

COVID-19 Case Update
For the week, CCHHS is reporting 6 deaths, 287 new cases, and 242 additional recoveries of COVID-19 in the Quad-County Region. This brings the total number of cases to 21,110, with 16,015 recoveries and 367 deaths; 4,728 cases remain active.

Carson City had 3 deaths, 114 new cases, and 91 additional recoveries of COVID-19 this week. The current 14-day moving average for Carson City is 10 new cases per day with a 5.4% test positivity rate.

Douglas County had 1 death, 64 new cases, and 64 additional recoveries of COVID-19 this week. The current 14-day moving average for Douglas County is 9 new cases per day with a 15.3% test positivity rate.

Lyon County had 2 deaths, 105 new cases, and 84 additional recoveries of COVID-19 this week. The current 14-day moving average for Lyon County is 11 new cases per day with a 12.2% test positivity rate.

Storey County had 4 new cases and 3 additional recoveries of COVID-19 this week. The current 14-day moving average for Storey County is 0 new cases per day with a 21.3% test positivity rate.

COVID-19 Vaccination Update
As of November 17, 2021, approximately 202,996 doses of COVID-19 vaccine have been administered by Quad-County providers.

CCHHS has administered 73,056 doses of COVID-19 vaccine. Approximately 86,055 Quad-County residents have completed vaccination (received both doses of a 2-dose series vaccine such as Pfizer or Moderna or received the single dose Janssen vaccine) and 94,753 have initiated it (received the first dose of a 2-dose series such as Pfizer or Moderna.

This number also includes those who completed the series). Data is not CCHHS’ and is taken from the Nevada Health Response Dashboard which can be found at

In Carson City, 33,047 residents have been completely vaccinated and 36,256 have initiated vaccination. Approximately 65.5% of the population 12 years and older have completed vaccination.

In Douglas County, 25,159 residents have been completely vaccinated and 27,662 have initiated vaccination. Approximately 57.1% of the population 12 years and older have completed vaccination.

In Lyon County, 27,063 residents have been completely vaccinated and 29,961 have initiated vaccination. Approximately 53.2% of the population 12 years and older have completed vaccination.

In Storey County, 786 residents have been completely vaccinated and 874 have initiated vaccination. Approximately 20.3% of the population 12 years and older have completed vaccination.

Quad County Breakthrough Cases
Vaccine breakthrough cases are individuals who testing positive for COVID-19 more than 14 days after they have completed all recommended doses of an FDA authorized COVID-19 vaccine. Since February 1, 2021, out of the total population in the Quad-County region who are fully vaccinated, approximately 1,552 people out of 100k are cases and approximately 10,557 unvaccinated people out of 100k are cases.

Upcoming CCHHS Walk-In COVID-19 Vaccine Clinics
All vaccines are available on a walk-in basis at every event for first, second, and third doses for those who are immunocompromised. Pfizer, Moderna, and Janssen booster doses are available for those who are eligible. Pediatric Pfizer available for those ages 5 to 11 years.

COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card or proof of first dose is required for second dose, third dose, or booster dose. To find more COVID-19 vaccination events visit

— Dec. 1, 3 p.m. to 5:30 p.m., Douglas County Senior Center, 1329 Waterloo Ln, Gardnerville

— Dec. 2, 3 p.m. to 4:30 p.m., Storey County Senior Center, 100 Mill St, Virginia City

— Dec. 8, 3 p.m. to 5:30 p.m., Dayton High School, 335 Dayton Valley Rd, Dayton

— Dec. 9, 3 p.m. to 5 p.m., Carson City Community Center, 851 E William St, Carson CIty

COVID-19 Testing
Due to a drastic decrease in demand, CCHHS will be suspending COVID-19 testing. This includes community-based testing and testing onsite at CCHHS in Carson City. COVID-19 testing resources are available throughout the community.

Visit to find a test near you.

For COVID-19 questions, testing resources, or vaccine assistance, call the Quad-County COVID-19 Hotline Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. The hotline is closed from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. for lunch. The phone number is (775) 434-1988.

Another Car Wash being built on South Carson Street

The Carson City Board of Supervisors Thursday granted a local company permission to build a car wash at 3390 South Carson Street.  The new car wash will sit on a large parcel and the car washing business will keep their water consumption to a maximum daily use of 15,000 gallons –  35 gallons per vehicle, maxiumum.  All washes-and-rinses will undergo reclamation procedures.  

No word on when the new car wash will be up and ready for business. 

CC Supervisors modifying the city’s skyline….

Our Board of Supervisors found themselves this morning debating over what kind of lettering to adorn the main pavilion at Mills Park.  The debate among the Supervisors was somewhat split – two supervisors wanted 36″ lettering contending 48″ letters are too big.  Those who wanted 48″ lettering deemed 36″ to be too small.  In the end the supervisors settled on the 48″ ‘er.  So city parks staff have their orders – 48″ it is.

New affordable housing comin’ up on Butti between Airport and Fairview

The Supervisors also got an update from city staff on the progress being made to build highrise affordable housing on Butti Road between Airport and Fairview.  The designers and contractors will get down to the strategic details on what kind of materials to work with and the overall “look” of the place.  One advantage of the project is that ground-floor apartments will be on the ground floor.  But tenants will start enjoying distant views, including the Sierra Nevada to the west.  You can bet that many folks and families will be competing for one of the 160 apartments that will eventually help relieve Carson City’s tight housing market.  And word has it this project is only the start of getting Carson residents paying reasonable rents rather than what we see today.

Carson City Transportation – “They’re in the money…”

CARSON CITY — The Nevada Department of Transportation is applauding the signing of the new five-year federal infrastructure funding bill, which will support the Department’s ability to maintain and build the State’s vast network of roads, highways, and bridges. The funding bill will provide $2.5 billion to the Nevada State Highway Fund over the course of five years.

Over the next year, that will mean an additional $83.5 million, an approximate 21 percent increase, in federal transportation funding allocated to Nevada. Funding will ultimately increase to $520.7 million in fiscal year 2026, a 31 percent increase over current funding, when the legislation expires. Also included in the transportation bill is funding for bridge preservation to help maintain the state’s more than 2,100 bridges amid a $171 million backlog in bridge preservation work statewide.

“This funding is incredibly important for building and maintaining the critical infrastructure that Nevada’s growing population requires,” said Nevada Department of Transportation Director Kristina Swallow. “While our long-term transportation funding constraints still need to be addressed, we are pleased that this historic funding will put us on a better path to creating a more connected, sustainable and equitable future for all Nevadans.”

NDOT will use publicly established transportation priorities developed within the One Nevada Plan to make performance-based decisions on future transportation projects and programs to support Nevada mobility, safety, jobs and economic development. Priorities include equitably meeting long-term needs of all transportation users such as bicyclists, motorists, pedestrians, and public transit users with a well-preserved, sustainable and safe state transportation system supporting the state’s economy.

Scammers are at it again – this time demanding power payments NOW!




NV Energy does not call customers to demand immediate payment for any reason. Customers who may be at risk of having their power disconnected because of nonpayment will receive a 10-day notice on their NV Energy bill and a 48-hour notice via U.S. Mail. NV Energy does not accept payments via Zelle, MoneyPak, Venmo or Bitcoin. Please be aware of our accepted payment methods and kiosk locations.

If you receive a call asking for immediate payment of any kind, refuse and report the scam to NV Energy. You can also check your account at

Please share this important information with your family and friends. We don’t want any of our customers to become the victim of a scam.

We Care About Your Safety

Sometimes deceitful people attempt to imitate NV Energy employees — both over the phone and in the community — trying to gain access to your property or information.

Unfortunately, utility scams are growing more frequent and sophisticated. Please keep the following information and tips in mind to protect yourself and avoid falling victim to a scam.

We kindly ask that you report scam activity — even if you have not suffered a financial loss — so that we can do our part to prevent others from falling victim. Please call our dedicated scam phone line, or report scam activity to us online below. You are also encouraged to file a report with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).


NV Energy is warning its customers about a scam recently making the rounds.

A spokesperson for the utility says someone falsely identifies themself as an NV Energy employee in calls to both homes and businesses.

That person makes threats about electric service and demands an immediate payment, often via MoneyPak card or Zelle.

NV Energy says it does not call customers to demand immediate payment for any reason, and it does not take payments via Zelle, Venmo or MoneyPak. 

Anyone at risk of losing power for non-payment would receive a 10-day notice on their energy bill and a 48-hour notice via mail.

Customers who get a call asking for immediate payment should refuse and call local law enforcement or NV Energy if they have additional questions.

You can also report the scam to

report scams

Federal Trade Commission (FTC), (877) FTC-HELP | FTC Complaint Assistant

Murder Suspect Arrested at local gas station

An employee at a gas station on College Parkway Tuesday night was eyeing a man in a car who looked suspicious. The employee called 9-1-1 and summoned sheriff’s deputies to the scene. The man in the car refused to come out, and at one point, threw out a large kitchen knife.

After a half-hour of negotiations the man came out of his car and was immediately taken into custody after deputies had earlier learned that the driver, Jamal Coleman, was a suspect in a murder in the Las Vegas area.

Coleman was taken to the Carson City Jail where he awaits transport back to Las Vegas where authorities there will take over the case.

CC Symphony Association – Scholarship for Music Education

David Bugli
CC Symphony



Applications Due This Week


The Carson City Symphony Association’s sixth annual instrumental music scholarship for Carson City students age 5 to 17 is open for applications through Friday, November 19, 2021. The award of $250 to $1,000 can be used for lessons, workshop, music camp, or master class.

To qualify for the scholarship, a student must live in Carson City, attend school in Carson City, or study with a music teacher in Carson City.  Lessons can be in person or remote.  Funds will be paid to the teacher or program, not to the individual applicant.

The application form can be downloaded from the Symphony website,, and may be available from school music teachers. Completed applications and supporting documents will be accepted by the Symphony at P.O. Box 2001, Carson City, NV 89702-2001, and must be postmarked by Friday, November 19, 2021.

The scholarship was established by a generous gift from Jennifer and John Webley in memory of Rosemary Nebesky, former board member and friend of the Carson City Symphony Association. For more information, contact the Symphony at 775-883-4154.

Failing brakes said to have caused fatal accident at 395 and Spooner

So. Carson and Hwy 50W
2 dead, 4 badly injured, 3 Careflighted to Renown. Update on the horrific accident a few days ago at the bottom of Spooner.  Two dead and several injured.

Roney Gonzalez of Hollywood, Florida, was coming down the hill from Lake Tahoe, driving a vehicle while pulling a very large boat.  According to the Nevada Highway Patrol, Gonzales underestimated the weight of the boat and the trailer.  It didn’t take long for Gonzales to figure out that the brakes on his truck were giving out on the steep downhill run. As Gonzalez saw the bottom of the grade, he ran out of braking power.  He blew through the intersection at Highway 395 and in so doing hit several vehicles which had the green light.  The impacts were horrendous.  An elderly couple from Dayton died from their injuries.
Gonzales was arrested on numerous charges of reckless driving and not having working brakes on the trailer.  He remains in the Carson City Jail.

Report of a natural gas leak at 4261 Knoblock

9:38am  Natural Gas line break at 4261 Knoblock.  Fire Department enroute.  Gas company also alerted and on its way.

9:44am  Arriving firefighters say it’s a SMALL gas line.  Should be quick to fix.

9:45am  Firefighters clamp down on the damaged line.  No gas escaping.   Gas company should be on scene any minute.

More on that crash at 395 and I-580

So. Carson and Hwy 50W, Thursday afternoon.
2 dead, 4 badly injured, 3 Careflighted to Renown.

A married couple from Dayton were identified as the two deceased victims in a crash Thursday at South Carson Street and I-580.  There were other vehicles that were damaged causing injuries to adults.  Tana Powell, 70 was pronounced dead at the scene.  Her husband, Don Powell, 74, was transported by CareFlight to Renown in Reno.  Sadly, he died soon after arriving at the hospital.

NHP troopers reported that the driver of the truck pulling an oversized boat that caused the crash was jailed on multiple charges.


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